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In Topic: Bilge Pump Wiring

Yesterday, 11:00 PM

Good idea - you will need a dedicated fuse though in the direct positive battery feed. Rating would depend on current draw of pump motor. If you don't know try 15 amp. Automatic bilge pumps are often wired via a three position, centre off switch, so you can choose automatic or manual override operation. The illuminated indication is useful to see when pump is running as they are often quiet, and particularly if level sensor fails and leaves it permanently on or off!

In Topic: Which way does the fuel flow?

Yesterday, 08:30 PM

I tried to get a Delphi one, as that was what was there originally, but was told that Delphi don't do them any more. Is that info correct?


Hmm! - bought genuine Delpi 296 filter element the other day through eBay, assuming that's what you are referring to. 

In Topic: engineer for a JP2 in the Warrington/North West area

Yesterday, 08:23 PM

What's the problem? JP's are simple engines, so you may be able to fix it yourself.

In Topic: Wiring an electric fridge

Yesterday, 07:08 AM

I'm sure 10mm2 cable will be fine for your 12 volt fridge cable run. As the issue is about what voltage the fridge compressor gets on startup (max current draw), some thought should be given to ensuring the batteries remain at or above say 12.2 volts (= 50% SOC).

In Topic: Piper Narrowboat ramming a lock gate

05 July 2015 - 06:55 AM


Totally agree Darren, it certainly looks like there is a leak and the only way out is to use that method, I have had to do this many times in the past not only on CRT waterways but places like the Rochdale in Manchester, his crew seems to be a bit slow off the mark pushing but I don't see anything wrong IF the lock was leaking, that's down to CRT maintenance.


Oh dear.