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  1. No culls, but the OP did ask that the contributions be constructive please. LC
  2. Two topics about the BBC's Young Hyacinth programme - now merged. LCx
  3. Duplicate threads merged. LCx
  4. Note to Niro ... to be able to receive messages you'll have to make another post. LCx
  5. I've moved some posts that were comments to the main 'Stolen Boat' thread. It's best if we could keep this thread for definite information and/or photos only. Thanks. LCx
  6. Done - good luck with the sale If there's anything else just send a PM to any of the mod team. LCx
  7. No worries, I can do that for you. LCx
  8. It's not just engine vibration that lining materials have to cope to cope with - metal boats in particular flex and expand with changes in temperature too, and not just seasonal changes through the year but through the day the sun (on the rare occasions it appears) might be on one side during the morning and the other side later in the day. LCx
  9. PM sent - we're dealing with it. LC
  10. Slipway at Nottingham Castle Marina? operated by David Mawby http://www.castlemarinas.co.uk/boat-sales Lcx
  11. From Facebook: "our boat may be heading to Atherstone locks, we are on our way, please keep an eye out and if you see a lock keeper could you inform him. We will be there in 20mins approx, thanks all so much!" This was 45 mins ago, presumably heading south.
  12. ... according to the OP, that's the gentleman from Maplins delivering the solar panel LCx
  13. I've posted this on the CWDF Facebook page - so hopefully it will get shared across the boating groups on social media too. Fingers crossed that the boat is recovered soon. LCx
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