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In Topic: Guy Martin in India tonight 9pm

Today, 11:36 AM

Tends to be a bit samey, but you can say that of a lot of amateurs presenting interesting subjects, and not diminishing greatly the enjoyment of watching the programme.

In Topic: Guy Martin in India tonight 9pm

Today, 09:10 AM


No problem with sari guards, but real bikes have kick-start, not electric start! 


Like this you mean?



In Topic: Guy Martin in India tonight 9pm

Today, 08:56 AM

Can't stand Guy Martin, but will be watching it for the bikes. Even though they're not proper Enfields - they have electric starters. angry.png


and sari guards ohmy.png

In Topic: Configuring Victron Multiplus - A plea for plain English

30 January 2015 - 10:50 PM

The 2007 Multiplus manual I have clearly states on page 19 that the inverter AES mode which can save 20% in no or light AC load situations by narrowing the sinusoidal waveform, cannot be set with DIP switches.


Further on in the same manual under the DIP switch step 1 settings it clearly shows that switch DS5 when set to ON will turn on AES.


This anomaly may be explained by a remark on first page of manual indicating DIP switch functionality has been changed specifically with regard to parallel operation etc.


If its found that AES can be controlled by DIP switch on OP's Multiplus then the step 1 settings need to be saved by pressing an UP button to right of DIP switches which then allow same switches to perform different tasks under step 2 settings, saved by pressing DOWN button - simples!!! rolleyes.gif  

In Topic: What size TV screen?

29 January 2015 - 10:47 PM

I'll buy that (not the telly, necessarily). I haven't looked for a while.


Does your telly have a built-in DVD player? If so, what's the current draw whilst playing a DVD? Interested for real, man.


Sorry no. Spend enough time watching TV as its is wink.png