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  1. Does anyone know the owner of the boat pynots & sixpence? It was heavly listing at cossington today on the river soar. Someone knocked on and managed to remove the centre rope which causing the problem. The boats now level but the owner might want to keep an eye on it and adjust its ropes
  2. ditchy


  3. Think this is the job, page 24. https://www.butlertechnik.com/downloads/4110310A_Thermotop_C_E_Install.pdf
  4. I want my webasto them top to stay on longer that 30-40 minutes. It's turns its self of after it reaches temperature but doesn't come back on in till turned back on by the timer. I know people that turn theirs on with the flame Sybil and it stays on until they press the flame symbol again. Please help. It seems like it's not worth havin if it's only on for this short time
  5. ditchy

    Ratcliffe Lock

    What I got is.... Lock 58 Ratcliffe lock is currently closed to the navigation until further notice. The retaining collar on one of the bottom end lock gates has failed. This has affected the stability and operation of the gate.. Can another forum member confirm this? someone must have passed that way or has the same notification. Apparently Birstall lock was closed yesturday and should be re opening today also.
  6. ditchy

    Ratcliffe Lock

    Ive had an email to say this lock is out of action as of yesturday but cant see it on the stoppage page.
  7. ditchy


    I had to use calcutt in the end and that was for one off of another engine. All up and running again now.
  8. What can I say. I recognise a few of these locations and those prices for the facilities avalable nearby makes it a no brainer to continuously cruise or go into a marina. Ripp off Canal and river trust. there site quotes "We appreciate that cruising in winter can become challenging as the weather starts to bite." so what we will do, is exploit that!
  9. Is there a fuel boat due on the soar this month?
  10. ditchy


    Thanks. Ive tried there. Any other offers?
  11. ditchy


    I'm after a BMC 1.8 cranlshafy pulley as I've taken mine off and it has a chip out of the keyway. It is approx 28 inner & 185mm outer diameter. Thanks in advanve.
  12. ditchy

    Bmc overhaul review

    Its a thornycroft engine with an unknown amount of hours. I give it a general service as it needs it filters. Oil, valve clearance, glow plugs cleaned. Its would be just nice to know where mysterious oil leaks are coming from (which work there way onto the belts). To stop the wetting of diesel on the top of the injector pump and of course, a more efficient start. The engine runs fine once started. The reason for this thread is that I could start throwing a couple hundred quid here and there which instead could be better off being spent on the whole lot being dealt with.
  13. ditchy

    Bmc overhaul review

    What do BMC perform like after being refurbished. I'm thinking of having mine done but Im not sure what to expect. Should I expect a leak free engine that starts on its first compression or am i dreaming?
  14. Canal and river trust say that there is a sunken boat on the visitor moorings. This was dated 27 March. Is it still there?
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