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  1. Nah, Hackney Wick for the proper hard core, moor outside the clubs and it’s a relentless DUFF…DUFF..DUFF…til 2.30 at the weekends.
  2. I had help in the same manner with the Aston flight too. Which meant I had the energy to carry on and do the Curdworth flight to the Dog and Doublet. So generally I appreciate their help.
  3. I miss mooring below the Flapper for that reason. The Flapper’s still there but the visitor moorings ain’t ☹️
  4. Wonder if you had same bloke as once saw me down, he even came back and shut the bottom gate as I was closing the top gate behind me on the lock below.
  5. 80? 80? What, you’re allowed to drive at aged 80? thought all licenses were revoked at the age of 70? maybe that’s my wishful thinking, what’s wrong with the free bus passes ? I’m ahead much earlier anyways 😉 I had the cops take mine
  6. Glad there’ll be a festival, whether I’m there to be in it or see it is another thing, I’d like to attend, always enjoyed it when I have.
  7. Will there be the Historic Boat Festival at Audlem this year? It’ll be the first year they have to pay CRT’s charge for festivals won’t it?
  8. We could all be dealing with different insurance companies but at the end of the day there’s only a few underwriters. I may have over simplified it but isn’t that how it works? They (insurance companies) are simply buying and selling insurance on at whatever maximum profit they can?
  9. I recognise it too. I used to get a nice smile and a wave from them when I passed, they had a home mooring, it’s just by a narrowing for what was a swing or lift bridge? £230,000 is a bargain these days ain’t it? No road access would suit me. Nip down to tesco at Kidsgrove in the tender, do a bit of shopping and have a few pints. eta: looking at photos there still is a swing bridge
  10. I wonder what other ideas were put forward and rejected, Your right, Sheffield/Tinsley could be telling us more about it’s past, so perhaps it’s the panel of council judges who should be tarred and feathered? watched a couple of episodes of the new Dr Who and enjoyed them, the stories are total bonkers,
  11. Good photos, it’d be great to see some shots down into the lock if possible?
  12. It’s absolutely rammed full here at Hackney Wick, there’s been a marathon and now they’re drinking posh Hackney Beer in the hot sunshine, and plenty are buying ice cream 🍨
  13. I’m quite jealous, 14 day mooring? Don’t the café do Ice cream?
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