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  1. Leo No2

    Cheshire Locks

    Image © Mark Wilson. It's titled 'Thurlwood prototype Steel Lock'
  2. Leo No2

    Narrow Boat plans

    I have spoken to John Benson this week - yes they are happy to provide Hi Res copies of images they have but there is a caveat as below - I have attached the document they would like signed. The intention from way back before I arrived was indeed to sell images. However documentation relating to copyright in our photographic collection is at best patchy and in many cases I simply don’t know who, if anyone, owns the rights. Please find further details attached. We took some legal advice three or four years ago which suggested that in these circumstances selling the images would not be advisable. I can indeed supply high resolution images of everything, but we don’t charge. Despite the above the images have now appeared in countless television films and publications and to the best of my knowledge no one’s ever raised any objections. I get people we supply with them to indemnify us by signing the attached. If I were asking for a hi res copy I would like to think I would make a donation in lieu of a purchase. Mike's contact details above are the ones to use. THE WATERWAYS ARCHIVE_COPYRIGHT RE THE PHOTOGRAPHIC COLLECTIONS.pdf
  3. Leo No2

    Car Park Stoke Buene

    Well you could have parked in the Church Car park (you would have passed it on your way down the hill from the Blisworth turn (Stoke Road onto Shutlanger Road/Bridge Road)) - it would be on your right just after entering the 30mph zone and passing Wentworth Way), £2 donation all day but it is locked at night by the PCC. If the CRT car park was free it would open it up to all day parking from residents and you would get no 'churn' to make spaces available - every road in Stoke Bruerne is double yellow (Conservation yellow - lighter than normal) lined and yes parking is a challenge but the double yellows are from before my time and instigated, I believe, by the District Council - and monitored; a lot of Stoke Bruerne is in a 'double' conservation area being in the Grand Union Conservation Area and the Stoke Bruerne Conservation Area. I don't think £2:50 for four hours is too bad when the parking in Milton Keynes for four hours is £8 - £4 if you can find the right place. Yes some of the parking in the Navigation is available without being a customer - part of the planning application 21 years ago I understand - very difficult (well I can't find it) to find proof of that these days. There's also parking down by the bottom lock and you could enjoy a walk up the old plateway railway line (the first railway in Northamptonshire) alongside the locks - the eastern (and wider) side is the line of the old railway down there and the western side is the designated towpath - the towpath changes sides at Lock 14 (Top Lock). There's also parking at Rookery Open Farm but I would imagine, understandably, they would rather you parked there when visiting their farm. I understand that CRT were looking for somewhere for additional parking in the area and drew a blank.
  4. Every year for the last 11 years - dates have varied a bit but now seem settled on the second weekend in September so I hope the next event will be 7/8-September 2019. It is advertised in a lot of places so am slightly surprised you didn't know about it. Marketing not my area of expertise - more skilled at setting out the moorings!!
  5. For anyone interested a really good turn out of historic boats at Village at War this year as follows - thank you to them all for supporting this event: Alsager Battersea Bletchely Cedar Corona Cyprus Dodona Dover Flamingo Greenlaw Hampton Joseph Jubilee Lead Us Mercury Perch Progress Sculptor Sickle Southern Cross Victoria Whitby
  6. Leo No2


    Was up the Basingstoke at Woodham on the 'long term' residential moorings but then moved to the weir stream below Papercourt Lock on the Wey when in the ownership of the lovely (and excellent fender maker) Peter Young who sadly died a year or so ago. Image attached (sorry it is so small) of Petronella at a Bridge Barn event on the Basingstoke in probably about 2005.
  7. Leo No2

    Samuel Barlows Iona

    Iona - Bellerophon as was - today.
  8. Leo No2

    Yarwoods Cabin Porthole

    Just had a look at Sculptor and Cyprus (which is lying alongside) and both from the same yard (Yarwoods). 8" inside diameter and 11" outside diameter with round headed bolts going on to square nuts in the cabin in the case of Sculptor - Cyprus is locked! Sculptor is the same on all three portholes as far as I can see.
  9. Leo No2

    Orion Narrowboats

    From Canal Boat January 2007 - 'written' by Dave Moore of this Parish (and again when it was repainted some five years later). Sadly sold by me when I broke my hip but still around the Norton Junction area to this day but not on CRT's list because it seems the latest update to that was May-2013 and Leo didn't come on to CRT waters until September-13 - previously on the Wey Navigation. Put on a link because it's too big for here. It also features on a possible coffin - image taken just above Days Lock on the Thames.
  10. Leo No2

    Where is the throttle? (Large Woolwich as new)

    If it is any help this is Sculptor's throttle lever - it is on the right of the cabin with a standard push/pull gear lever on the left. I understand, but of course am happy to be corrected, that this type of throttle arrangement was 'Northern' - Sculptor was on the Shroppie from 1947 to 1985 as a maintenance boat. Like Steve P I think it works admirably well - we did have issues with the cable slipping but resolved that with a steel cable clamp. Like a lot of boats Sculptor had her RN removed in about 1960 which was replaced with an HA2 (which is still fitted and running well). It's in much better order now than it was when the photo was taken.
  11. Leo No2

    Stoke Bruerne winding

    Funnily enough a northbound (well it came up the flight) boat (62’) has just attempted to wind outside the Boat Inn and is now on his way to the winding hole to wind. Mike Todd you are quite right in that the wind, from whatever direction, bounces off the buildings around the top lock and makes life interesting; I have seen very experienced owners of historic former working boats struggle with the vagaries of the wind here.
  12. Leo No2

    Stoke Bruerne winding

    60' max outside the double glass doors for the Boat Inn and right next to Indian Chief's fore end. So much depends on the amount of water in the cut (and that can go up and down a surprising amount), the type of fore end you have, whether the top lock is being used or not, how much traffic is around and which way (and how hard) the wind is blowing. My 60' Orion shell (sadly no longer mine) could only just get round with fore end and stern end fenders up when all conditions were in my favour. Use the winding hole just on the Stoke Bruerne side of the tunnel, which can take a full length boat easily. You can get 62' round in the Long Pound between locks 15 and 16 with a bit of care otherwise it's between 16 and 17 and for a full length boat it's between 17 and 18 or right down to the bottom and wind in the River Tove. What perhaps really is worth bearing in mind is what your overall length is about 4" to 6" above the waterline
  13. Leo No2

    Chimney chain

    Adrian and his wife popped in to see me today and showed me a complete chain - a item of beauty and so very much heavier than I thought it would be - a top quality item - those of you who have them on order will, without doubt, be delighted.
  14. Leo No2

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Interesting images: Top one is passing the Summer House memorial to John Donne (https://focusedmoments.net/tag/john-donne/), a former Dean of St Pauls Cathedral, just downstream of Walsham Gates on the River Wey and the second one is Lock 13 (middle of the Brookwood 3) on the Basingstoke - A322 in the background.
  15. Leo No2

    Historic Boats for sale online

    Petronella (a motorised - National - Bantock) is sadly available following the death of it's owner, fender maker, Peter Young. My understanding - which I'll update when I can - is that it is lying on the River Wey (Pyrford Marina I think) at present. Offers in the region of £23K but when advertised it will, I understand be higher. Chris Bennett (07770 893453) is managing the sale from whom images of Petronella are available .

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