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  1. We have 220a/h at 24v nothing is making sense at present.
  2. I forgot to mention the last batteries were five years old and two had failed so hence four new batteries in a hurry.
  3. I do use the BMV to get the information but yesterday was a good example:- 1) In the morning BMV showing low voltage 2) Ran engine and charged via alternator and Genset 3) BMV, Panel and I have a charge and discharge indicator all showed fully charged at 12pm ish 4) Trent and Mersey Canal declared open and we set off 1.30pm everything showing fully charged 5) Cruised for five hours Genset used again everything showed full charge whole trip 6) This morning the BMV showed (we have a 24v system):- 22.73v charge -57.9a/h 7) Today we have cruised 4.4 engine hours and the BMV showe
  4. Hi There We did look for you before we set off but I think I saw you walking around Sawley Marina and you wasn't on your boat, at Burton now
  5. On our trip I have had to replace our leisure batteries and purchased four Numax XV31MF batteries and after a short while it became obvious there was something wrong. Our monitoring system shuts down the 240v system when the batteries get to low voltage, a friend I was travelling with is conversant with batteries and charging systems so spent the next two weeks checking the boat system for a fault. No fault was found with electrical or charging system, so we started monitoring the charge against amp/hr on our Victron BMV 700 and despite only using 25% of amp/hrs the batteries went so
  6. We have just completed the Leeds and Liverpool and met a single handed cruiser at a swing bridge who had been waiting for some one to come along to open the bridge for him. He had come from the Leeds direction and was heading back towards Leeds as he couldn't cope with the swing bridges. So it raised the question how do you cope with a swing bridge when you are single handed? Andy
  7. Hi There Moored in Leeds at present and heading to York and was wondering how many and what the moorings are like in Selby? Also we plan to get to York on Thursday and stay over the weekend so was wondering if anybody can tell us how long we can stay on the moorings at Museum Gardens and if there are any other moorings people can recommend? Regards Andy
  8. Try Wesley Marine Windows they are similar to what I have just fitted to my boat.
  9. For a matter of interest another boater and I would like to attend a C.A.R.T. meeting where national topics are discussed. We normally travel around the system so the local meeting don't mean much to us, so if anybody knows of any such meeting,dates and places then if they could let us know. Cheers Andy
  10. I recently contacted C.A.R.T. regarding cyclists on the K.A. and in response they directed me to the link below. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/news-and-views/news/new-policy-aims-to-give-better-towpaths-for-everyone
  11. I have just post a reply on another topic asking if anybody can tell me where the water sensor is on a Beta 43? Regards Andy
  12. Hi People We are having trouble with the panel showing the engine is over heating but the other day I checked the coolant level and set off after a few minutes the panel showed that engine was over heating, which no way it was as we just set off. We have just come down from Teddington to Brentford and the panel indicated that the engine was overheating but the engine did not smell too hot so we carried on. When we moored in Brentford we tested the engine temperature with a digital thermometer and it showed it was at 80c not 100c plus, so we suspect a problem with the sender unit. So now co
  13. Despite having an early start we stopped for water just after Swineford Lock it took so long to water up two boats that we didn't make Bath, but we have moored offside on a area marked Private Land 24 hour mooring with large mooring posts. We are going to complete the journey romorrow.
  14. We are leaving Bristol tomorrow for Bath and was wondering if anybody can recommend any moorings in Bath?
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