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  1. jenlyn


    It's a natural human reaction. It even happens here with other issues in life.
  2. jenlyn


    No need for explanation. Each to their own and all that.
  3. Denise Yelland (head of enforcement) made a public statement in 2014. She suggested they had no problems with people overstaying on visitor moorings. The last waterways minister made it clear to CRT that a change in legislation was not an option.
  4. jenlyn


    To be fair, your posts, well, pics, led me to think it had been spammed by a porn site for a while. To be honest, I didn't get the point of what you were trying to do.
  5. But that's not what ccing is about. Some of you find it difficult to grasp what ccing is to most people. Hence the rather wayward thoughts.
  6. Although there were some shouting that "fact". It was not the sole reason for rejecting the maps at the time, ( I know because I attended the meetings). Much of the fear at the time, was on how it would affect home moorers.
  7. jenlyn


    Perhaps posting whilst under the influence of alcohol is not a reasonable situation.
  8. No matter how many times you explain, there are a few on here who will not "get it". The simple fact is, they don't want to. (Mtb is just attempting to rattle you, I would suggest hitting the ignore button). Pathetic isn't it.
  9. So it seems their "finest hour" has passed. They retreat to the depths of the interweb, having fought bravely over profile names, interpretations of interpretations, and the relevance of consent. They stand alone, spent, exhausted of reason. Finally a lone voice shouts from the depths "help us CRT", but nobody comes.
  10. Of course Mike. Hopefully this will work both ways.
  11. Yes, I noticed that as well, and almost sent a report in having seen the thread locked. It did at the time look a little suspicious. There is a lack of consistency with recent moderating in my view.
  12. The ones I have been shown are court orders.
  13. Your posts (and content within them) are often very predictable. Such is life.
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