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    The overwhelming majority of who, where? I've said this before, my ideas about CCing and leaving people alone are nothing to do with my situation, I have a residential mooring with planning permission and I pay council tax. I am able, unlike some it seems, to look beyond my own circumstances and apply a principle regardless of whether it works to my personal advantage or against it.
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    Ah, thank you. Sorry, but what has this diatribe got to do with General Boating or the topic in question? - it belongs in the virtual pub.
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    Jethro Tull - seen on the River Wey in June 2012:
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    So basically you advocate anarchy, where whoever is most prepared to impose their ideas of how things should be wind. Sod the fact that the overwhelming majority want something different, just get in there and take it. Of course, once you've appropriated the canals for housing and there are no moorings for people who want to use them for cruising, you will apply the same logic that the canals are for whatever people use them as if the local residents turn them into a sewer or if NC decides to move her speedboating from Lincoln to London. No,of course not. The right to Do as you please is for you to ride roughshod over others, not for them to do it to you isn't it?
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    RP's view is that everybody has a view, and that those views should be heard. I told him I very much hoped that not all these meetings had produced so much vitriol, but he wouldn't be drawn on how this one compared to others he has run. If I thought the attitudes expressed were vaguely representative of all boat owners, I think I would pack up and leave the waterways, but I suspect that actually many of these people own boats, and seldom move them. Their principle objection seems to be they pay to keep a boat somewhere, whilst others do not, but they didn't actually seem to know very much about the waterways that they boat on, latching on instead to the (wrong!) anecdotal "evidence" of others. (Sorry I did say "rant ends"!!!)
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    I'm sorry I must have missed where Earl Grey was classed as proper tea - could you point me to a source?
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    If I want someone to pass the wrong side, I usually point at the other boat, and then with my hand in the direction of travel wave down the large expanse of water into which they should go!
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    The answer is obvious. The boater in front of you appears to be wearing the correct apparel, and therefor has right of way. Follow him at all times.
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    I found your comment on another thread advocating that we set off a nuclear bomb in Syria/Iraq to destroy ISIS and presumeably a huge number of innocent civilians of greater concern than a little spat about boating. Back on topic there were some interesting comments that the judge made from the NBTA judicial review and I believe this has caused CRT to realise that they can be vulnerable to a challenge and it's one of the many pieces that has led them to want to try and get more of a consensus (among associations ) which might lead to greater clarity of what 'bona fide' navigation means from an enforcement perspective. In my personal opinion of course.
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    I have no recollection of suggesting that you wish to "assist people in breaking the Law" so to use that as a qualifying observation is inappropriate. As a former Trades Union Regional Sectetary, I have some relevant experience in establishing what "rights" people have, But rights are almost invariably accompanied by obligations and to discuss one without the other is to misrepresent those who you seek to support.
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