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    Well one thing we can be sure of is that the brextremists will not be getting rid of any indirect taxation whether it is from Europe or Mars and there will be no more subsidy from the public purse for things like the waterways as they pursue their ultra low direct taxation ideology. When the true cost of maintaining the canals is loaded onto the boater the "EU tax" on diesel will be a drop in the Ocean.
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    And I though that the loop was to pass the rope through so that when the pin pulled out from the ground you didn't lose it in the cut
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    Hmmm, sounds suspiciously like tax evasion to me ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Long story short. My old Land Rover got nicked, got found half trashed, written off, bought back from insurance, so was looking for a cheap running tow car. Went all over looking for an old but running Discovery and kept missing some good ones. Yesterday, saw one on gumtree, turned out to be maybe 100 yards from my parents' house, a guy who's lived there for probably 3 decades and my parents' age. My dad knows him to say hello on the dog walk. Chatting away while we're looking over the car, another one of their neighbours stops, starts talking about the canals and it turned out that the guy selling the car was brought up in a canal worker's cottage on the Rochdale. His dad worked on the stretch all his life. Bought the car. I think the word for today is serendipitous!
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    This is the relevant question. Being a Charlie Wells pub it is immediately ruled out of having any possibility of being โ€œPub of the Yearโ€ in my book. JP
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    Way to funny. Well, I am a newbe here, just started thinking about narrow boats, selling our home in the US, and trying it out. Spent the last two hours reading this thread about toilets......maybe there is a place for us on the canals........who in their right mind would spend two hours reading about toilets.........yep, maybe I have found "my people"
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  8. 2 points
    Don't know about designer clothing but me and the wife like to make a bit of an effort when we go cruising.
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    No connection with this thread at all. But can I just say, great isn't it. All those years have passed and memory can be dug out from the archives with a simple comment.
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    The old trick round Wigan was buy a petrol car, transplant a diesel engine into it, forget to inform DVLA that you had swapped the engine and accidentally keep filling it with red diesel from the tanks at the coalmine. The coppers didn't tend to stop and dip vehicles registeted with petrol engines ...
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