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  1. dare I ask why the law says registration and not license? something to do with historic navigation rights 🤷‍♀️
  2. It is for me and you 👍 at 6%, but for anyone facing a surcharge it’s gonna be a minimum of 11%, Just had a mooch at the price of a river only license and there’s quite a substantial saving to be had, if one were wanting to live even cheaper.
  3. and a quick look on Google images shows it’s still there
  4. I can’t place this at all, I ought to recognise something about this, is there anything left of those buildings today? Is this all car parking now?
  5. you’ll have to explain that one for me please
  6. simply acting as a temporary footbridge bridge I’d guess, if there to block entrance to the old tunnel. What’s hanging from the wire? The wire goes through a pulley so I guess the thing hanging could be a signal? Perhaps a signal that the tunnel is ready to enter or not enter?
  7. I hadn’t given much thought to hire companies. Mainly because they have business licenses and will face the standard rise of 6% come April 2024. CRT have said they will leave business licenses alone because they already cost more than the leisure license. But how will that be with hire companies that have wide boats? They must surely be facing a hike/surcharge for width? A minor advantage with hire companies is possibly a saving of license fee if they are able to bring their boats out on to the hard standing over winter to black them.
  8. Let’s hope this little extra in their coffers goes to towards some improvements/repairs ”And there goes a flying pig..” to quote Arthur. the whinging from either sides will never stop, we thrive on it, If you go online you can make one off contributions or sign for monthly donations.
  9. I’ve seen it on ditchcrawlers if that’s what you mean 😃 which is why I quoted him when suggesting it 😃
  10. That’s a great photo, can we see here the course of the water that went/goes under the canal at the narrowing ? and see where it ended up. teatime for me too, I’ll look proper at that later.
  11. Could be Rugely was a base for the Nazi scientists and this was a base for their Time Machine ‘Bell’
  12. I thought that but didn’t they go down within a framework that stayed up?
  13. rodtheplod has a narrowboat so I think it’d be 25% for him is your 75% figure for the widest boats without a home mooring?
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