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  1. I looked up the website they referenced and there was no mention of vlogger's income. It was instead some sort of tax return company. There are sites out there which estimate the income from YouTube based on views and subscribers and it's nowhere near £100k a month! That said, it's still decent enough to fund having a new boat built for at least one of the more prominent ones.
  2. Not quite. I came across it yesterday when searching for videos on YouTube and ordered results by newest first. And I've no boat so can't live the dream/nightmare they describe yet.
  3. I'm assuming it's a member from this forum having read some of the comments on here concerning vloggers... 😉 Can't say I disagree with some of their points though, but not sure it's to the extent that video producers are a cult-like scammers.
  4. I'm struggling to find the link... is it the Aintree up at Frouds Bridge we're talking about? What's wrong with a compost? Surely they're the easiest to manage, with you just having to bag stuff up and throw it in the nearest CRT bin? 😉
  5. Cheers. Up to 60ft ideally but as little as maybe 50ft. I'm not to keen on the Dave Harris but do like the Colecraft that Calcutt have up for sale - the only thing is that it's gas free and that's something I'd really not do without. I've around £75k. The only stipulations are: Must be spray foamed No owner fit-outs Ideally a trad or semi trad or a tug deck Prefer stainless steel tank but not essential Must have gas Prefer a cassette loo but not the end of the world Open to most layouts types and bed types Decent storage Obviously, condition and provenance help too!
  6. I'm registered with the lot of them. I took a week off work last week to go at it. In fairness I had some success with a few brokers, getting the details of boats they were just about to put to market and viewings ahead of anyone else. But they just weren't what I was looking for. This was with Boatfinder Brokerage, Calcutt and Lakeland Leisure. I'm registered with just about everyone and get the usual email updates. But I guess they're not needing to be in a position where they're having to proactively call people. Boats are selling regardless.
  7. Thanks for the advice, all. I do still like the other Stowe Hill boat despite it being the boat equivalent of a Toby Jug in it's exaggerated appearance! The search is feeling like hard work now and knocking the enjoyment out of things. I'm largely restricted to weekend viewings so miss out on anything decent that goes up for sale midweek but will keep on goin'. There's still not much coming to market either.
  8. Not had much time to update as I'm back at work having viewed the boat first thing and it's 120 miles in the wrong direction to work! It's a lovely boat. Obviously well cared for and kept immaculately. I understand the owners' used it a lot but kept on top of it. Nothing alarming found - false bottoms of cupboards etc pulled out, everything's dry. Paint is in very good order for the year. Negatives are the galley. It's smaller than it appears on the photos and not a lot of cupboard space. Same with storage in general for liveaboard use, it's lacking but I'm sure fine for leisure. And although it seems trivial, there's nowhere for a washing machine to go. I got one of the guys from the workshop over and he had a proper good look - the only place he reckoned on was removing the pretend stove at the stern but even then, not ideal and no obvious route for the water. Unfortunately it's a no go I'm afraid and the search continues. Certainly not put off by a Gardener 2LW though. I did smack my head numerous times in the engine room cos I'm 6ft. Was good to meet Bumble in the flesh though too.
  9. Just the broker I'm afraid. I guess they could put questions to the owner.
  10. Viewing booked tomorrow morning for Elidir tomorrow AM. Thanks for the honest feedback and encouragement on the engine front. Any questions you'd ask during the viewing even if they seem obvious?
  11. Thanks. Thought as much. Will keep on searching!
  12. Mine was a 1997 and we think a Siveright. I know it was definitely of thinner construction and I was very lucky come survey time. There were 2mm pits found but the new owner agreed for for them to be filled using this: https://www.westsystem.com It had polystyrene insulation and a gas fridge. The latter I would look to change if it hasn't been already.
  13. I had a Midway 235. I met and spoke with Steve Batty of Midway Boats and he brokered mine when I came to sell it. I'm fairly sure mine was of 10/5/4 or 8/5/4 construction, as mentioned by Steve. Might be worth checking out beforehand.
  14. Out of interest, given my mechanical know how is very limited to say the least, would running this particular engine end in misery and frustration given it'd be used as a liveaboard? I had a Beta in the last boat and relied on paid help for servicing and maintenance, and had RCR for anything else. Are spares and finding somebody with the knowledge of this engine getting harder and harder to come by? Maybe it's better to play it safe and get something Japanese. I've read bits about them on this forum. They're not great for charging batteries, so I understand, unless the engine is under load. Not a problem as I'd be marina based. Thoughts appreciated.
  15. Thanks for the responses, all. I considered upping the offer yesterday but decided against it. It'd be too much heart over head. I still like the shell despite it being a bit of a caricature of a thing. Certainly more striking than a lot of the more bland, modern stuff. I saw the ad for Elidir as soon as it went live, thanks. I prefer it to be honest and if anything it shows Tarn as not being great value for money. I'm wanting something for full time liveaboard use so really want a modern engine.
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