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  1. This might be a stupid question but has anyone wired up a 260 series Thetford cassette recently? I just purchased one - no installation instructions but I did find them online. I can’t work out why there are 4 terminals for the electrics. I assume the electrics only provide control of water supply so would be assuming two wires would be sufficient. The installation instruction make no sense to me.
  2. I did try dialling back the pressure but not much difference. I will be measuring up to squeeze in a calorifier over the weekend. Thanks for all of the feedback.
  3. It did occur to me while responding to these posts that it does have some decent water pressure. My testing has been to open the tap to max so I will try dialling back the pressure tomorrow and see if it makes a difference.
  4. It is a relatively new boat at 7 years old although the builder moored and never used it so it is essentially untested. He told me that a ‘mate’ installed the system.
  5. It seems to. It does stay warm for a while but not enough to put a tea bag in! I agree that it seems to be doing what you would expect it to. Alas - more money to spend. To be fair to the original owner (builder) he told me that he had never used it - only enough to test that it got hot (which it does) but clearly didn’t run it long enough to experience its rapid decline.
  6. That what I thought but I was hoping someone would tell me that it should work. It does have a heat exchanger but its small so I think I am going to install a calorifier. I might rip out the webasto and start from scratch.
  7. Hi, I recent purchased a narrowboat which has, I believe, a Webasto Thermo Top that is providing hot water and heating to a single small fan-driven unit. When I fire it up, every sounds like it is doing what it should. Lots of humming and clicking that slowly builds up in intensity. There is no calorifier on the system as the concept was ‘on demand’ hot water. When I start the system I leave it for 10 minutes or so until it seems to settle into an idle. My problem is I am only getting a short burst of hot water (1 litre?) and then about 5-10 litres of Luke warm until it goes cold. I have tried running the heater at the same time but no difference. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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