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    I am trying to think what I would have done, albeit from the comfort of an easy chair, with time to contemplate, so perhaps what I am going to saying is how I would like to think I would have dealt with it (and not necessarily how I would have dealt with it if you understand the subtle difference). However it is the way I usually try to deal with things that get under my skin. Ask if you can help - don't assume that what you do will actually help especially if you are out of sight of the 'problem' However staff (CRT or not) present themselves they are the experts and it is, after all, their train set Keep offering assistance even if it is just the piece of cake and tea/coffee If you are going to complain I think the best place to complain is quietly, with thought, in an e-Mail or letter to the organisation concerned, in this case CRT. Putting a complaint on any electronic media is a more 'instant' reaction and reminds me (as a generalisation) of the old saying 'fools rush in where Angels fear to tread'. Something my Mum taught me many, many moons ago, which I try to follow (but am not always successful at) is 'write the letter, put it away, get it out the following morning and ask yourself just one question - would I like to have received that letter this morning?' For letter read e-Mail, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Electronic media is so quick these days - too quick perhaps? We took Sculptor to Crick yesterday, it looked, due to the amount of traffic at Watford, as if we may not make it up the flight despite leaving Stoke Bruerne at 08:30 so we just sat down and made arrangements for the following day in case we had to return. That passed the time and before we knew it we were on our way up and into Crick with no one stressed! No amount of pressure on the Voly Lockkeeper would have changed anything!
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    People are much the same everywhere, individual Wigan kids are no more evil than kids anywhere. Apart from a few psychopaths, kids don't wake up in the morning thinking "I'm going to make someone's life a misery today", they just want to hang around with their mates and do what their mates do. To them, they are acting normally. The problem is that in some areas it has become 'normal' to mess about with lock gear and to see narrowboaters as outsiders. In other areas, boats are seen all the time, and are just part of the neighbourhood. Changing a culture is not easy, but we should all try. Leicester has a bad rep. Going through a lock we felt a bit worried by three 'dodgy' looky older teenagers hanging around. At first we were studiously ignoring them, and they us. But I took an opportunity to nod and say "howdo". Straight away they were asking all sorts of questions and seemed genuinely interested. No doubt up to that point they'd been as suspicious of us ('them snobby gets on boats', probably) as we'd been of them. I think there's just a chance that if those lads were with other mates who were talking about 'snobby boaters', they might just stick up for us in a small way ('they're not all bad') and just make it a bit less likely that the gang would decide to spend the day chucking stones at boats, or whatever.
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    Sorry for not keeping up just got in from work .still don,t like the dog house
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    No, they are all politicians and cannot be trusted to run a bath but I'll take an incompetent politician whose beliefs are not fueled by hate and paranoia rather than an incompetent politician who is a racist xenophobic bigot.
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    I saw the boat involved this morning there was nothing on the roof, it was an extremely tidy and well cared for boat. Perhaps we should wait for the inevitable investigation to be completed and an official announcement made.
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    Having read the email correspondence just now [from the linked site provided], I am less impressed with Mr Ludford’s transparency. The difference in the way the judge’s comments have been put forward in the ‘update’ and the way it reads in the court email, may be subtle, but no less striking for all that. The CaRT ‘update’ gives the impression that the judge positively disapproves of publishing the proceedings, whereas he actually simply refused to give his official approval [for which CaRT were asking] – for the reasons stated. To quote: “It remains the Judge’s position that nothing should be said to indicate that the contents of the transcript have been approved (they have not). Similarly nothing should be said to indicate that the judge has approved the publication of the transcript on a website or by other means. Any such statements would not accurately reflect the position. The judge cannot prevent any individual or organisation from distributing the publication of the transcript of the proceedings or putting it on a website. Equally, he does not propose to agree to its publication, for whatever purpose, on a website.”
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    In a lock like that, how do you ensure that your fenders are against the sticky-out bits of wall, and not where the sticky-in bits are?
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    Clover ("historic narrowboat", apparently) came up behind me today just past Dogging Doublet (Curdworth flight). The youngish lock wheeling chappie and I engaged in conversation and exchanged views on the nature of Hudson owners vs the nature of "historic boat" owners. In the end we agreed that we were both jolly nice chaps. However, I was mortally insulted when he said "you are the most down to earth and normal Hudson owner I have ever come across". I suppose it was just bad luck that moments earlier I had put away the champagne and finished the smoked salmon/caviar canapés. I was so stunned that I suggested they go ahead of me whilst I recovered my composure and self esteem by means of shouting at the butler. Interestingly nb Cobbett was moored close but just out of sight of the Dogging Doublet, but the occupants were nowhere to be seen. I wonder what they were up to?
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    But he is cruising in a widebeam
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    . I,ll work out what you mean and get back to you , I was,nt mixed up until I read this
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    We have always told our crew, that if we sounded the horn, this would always indicate to drop all paddles asap. Haven't had to do it yet, and don't fancy having to.
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    If you dislike TDH so much why not do the sensible thing and put him on your ignore list, then you wwould not have to see his posts nor would you risk alienating yourself from the rest of the forum. Such venom that you have/are displaying does not show you in a very good light and if you continue you may well find yourself the butt of Trip Trap comments.Phil
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    . But you are not me and I am not you and this is a public forum were our different opinions make it worth logging on ,as you are a lady I won't resort to calling you names like knob head so if you have something of worth to say please try not to get into playground name calling it,s not at all ladylike . I am referring to the person having never had any dealings with the boat it would be hard to fall out with it, but having witnessed the persons nasty attitude towards anyone he deems inferior to himself on this forum I find it very easy to dislike the person
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    Coming over here, stealing our planes.
