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In Topic: Victron v Stirling

Yesterday, 03:09 PM

Thanks Bazza - just as I thought.


By software controlled Off, I mean that on the earlier versions the middle position on the same switch operates logic circuitry within the main unit to completely turn the Combi off whether its distributing AC via shorepower or inverter. You can actually hear it operating a big relay.

In Topic: Merlin Smartgauge 12v Battery Monitor

Yesterday, 12:47 PM

Does anyone use "load shedding" or a vaguely similar idea: The battery monitor can be programmed to operate a relay on an alarm condition, for example SoC dropping below 45%. So you could have 2 bits of the power distribution board, and put essential items on one half, and non-essential on another half. For example bilge pump, half the lighting, water pump on the essential side, then TV, stereo, other half of lighting, etc on the non-essential. Then if/when your battery runs low, you're somewhat protected from much further discharge by the relay clicking the non-essential side off.




Load shedding no - too late anyway - alarm yes - linked to one of those dive, dive, dive alternating klaxons, it should draw your attention - plus the rest of the neighbourhood rolleyes.gif  


Seriously it doesn't take long to become familiar with your boats battery capacity if you have a suitable monitor. Based on recent use you will then be able to make an accurate guess of what the state of charge is.

In Topic: Stern Gland adjustment

Yesterday, 12:38 PM


Yes, but the question is "how?".


On my leisure boat the threads in the back thread go all the way through, and are not tapered, so I could easily keep screwing the studding in until it passes right through the back.  If there is no "bottom" to the thread, and no taper, the question is how do you lock it off!


In that case which doesn't sound like the norm, a nut each side tightened against the casting it screws into should do it. Even a set screw (threads all the way to the head) if it can be fitted from behind with a single nut the other side. Loctite will only help to a degree but worth using.

In Topic: Victron v Stirling

Yesterday, 12:24 PM

Nice to hear. Great satisfaction from using this stuff as intended and it working correctly. I think its fair to say a washing machine offers one of the greatest challenges when running off grid.


Interesting to hear about the Sterling Combi's latest switch which I assume can be mounted on unit or remote via supplied lead as before. Sounds like the middle OFF position on earlier models now puts it in Charger Only mode, so there is now no software controlled Off. I guess to switch off completely you operate the external RCBO which they recommend in the shore power AC feed.

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Yesterday, 12:12 PM

You would certainly need to be licensed and able to talk on VHF to the Hull harbour master - call sign Drypool Radio on ch 22 for River Hull access - available from 3 hours before HW to HW at least. You also need to contact them at least 24 hours before on 01482 331208 to discuss boat size and timings as its tidal up to Hempholme Lock. I believe the River Hull presents no challenges as long as you are aware of tides, although getting to it may be more challenging but far from impossible.