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  1. Maybe! Different boat these days now though! Different boat, same problems, as always haha
  2. Yes, that's what I was hoping actually.... I'll have a look around!
  3. Thank you everyone for your responses. It looks like a screw has come loose/come off my fuel injectors. That's back in place now, but now it's the headache of cleanup! Thanks for the tip about fuel polishers as I'll give that a go. Even if I have to bottle it first and then take it to them as I think we had around 200-250 litres!!!
  4. Hi all Wondering if anybody can help. It seems my entire fuel tank has empties in my bilge. At some point between having my engine on this morning and switching it off! I noticed yesterday quite a bit of grey-ish smoke from the exhaust and was a bit concerned and now this has happened today. I didn't even think the contents of the fuel tank could completely empty. Will I even be able to use this fuel now? (Circa £150!) My engine is a Canalline 52, have had issues with injectors last year but the boat/engine is only two years old. Apparently there was a known issue with the injectors on this particular batch of engines from 2018, but these were replaced and I cannot see anything that looks too out of the ordinary as to how this could have happened. Have called engineer, just wondering if anybody could advise in meantime if they know of anything obvious that I might be able to look at myself in case the engineer cannot come for some time.... Thank you!
  5. Hi Alan, Ah, that's really useful - thanks! And I'm glad I'm not missing a thermostat from my system! Well, I am but you know what I mean!
  6. Thanks Robbo, that's what I read too earlier on. Just wonder how to keep it on and cycling like Alan does as we have no thermostat fitted to ours - it's on or it's off!
  7. That's what I don't understand Alan - there is no room thermostat on this one! It's just switched on and off via the Webasto control panel??
  8. Should they be limited though in terms of how long they're used for each day? Or can I leave on for hours at a time? Any issues with safety to the unit doing that?
  9. Cheers Robbo, It's the themo top C that we have fitted - just the small 5.2kw unit
  10. Hi everyone, Just a quick question about webasto central heating... firstly, are these units built to be on for long periods of time or are they more 'delicate' and should be only used for a couple of hours each time? I've looked on the Webasto site and can't see anything specifically related to this or my instruction manual. Also, fuel usage seems to be a bit of a mystery too with just minimum and maximum amounts. Also, our Webasto has no thermostat or anything so what ambient temperature are these units set up to by default, if applicable? It must heat the rads/water up to a certain Celsius so as not to boil the system - anyone know?
  11. Thanks for all the responses!
  12. Hi everyone, I was just wanting to ask a bit of advice about a pram cover for my new widebeam. I've been given a quote of £3,800 with one company and was just wanting to put feelers out to see if people have paid something along similar lines. My boat is a 60ft x 12 and has an 8ft cruiser stern. I haven't contacted Kinver yet - who seem to be the most popular - as I'm up north and not sure if they service the north network but will probably give them a call on Monday. Anyone with a widebeam who's had a pram cover fitted and willing to let me know what they paid for it? Cheers! Lewis
  13. Load of balls that is! What about cupboards?! Theyve just listed an overhead cupboard at £300 - right! Go to any decent joiner and you're looking at nearly 10 times that for a couple of cupboards Decent inverter for a liveaboard with modern electrics that you will need as a liveaboard - £425??! Is that for a 300w one from maplin? Fully fitted kitchen for £1100? Worktops (which theyve listed as worktop tiles) a £155?? Stuck to what?? A sheet of 9mm ply??! What about your gas connection? Mattress £180?? Carpet 200??? Really?? Its stupid articles like that which give people the idea they can just buy a boat and do it out like you would a house without running into the problems and the associated costs that boats do invariably end up costing!
  14. Ok thanks guys will have a think and see if i can maybe get one a little higher rated - see how it goes
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