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  1. Perhaps I'm missing something here. This fuel is said to be a hydrocarbon fuel but is, apparently, made from carbon monoxide and oxygen. An essential "ingredient" of a hydrocarbon is hydrogen - there is no hydrogen in either of the two stated components. It is said that the fuel, when burned, produces only water and heat. Water includes hydrogen. Where does it come from if it's not in the fuel? What happens to the carbon in the carbon monoxide, it certainly doesn't form part of the water and heat has no chemical composition. Has some miracle happened?
  2. And from further down: "Hard tops and safety glass windows replaced the canopy tops with isinglass curtains in the 1930’s. Today, isinglass curtains are the vinyl windows zipped into the canvas top used on a motorboat. These curtains can be rolled up and stored when the boat is in dry dock or when the weather is nice. They can be unrolled and zipped into place any time "there is a change in the weather." They hold tight against boat speeds up to 30 knots and a driving rain."
  3. In fact, isinglass curtains were made from a form of celluloid and now from vinyl - no fish (or whales) are hurt in the production of the curtains. You can safely ride in the Surrey with the fringe on top without offending against any vegetarian/vegan principles. https://classroom.synonym.com/what-are-isinglass-curtains-12081088.html
  4. And another; The boy stood on the burning deck Eating a melting Walls A piece fell down his trousers top And paralysed his kneecaps
  5. And when did you last check the filter on the water pump?
  6. When I had a boat, I had this problem. I found I needed to empty the tank, open it up and clean out the loose bits of rust that had collected inside. Eventually, they break down and move to the outlet blocking the water supply to the pump. I'm ashamed to say I did not de-rust and repaint the tank - I left that until I could get a round tuit. That day did not arrive before I retired from boating. Perhaps that's what Chris T needs to do. I've found the topic I started when I had this problem: Here
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Might it be a Hooded Crow: About the same size as a magpie. Another possibility but unlikely (not normally in the UK at this time and smaller) is one of the Shrikes:
  9. Or stand on the towpath side and hop off if things get too hairy! 😄
  10. Thank you for your ramblings Bill. Fascinating stuff! I particularly enjoyed the (fictional?) exchange between senior staff at Dominion Breweries. You deserve bonus points, tho' I doubt that would be enough to change the result of the Virtual Challenge.
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