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A master at work😎


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16 hours ago, beerbeerbeerbeerbeer said:

It’s brilliant,

and all done without wheelchair access to a dalek style bollard. 

that under the loop flick is something to aspire to. 
I knew it could be done, just needed to be shown how 😃


I spent about 10 minutes practising it one day and managed the final bit maybe 2 or 3 times. Obviously nowhere near as quick, and definitely not consistent, but it’s not outside of most people’s abilities with a bit of practice. Helps to visualise what needs to happen to the rope as the flick ‘travels’ to the cleat. Give it a go the next time you’re at a cleat and have some time, you’ll surprise yourself!


… that being said, I tried again a few weeks ago and couldn’t do it so maybe it was all beginners luck

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