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New Boat buyer's beware

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Last night I received an email from a website owner requesting our comments on a request from our original boat builder to remove or amend comments that were made approximately six years ago about his company.


The reasons for this request were that when anybody Googled his company name these comments came to the top and may be putting off potential customers.


On investigation during the period after the removal of the two boats from his yard that February morning it was discovered that he had other companies that were lying dormant to be resurrected as and when he decided.


Perhaps now he feels that the years have passed he can resurrect this company once again.

During the following years to my knowledge he has only built one other boat under this company name and was employed by another boat builder for a short while.


On meeting the boat owner at a set of locks and telling us that our original boat builder was involved in the build of their boat and consequently asking the boat builder questions about the work that was carried out by him, to be told that all work carried by him was not up to standard and had to be replaced at a cost to the builder.


On our travels around the cut ex customers who have seen our story on this forum have told us that they have sold their boats because of problems.


After all what has happened since the removal of the boats from his yard we have never disputed his abilities as cabinet maker which he is fully qualified, but never should be allowed to build another boat or to enter any business of his own.


So new boat purchasers be aware and do your homework.





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If it was not true, why did he wait 6 years before asking you to remove it.

If it is true, why should you remove it.


As long as it is true and you have evidence to support your comments, in my opinion they should stand.


I may be wrong from a legal standing as I'm not a solicitor, but common sense (and I'm sure common sense has nothing to do with the law) should prevail - he did you wrong and you have a right to say so.

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