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  1. Is perhaps, other than the price, the reason it's not selling is due to it being gas free?
  2. Thanks. Liability in what respect? Getting the certification? The owner was up for taking an offer on the basis of the feedback from the survey, and even had he accepted ten grand less, I'm not sure I'd have gone ahead. Ten grand is a decent wedge of money but peace of mind and no anxiety is priceless. I can fully understand others who wouldn't care so much and would've gone ahead and I'm sure it'll sell to somebody who'll care less than I do.
  3. That's the one. And you're right, that's the best case scenario. Worst case refusal to certify and a thousands more to put right, potentially. I've pulled out of the sale on this basis. I'm down a grand for the survey and craning fees but better that than the alternative. The easy thing would've been to press on and go ahead but I know the issues would've niggled away at me and always been at the back of my mind, worrying over potentially selling it in the future and associated difficulties. This would have defeated the object of buying it; something to enjoy and t
  4. Quick update... Part way through the survey. The boat hasn't been stamped with a HIN. Elton Moss confirmed they wouldn't have stamped it with a HIN with it being bought as a sailaway, so no surprise there. They did however confirm it would have an annex 3 certificate as a sailaway but the owner can't find it. I'll have to see what Ricky Tropman says but he reckons on it potentially being a problem years on depending on regulation changes. In which case a survey of some sort might be required before sale, I cannot remember the type mentioned, but potential
  5. You must be a mind reader. I'd pictured what it'd be like to have a grey Jazz dumped by a siding somewhere without anyone caring. I've a 208 GTI, not the most expensive of hot hatches I've had but the only one that's been tampered with oddly. An SDI Golf? No wonder they gave up. A getaway or a joyride would be faster on a narrowboat compared to one of those 🙂
  6. Thanks a lot for the suggestions everyone. Appreciated. The problem is the car might draw unwarranted attention, as is often the case with hot hatchbacks, so would need somewhere to stick it that won't lead to me worrying over it. Otherwise I wouldn't mind sticking it down a lane somewhere. Anyhow, I spoke with Swanley, they reckoned on a week for the closure which isn't so bad. So I'll be going on the visitor moorings at Overwater. Thanks again.
  7. Cheers. I familiar with most of those - Aqueduct's properly expensive and not really liveaboard friendly. Barbridge is a sod to moor because of the shelf - I briefly had a mooring there once and wasn't a fan. Might give Great Haywood or Aston a call. Shame though, I was really looking forward to getting up to Swanley.
  8. You couldn't make it up. After a year of searching, and procrastination over whether to sell bricks and mortar to liveaboard full time, I finally find a boat and have a survey on Tuesday of next week ass Stretton Boat Yard. I was aiming, should the survey be OK, to get to Swanley by Saturday and paid a security deposit last weekend for a mooring. I can give backword on giving up my rented home but face having a boat and no mooring! I'd constant cruise if I could but I need car parking and to be fairly close to Stoke. Nowhere suitable appears to have a mooring free.
  9. I think Elton Moss were once known as Northwich Boats. I'm sure I read on here they were built in Czech. The shell looks like it has some of the traits of a decent build - vents look to be built into the hull rather than having louvre vents on the doors etc.
  10. I found that on Google too but didn't ever link Elton Moss / CMN with that outfit. I know their shells are built abroad but always thought they were done in Eastern Europe.
  11. Thanks. In all honesty I'm not qualified to do that. And I don't suppose a surveyor would do either.
  12. The seller is adamant it doesn't need the RCD - I know it doesn't(!) - when asked about the annex you mention. The shell was actually built by "CMN" and bought through Elton Moss. I've never heard of them. I'd feel more comfortable if it were an Elton shell but no idea where CMN come in.
  13. Hi, I'm interested in a boat for sale privately. The owner has said the shell is a "CMN" bought through Elton Moss. I've never heard of CMN before and can't find out much about them. I thought Elton Moss shells were built abroad too. Is anyone familiar with them? Thanks
  14. Thank you. So if the annex paperwork is there - and presumably I could also check with Elton Moss now I have the HIN - it's not something necessarily to worry about?
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