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  1. I can't tell how data heavy it is cuz I've been using said hotspot for work as well; the iphone I've got hotspotted won't give me an hour by hour breakdown; I've used the best part of a gig this afternoon though. Watching 10 minutes of Peaky Blinders is the only other heavy use issue so I wouldnt be surprised if it was pretty greedy.
  2. Yes it's vidoe conferencing. All the rage these days; even the UN are using it,. I just put Cheshire Rose and Postcode on a link and it was alright.
  3. whispers Someone might have a Zoom subscription... Meetings can last up to 24 hours with up to 300 people involved if someone's got a licence.
  4. Having not partaken for a while, having dipped in to discuss a recent wedding I sadly couldn't attend, I appear to have followed several contributors. Not all of them party to the message thread I contributed to. It might be my own fault, but I thought it's worth an FYI in case it reveals a glitch. Other than that... hello all.
  5. Addendum Whether or not we boaters will be compelled to claim UC rather than JSA/HB will depend on which area we are claiming in and that changes rapidly so I feel it's a waste of time linking to the current postcode range.
  6. Epic win. Being on legacy benefits; whether said superior's right or wrong (wrong btw if you've got a mooring ) is hugely beneficial. Make sure to put your insurance -pro rata- and bsc; again pro rata, on your HB claim. I suspect there has been a misunderstanding of the requirement for a residential address; that will be a problem in times to come as reg 18 of the UC, PIP etc (Claims and Payments) regs gives the Secretary of State power to demand whatever information he requires, rather than whatever information is required to determine the claim as is the standard under the legacy schemes. No matter; now you've got a JSA claim in that prevents you being sucked into the UC shitstorm. All good news.
  7. Oh blimey; it's dark in here intit? Some of this is irrelevant to your question but I'm putting it out there as it will inform discussions going forward (for that read I should have read all your post first and I'm too lazy to edit). First thing to say is that we may need your postcode to determine whether you are compelled to claim UC; unless you've already completed the online claim form in which case welcome to the World of Pain (oh... you have; sorry). We also need to know whether you've got a home mooring. Deviating from the definition of "Houseboat" in the '71 British Waterways Act a narrowboat is a houseboat for the purposes of UC/Housing Benefit. Don't be surprised if the Work Coach you see at your interview has a problem with that. If you've not got a mooring then you are homeless for the pursposes of Section 136 of the Housing Act '96 and if you aren't in a "full service" area then you will be excluded from claiming. If you've got a mooring and satisfy the gateway conditions (as long as your arm) and are NOT in a full service area you will need to claim UC. Sadly I see that you have a mooring so it's looking increasingly likely that you'll be one of the first boating UC claimants (I know of one other). In a full service area everyone has to claim UC Do bear in mind that with UC you will not see a payment for the first 6 or 7 weeks of your claim. If you get a new job before week 5 you will not be entitled to any benefit. Your licence, insurance and BSC (spread over 4 years) should be aggregated into the total housing costs amount. UC is the shitstorm to end all shitstorms; it doesn't have any finished IT and there is a lot of ad hoc bullshit going on. You can find me at Benefits for Boaters (Liveaboards) where I am admin should you wish to discuss. I might not spot comments on here.
  8. No I'm not because my damn founded tablet is playing silly beggars. Suffice to say I have warned them.
  9. I am going to share that post to their FB profile Richard but... yes they do and they are amenable to ordering More in preparation.
  10. Having just spoken to said owner they would be very happy to host us so long as we drink all the beer. Are we fit for the challenge and if so... When?
  11. At the entrance to Dimmingsdale Wharf there is a "no winding" sign. I have winded there; presumably unofficially, on numerous occasions.
  12. For working age people capital under 6k is exempt while 16k or over eliminates entitlement. Over pension age or in residential care the lower threshold is 10K and for pensioners there is -for now- no upper capital threshold although the refs are written to change that.
  13. It is true to say that the HB payable is decided by the rent officer under the old rules however if the cost of mooring plus licence, insurance and arguably bsc do not exceed your Local Housing Allowance that all of it should be paid. LHA rates should be found on your council's website. Unlikely you'll get much info from VOA as the rent officer is an archaic limb they've largely forgotten about. Best to claim, keep an eye on correspondence and note that you have 28 days rather than the usual month to challenge a Rent Officer determination if it is not to your liking. The Local Reference Rent; the amount used as the maxima for the area, should be the 30th centile of the mean range rent for the area plus licence, insurance and bsc. That might still be the mean but I'll check if you ask me to once there's a decision in hand. Feel free to inbox me if you don't like the RO's determination. It doesn't need to be a residential mooring and as you are over 35.there is no question of the single room rate applying.
  14. I only found out the week before! I have been frequenting the Marina's other establishment for a while but it's a bit far from my mooring to nip in after I've lit the fire so during the cold months it's lapsed. What I can say is supremely kept beer; I have been told off for drinking (the only) a slightly hazy pint. The food is formulaic but not of a formula I have seen. The Lamb Madras burger is to die for. Bishop's Castle 3 tuns and Ludlow gold on tonight. All in all a prime banter venue...
  15. I know it's bad timing at Easter but I will certainly report in. The new gaffer is a proper beer'n'food aficionado so I'm optimistic.
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