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  1. This is worth a read - especially Alan's obituary - you never really know anyone's background until you learn about it and sadly, despite having talked to him regularly, I had no idea of his immense skills and commitment to his community.
  2. Images from a leaflet put out some time ago by Historic Narrow Boat Club - now https://www.hnbc.org.uk and not www.hnboc.org.uk as in the leaflet. It may be a few years old but still holds true today.
  3. Likewise, I’d also be mot interested for Sculptor, please.
  4. Stoke Bruerne opened at about 08:45 this morning.
  5. Stoke Bruerne Lock 20 is open to allow a safe haven between Locks 19 and 20 - away from the River Tove. There's also a sunk boat on the moorings below Lock 20. Notice Alert Grand Union Canal Location: From Stoke Bruerne Lock Flight, Lock 14 to 20 to Cosgrove Lock 21 Starts At: Lock 14, Top Lock Ends At: Lock 21, Cosgrove Lock Friday 15 November 2019 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Water resources Original message: Due to the increase of flood water, and the current strong flow of the navigation, customers are asked not to travel along this section of the canal until further notice. The navigation has now been closed from Stoke Bruerne Lock Flight, lock 14 to 20 to Cosgrove Lock 21. We will continue to monitor the flood levels and will update the website as soon they come back down.
  6. Sorry but the Whitewater doesn't feed the canal - it never has done and I doubt it ever will - it would be wonderful if it did and it would resolve all the Basingstoke water supply issues but there is no possibility of extraction of water there. It is always full of trout though......
  7. That's all good news. River & Canal Services is a friend of mine, Rob Locatelli. I have no doubt at all he will do an excellent job. I am impressed with the speed of getting it done.
  8. Updates to the status of this stoppage are here. They are not on the standard National Trust website because that website wasn't, at the time, considered suitable to take regular operational updates so the Wordpress site was started. The latest update is from 05-Nov as follows: Navigation remains closed between Millmead and St. Catherine’s Locks while the National Trust and Guildford Borough Council continue to work together to restore the water levels. The towpath is closed between Millmead Lock and upstream side of weir. A short signed diversion via the footpath along A281 is in place.
  9. One boat in the meadows only belonging to a local charity Swingbridge and it is as safe as it can be. Interesting video here from YouTube.
  10. I have a very similar one which some people have ascribed to Frank Nurser - I am not sure it is but I just enjoy it. It's a bit rougher than the one in Pete's image.
  11. Mike - assuming it is on the Basingstoke you could make contact with James Taylor from SCC who now has repsonsibilty for the canal and luckily also works for SCC. I do have his email address but you could also obtain it from the Canal centre in Mytchett.
  12. @adam1uk has provided the background (and has a much better filing system than I do) - just remember it is an Orion shell so very low in the front at the best of times. The waves were the wash from the Thames Clippers bouncing back from the concrete river walls in London.
  13. Thanks Martin - I don't wish to defend CRT but the person who is looking into it on my behalf has only recently joined and is, I imagine, on a steep learning curve. Your help in providing this information is much appreciated.
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