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    We mentioned it once, but I think we got away with it, Fawlty!
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    I like the old Logo of the C&RT and the British waterways, so I got on the scroll saw and cut these. Looks better than the old brittle plastic wallet that stuck on the window at the moment.
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    How doo all. I'm new to the forum but not to boats. I have grown up on them. And now after a savage medical discharge from the military me and my wife are living aboard. Any who, i was hoping someone could tell me about the hulks scuttled in the collapsed salt mines Middlewich way. I have always admired them and just curious if anyone has some solid gen and even pictures?
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    Is it the same as Network Rail bridge paint? That is also grey and seems to last brilliantly.
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    I'd say the same happens in the property market. I can immediately think of at least one example to illustrate, a flat in Scotland where the asking price is more than it is worth (as proved by the market.)
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    Did you complain about the vegetation? Hopefully CRT will do something if they get lots of complaints. If anyone wants to complain I've looked up the appropriate contact details so you don't have to! I complained online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/contact-us/ways-to-contact-us Or you can phone on 0303 040 4040. Or use Twitter, if you are that way inclined... @CRTcontactus See below for extract from the CRT website (I believe this applies equally to bankside vegetation). I think we can all (those of us who have witnessed it) agree that what is going into the water constitutes "unreasonable amounts"! Grass cuttings in water Our contractor is instructed not to allow grass clippings to enter the water, however small amounts of clippings will inevitably enter the water. A failure to prevent unreasonable amounts of clippings entering the water is a breach of the Code of Practice as agreed by the contractor – as such they will be penalised and requested to remove the clippings. Pplease contact us online or call us on 0303 040 4040 to report any incidents.
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    I think you just answered your own question. Most new people would find it easier going through a broker. We were experts on lumpy water boats but knew nothing of sewer tubes, so bought our first one through a broker. If selling therefore, you will have a better chance of selling to the new ones, which probably is most of the market now.
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    Just read an article in an ex pat news paper that as of March 2019 the UK health care contributions paid for treatment in the other EU countries will stop Now I know it is my choice of country of residence but having paid in to the UK system for the required over 45 yrs I was firstly denied a vote in the Reff & now it seems I'm going to be denied what I would be entitled to if living in the UK although I have paid in the required amount the same as a UK resident the UK Gov is stating they will safeguard/ring fence the rights of EU citizens living in the UK before Brexit what about looking after Brits living in EU country's that were there before Brexit
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    But you seem content to condemn your country to the servitude of the US for the forseeable future (you hope Trump is a mere aberration). With the EU we are part of the decision making process of this alleged 'servitude', as far as the US is concerned we'll just have to do as we are d*mn well told. If Trump pulls the US out of the WTO it will cease to exist, (it has only existed since 1995 anyway ) since only Mauritania trades on those rules alone everyone else trades on different rules.
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    I believe there is a 'behind the scenes' action by forumites to get the number of totally useless, non-boat related postings reduced or banned - it would appear that this could be almost 100% achieved by taking action against one poster.
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