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In Topic: Cheaper WiFI solution?

Yesterday, 07:06 AM


Is this the same NanoStation?


It appears to be yes.

In Topic: testing deep cycle batteries

29 April 2016 - 06:09 AM

" I'm running 6 alphaline dc31mf deep cycle batteries in 3 pairs on 24v."


They dont look like true deep cycle batteries to me... 125Ah but only 23kg doesnt seem close to heavy enough.


Having said that, if they've lasted 6 years you've done well, and looked after them well.


Just bought a set of five myself. Wouldn't for a moment suggest they are quality deep cycle batteries given their weight but they appear to offer good value for money and a four year guarantee for what its worth. Very encouraging they have lasted six years.


To the OP, yours are certainly showing all the signs of severely diminished capacity so its time for replacement I'm afraid. Be happy they have lasted this long. 


ETA: The bulging cases and leaking suggest a cell may have gone short circuit in one or more, so they are effectively being seriously overcharged. DO NOT use them further in this state, there may be a risk of explosion!

In Topic: Grottyist canal

28 April 2016 - 08:29 AM

Oh i didn't think Burnley was so bad ...the wharf is ok and 

the cut is pristine compared to Colne.


Well I'm just speaking from past experience - maybe its better now. I have had my two worst prop foulings in that area. It was particularly bad just after the Wharf heading north, being both shallow and full of sunken rubbish. I picked up a piece of plastic sheet that would have covered a football pitch on one occasion. Worse still was last year when a padded jacket brought speed down to 1 mph!. Its lining was so thick it had to be cut off with a hacksaw whilst leaning down the mud hatch.


I was lucky compared with some though. A wide beam hire boat just out of Reedley marina had a complete sprung matress jammed around the prop!  Ruined the hirers day - they just went home after it was sorted.

In Topic: Orbital sanders

28 April 2016 - 07:45 AM

I've googled random and dual action sanders and they look the same.
What's the difference?


There isn't any, I was simply giving the two common titles to the same product.  Often they are used together in describing a single product - guess it sounds better wink.png

In Topic: Grottyist canal

28 April 2016 - 07:03 AM

Just passed through Blackburn on L&L can't believe the amount of rubbish thousands of bottles takeaway cartons 3 traffic cones lots of timber 9 shopping trollers (that's just the ones we saw and the boat we were travelling hit) plastic bags galore and 1 dead goose. Thought Manchester was bad and makes Coventry look idyllic is there a worse stretch of canal ?


Wait until you get to Burnley ohmy.png