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In Topic: 2 volts instead of 12 volts

Yesterday, 09:20 PM

A stalled motor will draw more current and therefore drop the voltage.

What voltage is present on the feed wires with the pump disconnected?









A stalled motor will draw more current because there is no back emf caused by the spinning motor (generator effect) to counteract it.


Still not convinced? - try this.


With your cars engine at idle operate electric windows. When the motor stalls with window fully up you will hear slight extra load on engine from alternator.

In Topic: Ebay vintage engine sales

Yesterday, 09:08 PM

As well as the re-listed K3 there is now this Kelvin J4 in kit form 




I'm guessing its being offered by long term enthusiast and author, Kevin Whittle.

In Topic: Charging batteries in 'absorption' phase

Yesterday, 08:58 PM

By design multi-stage chargers will always start in the bulk (constant current mode) until the pre-set absorb voltage is reached.


I even get this on fully charged batteries previously left on float. If I cycle charger off/on the bulk phase lasts for 20 seconds and battery volts momentarily hit 15.2 volts before dropping back to the pre-set 14.8 volts absorb voltage, since the switch conditions from one phase to another is usually fairly soft.

In Topic: Should my invertor burp?

Yesterday, 08:42 PM


Not a Victron thing, our Sterling does it whenver hair straighteners get turned on regardless of whether the shore line's connected or not.


Some cheap travel hairdryers have a low power mode achieved by using a diode in one leg of the AC. Although household supplies can cope with this, it puts a half wave demand on any inverter which may damage it long term. The sound is a teeth rattling buzz though. 

In Topic: AC Conduit Suggestions?

Yesterday, 08:33 PM

Where the cable is considered to be "fixed wiring" ie part of the boat's infrastructure, it should be in trunking. Personally I would use purpose made trunking with the snap-on lid because it is easy to attach to the boat, easy to lay the cable in and easy to snap the lid on, and dirt cheap. But I suppose pipe would be fine if you really want to use it.


And with the rectangular section trunking you can gain access for easy threading of extra cables, adding junctions, fault finding etc.


If fitted out of site under gunwale's, you can drill to thread tie wraps through that will loosely support various cables allowing easy replacement of snap on cover.