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  1. AH! thanks richard, will have a real good look at it all, Its been a while since we reviewed it all, so its overdue also thanks for that info Hud
  2. Biscuits, thanks I'd never heard of that will have a little experiment with it then. If it works then you are the dogs biscuits!!!
  3. Do you guys use these in a Wifi box with data only sims or just on your phones? The reason I ask is that we both have unlimited data with 3 on our phones. It was great in the old days but for about the last 5 years they only allow 4gb of tethering to another device I also have 20gb data sim with 3 and a 30gb data sim with EE but if we watch only internet TV and of course use the internet, then we will run out. So that's why I was interested in what you guys use. would love to have an unlimited data sim Jim
  4. We have the same problem as the OP and it does my head in, how random it is. Ive thought about using internet TV but we watch a lot of it and so will use a lot of data question for Dr Bob and others. what is the best most cost effective 4G service you buy, how many gigs for how much? I would be interested to know Also does anyone use a satellite dish and will it work with my Cello 12v tv which picks up freeview from the periodic ariel ? cheers Jim
  5. cheers, thanks. I was looking at Houseful when I found it.
  6. Has anyone ever used Stovemaster "fuel" in their stove? Just looking at the prices and its £325 per ton (40 bags) wondering how good it is and possibly how it compares to Supertherm? Jim
  7. Thanks for the Pm's folks very useful info cheers Jim
  8. Theyre bound to be in the process of taking over sea ports I'm sure ?
  9. I will send some pm's as I wish too play my cards fairly close to my chest
  10. Does anyone here have any contacts for a professional legal expert with canal experience. would be grateful of some contact details please
  11. We can vouch for skin soft here too ​But if you get a bite (I'm terrible at remembering to put it on) pick up some Common Plantain leafs from your nearest patch of grass (wife wife always keeps some to hand), wash it then crush then rub it into the bite and the itching will be gone quite quickly. The reason the horsefly bites you is that it needs to have mammalian blood in order to breed apparently
  12. Another recommendation for Chris Smith 01733 576946 He did several arounf here including us last year, Excellent service and good prices too
  13. Wonder if anyone on a boat is using the Separett Flame? Interested in how long it takes to burn your waste, esp at 1.6kw 240v usage? Jim
  14. know someone who painted there boat under a bridge last year. Less than satisfactory finish due to the dirt and dust constantly being dislodged by the traffic overhead. choose your site carefully
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