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  1. Yes there is a spate of them. Need more people living on the river really
  2. STOLEN Crime number: 45160066450 My mate has had her Honda outboard 9.9, silver, with custom blue tiller attached stolen from the river Wey. Couple of guys, possibly father & teenage son, in a wheelie bin, green ford mondao or vauxhall insignia type of vehicle. Spread the word, we are looking for a silver Honda 9:9 with a blue bespoke swan tiller....serial number BABL 1200113. There is no serial no on the outside cause she has it. It has white writing on one side and a big 9.9 in black in the back. So if anyone gets offered one, be careful. I will post crime number as soon as I get it. I have a picture, but can't seem to post it on here.
  3. CRT don't come across well I don't think. They admit to 'their own' interpretation of the law. It is inferred that this is unacceptable. They look like minority bullies.
  4. I love the Basingstoke canal having spent my whole childhood in it, on it & around it. Just get a bit frustrated now being a Narrowboat owner, that it is so difficult to navigate it, and too shallow & full of weeds. I would love nothing more than to see the whole of that canal restored (right up to Basingstoke) and full of colourful boats, but I think I will just have to get excited over the potential Wey & Arun instead. In 49 yrs of being by the Basingtoke, nothing much has changed. I was around 10yrs old when it was last seriously dredged & spent years covered in mud hunting for cod bottles & falling in. Never got ill strangely. Probably should have done.
  5. No I haven't missed the point, I just added extra points as I am finding all they do, accumulative. Aren't they proposing to change some moorings from the BW 1995 act that states 14 days, by adding their own restrictions (which ultimately affects anyone wanting to relax, moor up & chill out or those who live on boats & cruise. I assure you, I am not the only boater who is put off cruising in retirement by CRTs activities. That is what I am questioning.
  6. And to add to that, being surprised at the state of the canals & locks & towpaths & lack of facilities that work, on my travels. I do wonder if they spend public money wisely.
  7. Well - holidays and mooring up to relax and jumping to attention because a warden comes along taking boat names was the first experience of CRT. Trying to keep up with the changing mooring rules when planning my little trips. These seem to change regularly & are never overly clear. Growing up next to the Basingstoke Canal, so always keeping up with news & changes as much as possible by reading Canal Boat Mag, Towpath Talk, this forum. Living on a boat with the idea of travelling when my son leaves college. But the reality of CCing for a year has rather been damaged for me by CRT, not seeming to want to encourage travelling or living on boats. The Basingstoke does not in any way encourage boaters, in fact they just want walkers, canoeists & cyclists. I see other rivers/ canals going that way too in the future & I can't say I like it. I think canals should remain open for navigation and should retain the peaceful relaxed freedom of travelling.
  8. Well as far as I can see & I am not even on a CRT mooring, or a CCr CRT have spent nearly half a million ££s on legal fees against boaters, are trying to change laws set in the 1995 BW act, they have sold loads of historic buildings for development into flats, want to sell part of The River Lea to developers, but not much seems to have been done on maintenance. Loads of bullying though. I would vote them out tomorrow given the chance or certainly fight their ever changing policies legally. I was looking forward to cruising in my retirement, but this lot are enough to put anyone off boating. Perhaps that's the aim.
  9. Rambling


    Wanderer Vagabond just made me laugh heartily! Yes imagine dealing with losing everything then you get a visit from..... Beelzebub.., I mean CAMERON
  10. Rambling


    Interesting reading here about the surrounding peat bogs of Hebden Bridge. http://www.dorseteye.com/north/articles/who-s-messing-with-hebden-bridge-s-vital-flood-barrier
  11. Rambling


    What is the safest way to manage this if you are a live aboard in a boat? Get into a lock before it floods? Stick out an anchor, scaffolding (if you get the time and happen to be able to get to safely in & off your boat? Mud weights away from the bank? Or abandon ship?? I would be terrified stuck on a boat in the middle of that.
  12. But that's exactly it. They are spending so much money in court cases yet seem to do very little to maintain the canals. There was some figure bandied about on here about a £100k court case (I think). How much are they spending on other things, not canal maintenance related? It would be interesting find out as it is public money I assume?
  13. I have spoken to quite a few boaters who wanted to travel the system in their retirement, but due to all these difficulties and rules, have been put off by the hassle. It's a sad day when we start to lose genuine boaters - but, perhaps that is what they are aiming for long term. I am one of those boaters who would like to CC in a few years, but I am put off, there must be dozens of boaters just thinking 'it's not worth the hassle' and won't be as relaxing as it should be, so won't bother.
  14. excellent post Tidal. My mooring is 50 weeks per year or something strange like that. There are 2 weeks of the year that you are not 'supposed' to be there and I have seen park homes that are exactly the same. I pay council tax.
  15. its in this months Canal Boat Magazine News, page 9, doesn't say who wrote it. To me it shows CRT BWML's attitude against residential boaters or in fact, anyone that they see not under their control. It seems that they are making it so difficult and unpleasant to live on a boat, or continuously cruise, that they want to put people off doing it. Dobbing rivals in to the authorities is just another bullying tactic. The whole point of the joy of boating is that feeling of freedom, not creating a culture of fear , for accidentally overstaying, or accidentally mooring in the wrong place, or getting all the new rules (that seem to change at random) correct. Even the people who are desperately trying to get it all right, are often confused by the changing new T&Cs. It is creating an atmosphere of stress and dividing communities between CC's and leisure boaters. CaRT seem to hold all the power and like to wield it. I think one of the latest developments was that they recruited someone on the board to represent boaters, who had very little to do with boating, was not on any of the forums and did not live on a boat. I can check that detail so it's correct, but I seem to remember reading it. If they are unpopular, then there is a reason for it. In fact the reasons for it are mounting by the month. They have done it to themselves and there is a major lack of confidence in the organisation.
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