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Today, 09:14 PM

Lister SW2
Looks like an SR2 but its water cooled. Nice small narrow boat engine, ISTR a topic a while back where someone wanted to pull out an SR2 in favour of a water cooled unit so they could get hot water and have a quieter engine.

kriss88 beat you to it a few days ago ;)

In Topic: Ebay vintage engine sales

Today, 08:43 PM

Industrial JP2 - fair amount of work to marinise and add gearbox but probably worth it.


In Topic: victron centaur 60W

Today, 04:27 PM

Very unlikely. A 12 volt 60 amp charger will draw around 1kW minimum when first switched on, then there us the start up current which may trip the generator unless the charger has a soft start feature.

In Topic: sterling 3000watt inverter / ups earthing

Today, 04:10 PM

Yes but with the DP Rcd as you say both poles are disconected under fault conditions.
Most single module RCD/RCBO only disconnect the live even if the neutral runs through the module.
A quick tip to see if you can add a neutral>earth bond
Wire a standard domestic 230v tungstan lamp between neutral and earth
If it lights up then you can NOT add a N>E bond
If it stays out then there is a good chance you can.

I thought the BSS required or at least recommended DP RCD's, be they residual current only (RCCD) or combined with overload trip (RCBO).

In Topic: sterling 3000watt inverter / ups earthing

Today, 10:37 AM

Not really thought this through but jumping in anyway.
If the inverter is center tapped earth then what about using a double pole RCD as effectively you have two 120 volt lives as the "neutral".as we think of it is also 120 volts to earth. If there is an earth leakage between ether cable and earth the RCD should trip because the current through the  two power cables would be out of balance.
When on shore supply the DP RCD would work the same as any other.

Won't a double pole RCD work the same way as a single pole since either has to monitor and compare the current in live and neutral legs. The only difference will be DP trip.