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  1. Bare in mind that after sales is where an agent does their work and the likes of purplebricks won't chase solicitors or do their best to keep a chain together, they've already got their money it's no matter to the if the sale falls through. If you're happy with the selling process and willing to do this yourself it can be a money saver, but it's a big thing, renegotiating after surveys, agreeing exchange/completion dates with the whole chain, chasing searches and contracts etc. Finding the buyer is the easy bit.
  2. We did it! Wahoo! Tomorrow my new battery charger should arrive and then I'll get my fridge and big lights back wahooo
  3. Managed to get three clips off last one doesn't fit any of my wrench (is that the right word?) attachments so need to get an adjustable spanner but hopefully fire will be in place tomorrow!
  4. Glass has broken completely I can lift the piece out and see daylight through it when it's in the stove
  5. Right, replacement glass has arrived. Clips arrive tomorrow hopefully. could anyone provide a step by step guide of what to do? I don't even know what tools I need and as it now looks like I'm going to be a single boater i need to get to grips with the practical stuff!
  6. I'm not much of a dunker really. In fact, if I dunk it's usually with coffee not tea.
  7. A digestive or milk chocolate digestive would do it for me. Served alongside a mug of Earl Grey tea.
  8. I have typed this bloomin' reply three times now. Thank you everyone! I'm going to take a photo of the offending glass when Im back from work. What tools will I need to take the door off? Is it not possible to replace the glass with the door intact? Is there maybe a how to guide? I have Googled but not found anything!
  9. Thanks guys, I'm going to a friends tonight for warmth and birthday celebrations and have work tomorrow so it's a job for tomorrow afternoon. I think I'll pick up an electric heater in the meantime so i don't freeze too much!
  10. Glass is intact I think I'll have a proper look when I get back and i guess undoing the bolts shall be what I try first I think. Ta muchly.
  11. Hello all, Last night the glass cracked in our puffin stove door. How difficult is it to replace this?
  12. Oh dear... I thought someone might have already had this chat with you... Oh my...
  13. The shops... (husband works in a supermarket so it's not a hassle to get it) 2 bags of ice keep icy for atleast 2 days but by end of day 3 you want to have fresh which suits my shopping style.
  14. We don't have a fridge at the moment, a cool box + ice sees us through 2 or 3 days easily - to the point where over winter I'm not too worried about getting it sorted just now.
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