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  1. nebulae

    Wood (and coal) burning stoves to be banned

    Many people in this area have installed log or woodchip burners and have recieved large amounts of taxpayers money because they are "a good thing" Cant see how being paid to heat your own house is a good eco measure. I believe there may be wood chip fueled power station(s). Converted from coal fired? Cant get fencing posts for love nor money at the moment,as all the thinings are being chipped.
  2. nebulae

    Speed limits

    Have always used a Garmin GPS on our narrowboat. Gives an accurate speed over the ground and easy to use mounted in front of the helmsman. In some ways a bit ott for a narrowboat,but as it only cost pennies second hand,a no brainer. Makes it easy to judge correct throttle setting. Surprising how you can ease off the throttle and not reduce speed over the ground.
  3. nebulae

    Almost new car, rep mobile

    Having run many Land Rover products over the last 40 years,I have mixed feelings. The older proucts could be run into the ground and then patched up to get a bit more out of then.My last l322 Range Rover Vogue was a joy to drive on the rare occasions when it was running. I hope the new vehicles made by Tata are more reliable. When a new top of the range Disco with all the bells and whistles cost £75k I cant see how these sort of prices can be justified. I have now converted to Bangernomicks. In this day and age when people are taking cars with life left in them to the scrapyard,useable cars can be purchased for less than the price of a good dinner.
  4. nebulae

    Restoring the Montgomery Canals

    There were some moorings at Peates Mill, Maesbury,in the arm up to the mill .Not sure about present situation. There are moorings in Welshpool,but this section of canal is not connected to the national network. Last time I checked,you could only stay on the canal for a few days. The Heulwen boats have their own moorings at Buttington(On the Welshpool length)
  5. nebulae

    Restoring the Montgomery Canals

    Well worth exploring the Montgomery Canal. Very few boats,so very peacsefull and travells through pleasant countryside .If anybody thinks that an abandoned canal is better without boats,look at the canal in Newtown.The towpath exists,but the bed of the canal has been filled with a sewer pipe. All credit to CaRT for the way the whole isolated sections are maintained.(Apart from the last section in Newtown,which belongs to Severn Trent Water) In fairness to Severn Trent and Powys County Council,the footpath in this section is excellent.
  6. nebulae

    Bridgewater boat crime

    I gather that the man with the gun was holding it for legitimate reasons(pest control)when he came upon the people stealing a valuable piece of machinery. As I understand it,the only threat made was by one of the people trying to steal the machine,who then made off.
  7. nebulae

    Bridgewater boat crime

    People in the countryside do tend to be rather casual with locking up their vehicles,sheds etc. However,as has been said,vehicles and strange people are noticed. Any vehicles that pass the farm that I do not recognise,I make a mental note of.(not many vehicles pass us). We also have dogs. A recent case of a van driven down from Merseyside to steal off a farm,found that neighbours can be called on for support. One case I heard of where a farmer was threatened with a knife,the perpetrator found that many farmers also have a gun. Not very bright threatening a man with a shotgun with a knife.
  8. nebulae

    Restoring the Montgomery Canals

    The removal of the infilled railway bridge at Pant has made a continuous towpath I remember when it was necessary to walk along the parallel road. Still moving forward.
  9. nebulae

    How much does it cost to run a narrowboat ?

    A new boat carries V.A.T. at 20%. Unless it is a hire boat with a V.A.T. registered owner,that money has gone as soon as you complete the purchase. £20,000 present to the government on a £100,000 boat(unless it is a houseboat). I suppose,if you are lucky to be buying a new boat,this is your biggest cost in the first couple of years ownership.
  10. nebulae

    Manchester ship canal Servey and cost

    The swing bridge at the entrance to Weston Point Dock prevents the pasage of a narrow boat. If Weston Marsh Lockl is out of action,can boats enter the Ship Canal through the dock?The bridge does not look in good shape.I Eddy Stobart now owns the dock estate,do they own the water? If so what would their response be for a request for through navigation? I am aware that there is no right of navigation on the canals. Would the dock be part of a Cruiseway,like the Weston canal. I am not aware that there has been any legal process to close the dock to navigation? Obviously,it makes sense to use Weston Marsh Lock in normal conditions,but it is a shame if the alternative route has been lost. If the old lock down to the river at Frodsham were still operable,then the problem would not arise.
  11. nebulae

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    From memory,Isuzu marine engines were built by HPI on Babcock Airfield Industrial estate. HPI were (I think still are) importers of Hitachi excavators,which use Isuzu engines.THey formed the marine division to build boat engines(and generators). Most of the staff were ex Lister. When the parent company decided to move the operation(to Doncaster?) The staff refused to go.That was the end of the marine division. Pretty sure Black Prince used a lot of Isuzu. I believe engine spares are no problem,gearboxes were PRM?.I am a bit hazy about the details,but I think I am correct.
  12. nebulae

    Calder handspike

    Some years ago,I called in at Stanley Ferry boatyard,to buy a handspike. They had no idea what I was talking aboat? The timber yard fixed me up with a serviceable piece of wood.
  13. nebulae

    Bmc 1500 needed

    I had an ex GPO J2 van. On one memorable occasion,I wound it up to 40mph. Probably fast enough for the postman. From memory,they were not a particularly robust engine. Crude dieselisation of an Austin(BMC) B series. The 1500 was fitted to a Leyland 154 tractor. The Nuffield version of this tractor had a diesel version of the 948cc Morris Minor/A35 engine.When did you last see one?
  14. nebulae

    Horse boating

    My next door neighbour"s grandfather bought a farm in what is now Central Milton Keynes,to rest/ breed boat horses. He had a rubbish contract in London(dayboats?) I think the family name was Clarkson.
  15. nebulae

    Mooring in Chester.

    Under the wall is very handy,but the access to the wall above the mooring seems to atract a certain type of transaction involving illegal substances. O.K. during the day.

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