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In Topic: Newbury to Oxford advice

Yesterday, 10:19 PM

Can answer a couple of your questions:


You can should be able to buy short term Thames licence to get you to Oxford at Blakes lock, Reading


Your journey doesn't include any tidal sections so springs have no relevance.

In Topic: impeller destruction

Yesterday, 09:49 PM


I'm confused. Doesn't your engine have its own water pump? Or were you using the Jabsco impeller to get a bit more water flow in the system?


Jabsco and Johnson impeller pumps are fitted to many/most modern marine diesels as the raw water pump. They seem to be the popular choice with marine conversions as well due to price, availability and ease of fitting.

In Topic: looking for Les and Gerry

Yesterday, 09:40 PM

They were very helpful to me around this time last year coming down same. In fact Les kindly helped me on the Ashton flight a few days later as well.


You could try and PM them here - it should send a copy direct to their email address.

In Topic: impeller destruction

Yesterday, 09:31 PM

Why on earth do people use these things? Do they have any advantage over a centrifugal pump. They certainly seem to have reliability disadvantages!



I changed four impellers on the engine and about five on the generator over a 13 year period on my last boat. In fairness though several were changed as part of an annual maintenance regime, since changing an engine one at sea was guaranteed to spoil your day.


Sadly for the price there is little to replace them so remain the modern popular option. I was always careful to turn the engine over in normal direction when adjusting tappets though to avoid bending blades back on themselves. 


Currently the gear type pump I have seems very reliable and coming up to eighty years old!

In Topic: JP3 won't start from cold (used to be just fine)

Yesterday, 07:29 PM


IIRC the JP handbook says that the decomression threads should be rust free and kept clear of oil and grease


Keep the screw thread clean and bright are the actual words. I also keep mine lightly oiled.