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    I doubt you have any idea what goes on in an inner city where immigration is out of control Martin I'm sure everything looks rosy out of your window and I'm so pleased for you that it does!
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    Spoken like a person who has never had to claim any benefit and who has ignored the current governments assault on the unemployed.
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    Tim, it is 2" at the boss end of the tube it has a rebate which reduces it where it comes out of the boss. I think that I will have to buy another longer tube and have it adapted by cutting it down and re threading a 12TPI thtread on the boss end.
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    Spon is an Old English term for wood, particularly related to wood working so Spon Street would be a street of woodworkers. In Coventry it's where the loom-makers and dyers hung out, both being considered noxious trades and therefore outside the city gates ...
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    My lamp isn't very powerful, so I always have it angled towards the ceiling. It saves it shining in other people's eyes, and as I'm not tall, couldn't see the water close to the boat anyway.... I always wear a head torch so I can see the stalactite or rock formations, and in turn the tunnel height. However, not being tall I don't have to duck!
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    I don't think I'd be bothered with examining all the infrastructure and reporting faults as I went along, if I was a bit stuck for time with a deadline to make.
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    Yes, and he would be less likely to let the firm down in front of the public because he probably would not speak much English.
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    I think he was just a disgruntled young lad possibly doing a job he doesn't really want to do, possibly forced into it by his parents, maybe theirs a shortage of jobs for youngsters up there and he was lolling and wasting at home boozing and getting up to mischief and maybe his mum and dad shouted at him, we don't know, GET OUT, GET OUT AND GET A JOB, OR GET OUT, WHEN I WAS AGE!! ect ect ect ect, and he got all frightened frustrated like and got out and found a job, offered his services to Cart.
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    Adam, of course the price of land is a major stumbling block. And this is all the more reason, surely, not to add other hurdles. You're quite right that the prospect of anybody opening a new marina near central London is small, but places like Uxbridge still suffer from a serious shortage of residential marina moorings, and this has been the case for many years. Possibly this owes more to the policies of the local authority, than to a lack of new marinas. I don't blame the NAA for everything.
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    OK. Is this where your bluff and blustering bully tactics kick-in? I am not saying as you will see if you read my post correctly what is correct I said "if" it is so. It was reported elsewhere that the dropping of the RMP was the issue with the other members and of course as per the OP links etc. it has been suggested that it is your fault through your attuitude that has made them resign. I don't know which is the case or if it is due to other reasons but you may wish to throw a little more light on it. All I was saying was that if they have resigned over RMP then the organisation may be better off without them and get some others with a wider vision but as usual you throw your toys about looking for something that is not there. Nice (but failed) attempt to change the subject with your comments on my membership of the IWA. I guess time will be the telling of what the future holds for the ACC and its "council"
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    I'm a "real" customer who booked online, paid the full regular price for that period , and post here using my own name. So "they" will know it is me. (may still call me "fake", using any nick) Different people have different standards. If you think this boat is fine, why get offended by me posting some photos. If looking for a boat to hire and don't like what you see, perhaps my post is useful. I wish I knew a few weeks ago that some boats look like this. That is the reason for me to join and post here.
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    Being totally honest ( & as some members will know) I can't read or write very well at all, but what I find much worse, & almost impossible to master or distinguish between is the friendly banter & sarcasm given, mainly because its writing, there is obviously no body language or voice procedure accompanying the writing. It's not so much about the subject matter or content, as it is about being able to express oneself In writing that is the difficult bit. & not being skilled in grammar sometimes makes you choose the wrong words in a post. Which not only makes you look a twxt,it might make you come across as ,,,well,,an uneducated twxt !. Up until some 2month ago I was paying for my own private lessons .I joined this forum,& have to say, I genuinely feel I have learnt more in 2 month on here, than in the last year of private lessons,& saved a fortune to boot. Yes i get it wrong & will continue to get it wrong i dare say. But without doubt,in my mind it had helped me tremendously. So I am very mindful & aware that some members that arnt very academic may find any forum a very intimidating place. Does any of that actually make any sense,or is it even relevant to what we are talking about ?.
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    Hi gang,as a 'Newbi' to the forum world,I had the expectations of an exciting virtual world of like minded people,willing to share there combined knowledge & experiences,in the hope of answering queries raised. A place that we could exchange ideas,& discuss all sorts of Boat,cruising & generally interesting topics whilst enduring the long dark months ahead. However,,My brief & first impressions & experience into this new world (my first proper forum) seams to be at present one of a much different place..it seams to be a place,where some members, In my opinion seam to just want to use this virtual conduit as a playground for provocation,arguments or verbal bullying purposes,,Decaying some posts into off topic remarks,witch is then passed off as humor or banter.& again in my opinion,there is by far much more of an effort made on picking someone up on the phrases or grammar used by the 'poster' than helping or being constructive regarding the question or quieri posted It'self.again resulting in the total destruction of the original topic.& the constant need to clarify or explain wording used. Just a cursory flick through a cpl of threads in general Boating will confirm the above. So a result of my disappointment in my interpretation of what a forum is, I have concluded that a forum in this guise,is not for me. I am now quite happy to be just join the ranks of the readers, rather than be a active participant,as I have not it seams got the nesasary skills, understanding or Desire to actively join in the games that seam to be of such importance. & I must stress to new members & old alike,,this is obviously my interpretation of a problem & views that have observed,mentioned,& tried to articulate,, I Ofcourse apologize profusely to all if unfounded.. Happy cruising or bridge hopping to all.But more importantly,,be safe.
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