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In Topic: Necvox 536 aerial.

Today, 07:56 PM

It saved me buying an aerial and pole with fixings and possibly cable. Then i have to use a clamp and possibly drill fixing holes.

I believe the signal here is good but its very windy and quite often i see aerials that have moved.

It is the best snake oil product since owatrol.


I use the pole that came with the boat or sometimes just the boat hook, to support a full size log periodic aerial. In strong signal areas if feeling lazy I just lay it on the roof. The pole drops neatly into the front bulkhead mounted towing rings although appreciate many boats don't have these. The coax feed from aerial plugs into an external socket, so no need for cables through windows. 

In Topic: Charging leisure batteries effectively

Today, 07:30 PM


This is all a bit deja vu for me.  In my thread I had problems with the genny tripping out. Allworking satisfactorily now.




Yes read that and your workaround. Highlights the need for adequately rated gennies for the high start up demands of chargers.


In fairness this is a charger possibly damaged by the genny though, and don't think it has the lower power option that solved your dilemma.

In Topic: eBay marine generator scam........ Beware

Today, 07:17 PM



I often wonder when I see this, what would happen if I purchased said item and paid by paypal. Would the seller dispatch it, or try to repudiate the sale, or what?


Well the high value items I had in mind (diesel engines) were collect only, so I guess he could refuse to let you have them, stating the clear reference to payment required by him. Interesting legal point if he refused a PayPal payment though by reversing, which is quite easy.


It would seem that eBay in accepting the wording in the auction ad, were condoning to some degree the sellers payment terms.

In Topic: Fried master switch!!

Today, 06:11 PM

Maybe worth mentioning I had a bowthruster battery isolator fail open circuit. One of the M10 connecting studs got so hot as to melt the supporting material allowing contact to be broken. The BEP isolator used had a 15 second rating of 1250 amps but only 275 amps continuous. Although I would never operate the BT for that length of time, I replaced it with the heavy duty version.


In retrospect I remembered that on the connection stud that had overheated, the nut securing battery cable lug although more than hand tight was easy to undo with a spanner. I contend this may have had the greater bearing on failure rather than the isolators rating.

In Topic: Pre-BSC question, Electricle

Today, 03:07 PM

Sounds okay. You have conformed to the wise opinion of connecting alternators directly to domestic bank, so relay has the lesser start battery charge current flowing through it.