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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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18 hours ago, PeterScott said:

Surely a "mooree" is a person who has been moored by someone else.





You'd think so - but some 'buses have a sign stating the permitted number of "standees". I watched them a few times, but they all seemed to stand up on their own.

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2006, and the now-disused feed above the bottom lock at Bank Newton. A sluice was fitted to the arch of the culvert accessed by a gate in the towpath side seen top middle. When the sluice was closed, water would feed into the canal below the lock through the small culvert on the left. Today the lower end of this culvert has been piled off and part of the culvert has collapsed.


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On this day in 1983





Holme Mills Lock, Biggleswade, River Ivel Navigation


The Waymarkers say "Next to the lock is a mysterious bust on a pedestal. It is thought that Italian prisoners of war placed it here."


Ken on Flikr says "It is a fact a bust of Jesus. Apparently made by an Italian prisoner of war in 1943, it was carved from sandstone and faced with cement. It is in a poor state of repair but is very unusual as Jesus is normal only portrayed as full length or just the head."

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On this day in 2015



spacer.pngFactory using the canal's airspace, near Troutpool Bridge, Erdington B+F.


A CWDF thread here. It digresses a bit here and there. :-)


Roger Kidd on Geograph says "The industrial building ... is built across the canal for about 200 metres. Aerial images from 2019 show the building being demolished. Aerial images from the mid-1930s show this was the Birlec Electric Furnace Works alongside the canal. The concrete structures supporting the extension across the canal are characteristic of the 1960s."



Underneath [5Nov2014]



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