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  1. After listening to some lame excuse for not doing something, involving the phrase "I thought", mother would reply: "We all know about Thought. Thought thought he 'ad and he 'adn't". Sounds better using F for Th
  2. The Exotica Bengal Restaurant in Hillmorton used to be very good but it's a 10 minute walk uphill from the first bridge after the locks (going up) and under the railway. But that's out because Jeff's Mum can't walk that far.
  3. This is undoubtedly the correct form. You and your friend were the object of the doorman's attention.
  4. Try this to answer your question: https://www.reference.com/food/luncheon-meat-made-2861957dcb062fa0
  5. I think it was a lock. The report says he was recovered when the lock was emptied. But I take your point - should CRT sign every lock?
  6. £10 for Lot 4, the tablecloth (I'm really paying for those little darns). And may I have it posted please if I win.
  7. Which is probably how he managed to get into the cricket team when his only qualification was an ability to scoff buns at tea time. Oh! and welcome to the new moderators.
  8. I regard Dan's willingness to review a ban as akin to the parole board considering whether a properly convicted and sentenced prisoner should be released on licence. I'm of the view that we all need to move on and away from the past and I see Dan's offer as a positive step forward.
  9. I agree - there is an airlock in the system. Are the bleed valves towards the stern of the boat? Most narrow boats sit nose-up, stern down. If the bleed valves are towards the stern, it is possible that air is trapped at the other ends of the radiators and you will not get it out without either changing the boat to nose down, stern up or reversing the radiators. Can you change the boat's attitude?
  10. Is that a steel plate (in which case it is just another form of ballast) or does that slab have sides and ends going down to the base plate? If the latter perhaps it's a holding tank (disused?). Any evidence on the hull or roof of disused pump out fittings?
  11. Dear Mross As normal as me talking to an engine. Have you never done that?
  12. Google is your friend - just search "silicon grease" And Midland Chandlers stock it too.
  13. We will want pics. Don't forget the camera!
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