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  1. Does anyone know where can i get hold of the service book and manual?
  2. does anyone know of a curtain maker near festival marina thanks guys/gals
  3. ive just tried that but no luck , im connected to shore power would that make a difference?
  4. any ideas ? the last time i used it it was fine but that was a few months ago , i tried it yesterday it and it run through the 90 second startup cycle the shut down
  5. I'd be happy to switch fridge off altogether when cruising but obviously more convenient to have one
  6. I tend to travel 7-8 hrs when cursing and have a 3k inverter 1 starter 3 leisure batteries I've been offered a A rating fridge for free
  7. im marina based and have enough time off work to take my boat out for 6 weeks over the 12 months, as i have just knackered my isotherm 12v fridge im looking for a replacement, i have the room for a small larder fridge so would i be better off buying a cheap 240v as im on shore power most of the time?
  8. according to my neighbouring boat in the marina he reckons hes goes through a couple of bottle a month in his?
  9. being a numpty i have managed to pierce the gas line while scraping ice off the box on my isotherm 12 fridge, is there any cheap 12v fridges for sale? i want to stick with 12v as i dont fancy the coast of running a gas fridge
  10. im still getting a wet floor any ideas people
  11. what the best thing to waterproof my pram and cratch cover with? i have the fabric type ones from wilsons
  12. I have a futon, cheap black fake leather , a bit thin padding wise so when my sons uses it as a bed he has a memory foam mattress topper that he stores underneath until needed
  13. A butty is out of the question as I'm spending the next few winters in a Marina due to work and child
  14. I currently have a 54ft boat and my son uses a futon in the saloon when he stays over, I was wondering what it would cost to have my boat extended upto 64ft? I really like the boat as it is so would prefer to adapt this if it's cost effective rather than selling and buying another , has any one any experience of doing this ?
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