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  1. Personaly,the only two things I would be concerned about are the condition of the hull and the engine/gearbox. Things like insulation,wiring you have to relate to price. If the boat is cheap enough and you have checked secondary items(which are still quite expensive)like cooker,fridge,water heater,inverter-charger then you have to make a judgement. Our last boat was bought on a whim and suited us well for 11 years .In the end ,condition of the bottom plate(6mm) pushed us to selling up.(The new purchaser was aware of the problem) In retrospect,I wish we had spent a bit more on a newer boat with a 10mm bottom plate. On length ,going down hill on a boat the max size for any given lock,you may get very wet. There are some very leaky loch gates out there.
  2. Very early Land Rovers had the freewheel device. The Rover P4 all had drum brakes until the last 95 and 110 which had discs.
  3. Regarding clasic car parts prices ,Many years ago,I bought a new wing for my Jaguar Mk2. . It was at the time when Jaguar was taken over by Leyland. The wing was bought from my local Jaguar agent and cost £25. I ordered a new grill for my Daimler 420,as I tweeked it. Again,ordered from the Daimler agent. I expected it to cost a serious lot.I could not believe it Brand new in its packaging,£5.00. Wish I had bought a lot more bits at the time,
  4. Some years ago,I was told of an elderly couple who bought a boat above the first lock on the Hatherton Branch. A few days after they had taken over the boat,another boater engaged them in conversation and asked when they were going to take the boat out. They said they were waiting for the Lock Keeper to work them through. Not sure if I believe the story,but from reading this post,it sounds credible.
  5. I have also had to pull out many early electronic ignition systems and back convert. My experience now is that currently available aftermarket electronic systems are reliable, or perhaps just lucky. The problem with the AC mechanical fuel pump on the Rover,is that if you run out of petrol or use the reserve tank you will run the battery flat before you can prime the pump. You have the option to use the hand primer,but this does not always work. We use a lot of Facet fuel pumps on tractors and off roaders and they are very reliable.
  6. My P5b is in Birch Grey,with a Mulbery interior. Front and rear headrests with reading lights under the front headrests,which I have not seen on any other Rover. .Electronic ignition and a Facet fuel pump help reliability. We fitted a LT77 manual gearbox,which is the gearbox which would have been fitted to manual cars if it had been available. The car goes well now and is reasonbly good on fuel for an elderly V8. Nothing we have done can not be reversed and we still have the origional parts so the car could easily be taken back to origional spec. In my opinion, the auto box spoiled a good car. The coupe seems to be more desireable nowadays,because they are rarer. Very tight on rear headroom,but very stylish.
  7. Like I say,I am not an expert. I imagine,if paint reacts to any chemical,then it will show as softening,fading or other failure. I would not want anybody to damage their paint because they followed my suggestion.
  8. I can not think that a product designed to be sent down the foul water drain is any more harmfull to the environment than other domestic washing powder( Bio washing powder). Could be that anybody with a washing machine on their boat runs it into their grey water and thence into the canal. However,I am not an expert in these matters. As an aside, it might be a good idea to test whichever product on a small area of the boats paintwork first,to make sure it does not react with the paint.
  9. We have a big problem with moss and green algae covering our farmyard. It is tarmacked and cost a lot of money and the moss actualy eats the tarmac. I happened to come across a You Tube video posted by an Irish lady. She sprinkled Biological washing powder across the moss. Nothing to lose,I sprinkled Lidle Bio washing powder over the affected areas. Worked a treat. Moss has not come back yet. Might work on a boat. Jumbo box cost a fiver.
  10. I dont think that enough attention is paid to the condition of the bottom plate. I have had a 45ft narrow boat which looked very tidy. Within a short time of buying it, a rust hole in the base plate caused some panic welding on my part. Sold my last boat(which if I say so myself) looked very presentable,but had a very thin bottom plate. No corrosion at all on the sides.Yes,it could have been plated,but this is not the same as a sound,thicker,plate on a newer boat. Many earlier boats had a bottom plate off 6mm or less. Many of these boats are as old as I am(which is quite old) Many of these boats will NEVER have had any treatment to the bottom plate. The most important thing for any boat is that it keeps on floating. Beware rusty,cheap old boats.
  11. Stressless chair and stool is £1,300. I had one from local recycling center for £8.00. Also a nice 4 hp Evinrude outboard in good working order for £20.00
  12. Changed the engine from a Lister SR2 TO a Isuzu with a PRM150. Never bothered to change the Lister prop(l.hand) for a right hand. Did thousands of lock miles with no trouble. If I remember correctly,the get you home ability(by locking the box)only works with a right hand prop(but you could lock it and get home backwards)
  13. I see that the contract has been let by Gloucestershire County Council for the building of the new canal section under the Bristol Road roundabout. This involves the canal going under both carriageways of the roundabout and I think ,a new lock to replace the old Bristol Road Lock. The contractor is Alun Griffiths. They recently finished the Newtown(Powys) bypass and have made a briliant job of it. Work due to start soon. This is the first stage of the conection between the Gloucester and Sharpness canal at Saul and the restored section below Dock Lock.
  14. Isuzu 42 with standard mounts and Python drive. Cant tell if the engine is running in the front cockpit. Noise inside the boat not excesive. However,the engine is water cooled by raw water passing through a heat exchanger. The water is then ejected through the exhaust, This is standard practice for seagoing boats and does quieten the exhaust a lot.
  15. Still got my Rover P5b. Standard appart from a LT77 manual box,electronic ignition and electric fuel pump. Can still give modern cars a run for there money(but not round corners) Got a modern BMW as well. I do use the indicators and let other cars out of side turnings.
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