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In Topic: washing machine help.

Today, 09:19 AM

Doubt if you will find a smaller machine than the Eumenia, now called Eudora Soba I note, and I believe the only one designed for a marine environment - click image.




My Contest yacht was almost built around one as all the others, Candy, Zanussi etc. were a few mm too big in one dimension or other. The Eumenia just dropped through the aft bedroom hatch and fitted perfectly in the dedicated cupboard. Not cheap but it proved very reliable over the 12 years I had the boat which included running it without issue from onboard genny thanks to electro-mechanical controller. 

In Topic: Is this normal?

Yesterday, 06:21 PM

Any idea what would cause this?


When cruising the other day, after about 4 hours, the smartgauge read 100% and the voltage about 14.9 via the Sterling alternator regulator.

The ammeter gradually worked its way down to 00.0 to 00.2 and the voltage dropped to about 14.4.


After another hour or so the ammeter started reading between 5 and 2.3 amps.

The voltage stayed around 14.4 and stayed like that for about half an hour by which time it was journeys end and stopped the engine.


Is that normal behaviour?


Any help/advice much appreciated.




Its likely normal behaviour. 14.9 volts is slightly above the Sterling regs max absorb voltage, but the switch from constant current to absorb mode is fairly soft (slow). This causes the slight overshoot in battery voltage such that when the regulator cuts in at beginning of absorb mode it has no need for a short while to provide any charge current, and so this reduces to zero or nearly so - it can even be a negative current flow if there is an external load. When the battery voltage drops to alternator regulated voltage as a result of surface charge dissipation, external load or both, the batteries start drawing a small current again at the regulated voltage until float mode cuts in which will likely cause similar phenomena.

In Topic: Ebay vintage engine sales

Yesterday, 02:52 PM

This picture of Lister Blackstone ER8 camshaft also for sale on eBay highlights its length.




Interesting article of overhauling individual injection pumps on this 450hp @ 750 rpm engine here.

In Topic: Electric Gadgets "Blowing"

Yesterday, 10:26 AM

A tingle from the aerial coax is quite normal as the TV will feed a small voltage to power various items in some instance if the TV is set up that way


Its true that some active aerials, LNB's and masthead amplifiers require DC squirted up the aerial coax to power the remote device but not on a regular freeview TV surely. In fact there would typically some form of de-coupling to prevent this accidentally happening.

In Topic: interpreting & understanding clampmeter readings .

Yesterday, 09:46 AM

I said it before but maybe lost in all the text: why not add a small switch to the warning light circuit so when the batteries are full, you can just turn off the warning light and hence alternator and buzzer?


Something else lost in all the text. One of my two alternators, the 160 amp Lecce Neville self energises (and then ironically pulses at 30 second rate), a fact I discovered when weight of attached keys turned off ignition switch. Might not happen to OP but it means the switch solution may not work.