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  1. Is it worse than being called Dickhead then LOL Tommys chosen insult in a previous post.
  2. Hi Martain I think I recall the thread, My annoyance was with regard to your antics with regard to misquoting another's post and what I considered demeaning to a specific female poster. My annoyance was not so much with the point you were trying to making which was an opinion you were perfectly entitled to view. I might not be correct with regard to the actual thread, but it's what I recall. I certainly didn't complain to any mod either. With regard to this thread, I have maintained consistently that if your hit by a hire boat, your claim is against the hire company. People seem to be
  3. Think outside the box, probably an impossibility in your case though
  4. It's quite breath taking that someone can't understand simple terms and conditions of a hire company. And completely disregards the fact, that there now 7 instances of boaters claiming, Correctly from the HIRE BOAT COMPANY in the event of a collision. Wood for the trees. Really, maybe you should read through the thread again. Already answered, you really should pay attention is that better? Again nonsense, you can claim against you believe is liable which the hire company clearly is. I'm stunned again you cant understand the terms and conditions. THE HIRER WIL
  5. I'm not wrong LOL What a shame you have to resort to that, says more about you me thinks. Please do the courtesy of supplying some kind of evidence I'm wrong as I have done for you. It seems this was debated last year. As well as myself, I recall that not only Starcoaster successfully claimed from the HIRE Company, but an accompanying boat in the same incident did also. Also reading through that thread it appears a couple of other boaters made claims from HIRE companies following similar impacts. So five successful claims from hire boaters. Not heard yet of any claim a
  6. Clearly you do Muppet LOL Only joking t&c I'm laughing LOL Nite!
  7. Because they undertake to do so by being required to have insurance. The hire company has an agreement with the hirer, as you can see in the terms and conditions allowing the the right for the hire company to claim back from the hirer any claims they may receive from a 3rd party. Again the hirer liability is to the company and why the hire companies require a deposit from them. I neither know or care, my claim is against the hire company not the hirer. No it isn't The hirer of the boat has either paid a deposit or waver for deposit, the hirers agreement is with the hire com
  8. Their not forced to have insurance, their required either to pay the required insurance excess the hire boat company requires or a waver to cover the same. The hirer is not insuring the boat, the hire company is, the hirers contract with the hire company is to cover the company's excess. Insurance diverts liability from the driver to the insurance company except for any excess requirement. Quite simple really LOL And if you look at the hire company's contract you'll see the company requires indemnity from the hirer against any claim from a third party.
  9. They are liable to the hire boat company, not the 3rd party claimant. Read the terms & cons. I really don't give a toss what you believe. As I said to another member, good luck claiming from a hirer if you get hit by a hire boat.
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