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In Topic: Klaxon refurbishers

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

Rebuilt quite a few of these both manual and electric motor operated. The one in the OP has almost certainly lost (broken or missing) its return spring.


The popular Klaxon ES type are still available new as below, and have a spring inside the square tubing that supports the toothed square section operating rod. The toothed rod drives a geared free-wheeling flywheel that also has a toothed striker on its shaft operating on a central stud fixed to the sound diaphragm.



Note the tight fitting innards have to be removed and re-inserted in a certain order to avoid tears. Carefully note and replace diaphragm shims in correct order during disassembly as well to ensure same tone.


Most other manual horns work on a similar principle to above with the notable exception of a clever design by one Eugene Cowey. He patented a design of manually operated horn using an ingenious course pitch threaded rod similar to a toy top mechanism operated by the plunger. A ratchet mechanism engaged only on the down stroke provides free-wheeling action on a flywheel which contains several steel rollers free to move within the confines of short slots around the periphery. Supported on ball races, centrifugal force when the flywheel spins throws out the rollers that act on a central stud on the sound diaphragm, allowing a very long overrun sound as flywheel slows and they retract. The return spring of operating plunger can be seen in diagram below.



In Topic: Small washer dryers

Yesterday, 04:21 PM

We will be modifying the existing utility cupboard to take a washing machine so can pretty much do this to suit any machine. We would like one designed for marine use as we will still be lumpy water boating despite their higher price tag.


How would a standard household machine cope with use on a sea boat?


We obviously wouldnt be doing a load of washing at sea but the machine would still have to cope with the movement of the boat. Although this wont be crash bang boom like it is with NC it wont be smooth either!


Eumenia worked during an Atlantic crossing if that helps. Held down with ratchet strap its drain was a "T" into a deck drain pipe.


You may be alarmed at the price but as I said above its the only one that would fit the dedicated space (formally a towel cupboard) and also drop through the stateroom hatch.

In Topic: HIN Number identification

Yesterday, 04:10 PM

KBW = Kate Boats Warwick

In Topic: Small washer dryers

Yesterday, 08:44 AM

Studio size washer/dryers didn't exist when I was looking 3 years ago and probably still don't.


There are a few studio size plain washing machines though with the Zanussi ZWC1301 being the most popular and most likely to get a deal on. Others include the Eumenia which is probably the smallest. As my last boat (Contest 48) was literally built to take one, I was forced to pay the high price on this brand though. Due to supply and demand you will always pay a premium price for such though.

In Topic: Ebay vintage engine sales

17 September 2014 - 08:02 PM

And now a Kelvin J4 although a little far north.