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In Topic: inverter/ shoreline?

Today, 09:41 AM

With how our inverter is set up it is also possible to have it switched on with the shore power plugged in. But it is impossible for both the shore power and the inverter to provide power at the same time. The shore power lead is plugged into whichever source you want power from. So it can't be in both at once.


That's fine but not what JonathanA was suggesting.


Note there seems no point in having an inverter running and drawing standby power from batteries when its (correctly) not possible to use its output due to presence of shore power. The advice to turn it off stands therefore.

In Topic: water pump

Today, 08:38 AM

Flojet is another option too ... https://www.jabscosh...r-system-pumps/




Seconded. I had four onboard last boat (water, shower pump out x 2 and deck wash) - all were working fine despite 16 years of liveaboard use. 

In Topic: inverter/ shoreline?

Today, 07:36 AM

What about a Victron Multiplus?


I normally set it to charger only when shorepower is connected. But have left it to invertor "on" when shorepower is on too.


Also when Panda genny kicks in (when no shorepower) it goes via Multiplus.


Combi's as mentioned previously, automatically disable the inverter (whether its switched to come on or not) when shore power is present, and feed it through to AC distribution system. There are exceptions as mentioned at the end of post #3 however.


Having your genny feeding your Victron is no different from shore power feeding it.


In the OP's case he appears to have a stand-alone inverter, so above comments don't apply.

In Topic: inverter/ shoreline?

Today, 07:15 AM

You don't have enough information to answer so definitely, which suggests you may not be best qualified to advise the op. I often leave my invertor on when On Shoreline without
Issue but that's because I have a properly engineered system
Where the two can never be connected together and the separate charger can only be supplied from shore power


Doesn't sound like a properly engineered system where two separate AC sources are providing power to devices within the small confines of a boat. Whilst you may be aware of the shortcomings of such, others on your boat may be not. 


To the OP - listen to Top cat's advice, allied to mine.

In Topic: inverter/ shoreline?

Yesterday, 09:54 PM

Does the inverter need to be switched on when on shoreline or off


No switched off as Top cat affirms. There must be no unsyncronised second AC feed from a stand-alone inverter when shore power is employed, and the switching (break before make) between the two should be engineered so its impossible to have both sources connected simultaneously.


The popular Combi (combined inverter/charger) would typically be powered up with the incoming shore AC power passing through it though. In this mode the charger part would typically be runnng but the inverter would automatically be disabled.


There are exceptions with the more sophisticated Combi's from Victron and Mastervolt which have the ability to supplement a limited shore power source with battery derived AC from their own inverters. This requires that the inverters output is syncronised with incoming shore power though.