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  1. As HMRC is running on very reduced numbers nowadays,I wonder who is going to check. So far as I am aware,red diesel will continue to be available to farmers and the construction industry. Other than honeypot sites,the likelyhood of being checked is, I suspect, zero. HMRC has never been keen to check,which is why we have the present system.
  2. Am I correct in remembering that Claymore was started by Sue Clay,whose father was a director of the Ship Canal. This would be about 40 years ago?
  3. Am I right in thinking that Flo Gas and Budget Gas are both owned by Calor .My local Budget Gas supplierhas just supplied me with gas in a Calor bottle because the distribution centre had run out of Budget Gas bottles.
  4. One thing to watch out for is that you lose "grandfather rights" at age 70 unless you make a specific application to renew any HGV elements on your licence(ie the ability to tow a trailer over 750kg) The application to renew your licence for 3 years that the DVLA send you will not preserve grandfather rights. You will also need to take a medical, If you miss out by not making the correct application,you will have to take a trailer test.
  5. We had a Zanusi compact driven off a Sterling 3kw inverter. Always used with the engine running, Never gave any problems. I know Sterling have been critisized on this forum,but we had no prblem for eleven years. The compact machines seem expensive. If buying a replacement,I would probably try to find space for a full size machine.
  6. We bought a boat from Venetian Marina in 1975. The boat was called Shiela,was built of plywood with a Stuart Turner inboard engine. suplied new in 1968. This engine(aP5 MRE) was supplied as a replacement for the origional. Last hire licence was issued in 1971 number395. The boat was built by Deans of Chester and I believe was opperated by them as a hire boat. My guess would be that the boat was built in late 50"s. It was as rotten as a pear when we bought it.. Venetian delivered it free by road. I suspect they were glad to see the back of it. I tipped it over and fitted a complete new bottom and replaced the bottom of the sides. Started our interest in canals,kepped it a year and moved on to a steel boat.
  7. From my experience with an H P I 42 unit,the horse power rating is at an engine speed that does not relate to canal use. The engine was an Isuzu 42hp. My engine was raw water cooled,(with a heat exchanger) which was normaly supplied suplied for sea going use, with a PRM 120, while the keel cooled unit was supplied with the PRM 150, Plenty of power for river use,but my engine would not rev beond 2,200 rpm(acording to the rev counter) I believe the base unit was not de-rated for marine use so the 42hp would be at the flywheel at somewhere near to 3,000 rpm? I believe the Canal line engine is the same unit.
  8. Barges were used on the Wolverton gravel pits. The pits were not connected to the Grand Union,although not far away. I suppose the old Newport Pagnel arm would have been the closest,but probably long closed before the gravel was worked. I remember one of the tugs pulled out of the water in early 70,s Apparently,the gravel company had the idea to have it as a feature at the entrance to the pits. No idea what happened to the tugs and barges.
  9. I remember a full length motor moored in Runcorn in about 1972,which had a masive dent in the middle of one side. At the time the boat was being used,I believe, by a church youth group. The engine was a petrol /parafin unit.The conversion used ex bus windows I think the boat may have been callel Edwardian Monarch at the time,but I dont recall if the name was painted on.
  10. Bridgewater Motor Boat Club at Sprinch Yard in Runcorn?
  11. Sorry double post on limmit of nav on L&L. Obvious first call for a mooring would be Lymm Cruising Club,possibly Bridgewater Motor boat Cub(Country moorings) or Watch House Cruising Club.
  12. If I remember correctly,Croxton Aqueduct (before Big Lock) is the limit on the Trent and Mersey.I have been through with a boat about 8ft. Covered by a Bridgewater licence,. Does a Bridgewater licence cover you as far as Wigan? Obviously,length is an issue if you want to cross the Leeds and Liverpool.
  13. I have all the early copies of Waterways World from,issue number 1. Have run out of storage space. Am in mid Wales. Anybody want them.?
  14. Rather like these old Ford diesels,although I have never had one in a boat. Last time I had a belt snap on one, fitted a new belt and off I went. Never heard of one putting a rod through the side,but I guess it could happen. I rather liked the earlier 1.6 engine. The 1.8 could be fitted with a turbo.That should give you a bit of power. Regarding availability of second hand units,they were everywhere. BUT,when did you last see an Escort van. We live in a throwaway society. Once a vehicle phases out,the breakers soon loose interest. Still about,but not for much longer.
  15. Many people in this area have installed log or woodchip burners and have recieved large amounts of taxpayers money because they are "a good thing" Cant see how being paid to heat your own house is a good eco measure. I believe there may be wood chip fueled power station(s). Converted from coal fired? Cant get fencing posts for love nor money at the moment,as all the thinings are being chipped.
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