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  1. Alan Just been to see a wide boat through the tunnel - well a couple of hours ago. Flamingo looks fine from the outside and CRT are aware you need time to consider when moving it is sensible - in the meantime concentrate on your wellbeing and I'll keep an eye on Flamingo for as long as is necessary.
  2. Alan We are pleased you are doing well - long may it continue. In the meantime Flamingo is safe and secure here and you have authority from CRT to remain until it is able to be moved. I'll keep an eye on it too.
  3. Couldn't agree with you more - prompt and professional response by, I assume, West Mids Ambulance Service and what little I saw a totally committed and professional team including a policeman helping too in searing temperatures. I do hope the gentleman is recovering well - last I heard he was stable but that was on Sunday evening. May he continue to recover quickly.
  4. Sculptor has been in this configuration since about 1947 I think - after the London Fire brigade extension was removed - and still is to this day.
  5. Yes I am pretty sure you are right - there were some B&W images on the internet within the last 12 months or so that showed Tranquil Rose just after her fit out I think and in Horninglow Basin.
  6. Oh I do so dislike predictive spelling (and my inability to pick it up) - aesthetically was the word but yes she is a 'fit old bird' anyway.
  7. Tranquil Rose, probably the most athletically pleasing wide boat around, in my humble opinion, and with plenty of tumblehome; it does look like a wide narrowboat. It is 12' 6" wide, it looks good and, if my memory serves me well, was built in 1973 on the T&M in the Burton-on-Trent area, when I think 'they' made things better. In the image it's just waiting for a southbound passage at Blisworth. More images of Tranquil Rose here.
  8. I see quite a few of them where I am so I'll see what I can accomplish. This one had clipped something - Blisworth Tunnel - going from the new section to the old I wonder? If my memory is correct it didn't have the 'tumbleout' - good word I think. Is there a link between internal volume and VAT I wonder - never been good on tax but I am sure some of you are. In the first image I posted has anyone noticed how narrow the gunnels are - again I suppose to obtain more cabin space.
  9. I wonder if anyone else has noticed a slight (but significant?) design change in some wide boats recently - if you look at the image attached you can see the cabin at the front rolls outwards (the opposite of tumblehome) I assume to give slightly more space inside. I did wonder if it was an optical illusion but I am convinced it is not and it seems that the roof line on the cabin at the front is vertically in line with the outer edge of the gunnel which, even if there is an excellent steerer, I would think puts our industrial heritage at risk especially on the lovely old accommodation bridges.
  10. Stoke Bruerne were all wide and you can still see were they all were - the coping stones are starting to appear - lock 15 especially - top lock duplicate is still there. My understanding from the late David Blagrove was they were in use from 1835 to about 1865 - very short period for such an undertaking to be constructed. Top lock (14) is offset from 15 because 14 leaked so badly (again source David Blagrove and it certainly does still leak water from the retaining wall at the top across into the Canal House garden). Side ponds at all locks except 14. Imagine they kept 15 where it was because of its proximity to the side ponds. I would guess the locks on the west side were the original ones to keep them away from the plateway railway from the time before Blisworth Tunnel was opened. The dry lock (as it is called) at 14 has been messed about with so much over the years - it was the home for the weighing machine - now at the Maritime Museum in Swansea, it houses the cast iron gates from Welshpool, an inscribed stone cill and the rather sad remains of the station boat May. If you see the 'thick' dewatered there's a definite change in the colour of the concrete walls of the short pounds where the entrances to the duplicate locks were.
  11. Main Line Cosgrove open 24 x 7 Stoke Bruerne open 10:00 - 16:00 - last entry 15:00 Buckby (Lock 8 to Lock 11) open 10:00 - 16:00 - last entry 15:00 Braunston open 09:00 to 17:00 - last entry 16:00 Leicester Line Watford open 10:00 - 16:00 - last entry 15:15 Foxton open 10:00 - 16:00 - last entry 15:15 Kibworth (Lock 18 to Lock 22) open 09:00 - 17:00 - last entry 15:30
  12. I have heard that as well Dave - just waiting for the e-mail that confirms it.
  13. Not a stoppage as such but lock opening hours restrictions. Foxton, Watford, Braunston, Buckby, Northampton Arm, Stoke Bruerne and Cosgrove effective 03-June until further notice opening hours will be 10:00 - 16:00 with last entry at 15:00 - clearly a bit more flexible, I'd imagine, with Cosgrove. Result of a dry winter and the long range forecast being drier than usual. Aim, as I understand it, is to keep boating going through the dry summer.
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