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In Topic: Help! Eberspacher is driving me mad!

Yesterday, 11:33 PM

Hi all, I have a eberspacher hydronic dw5 which i have just inherited with my new boat, when i bought the boat a few weeks ago.
The cental heating was a work on progress, new rads and all new pipework, the eberspacher had previously just fed the calorifier and 2 rads, but has had a total refit, so is now fitted with four rads i have just piped in.
I have bled the system and pressured out any remaining air using a hose on one of the drain cocks.
The battery voltage is good and the fuel supply is good.
I have a timer fitted with diagnostics and checked the fault log, it is showing no fault present, AF 000 . the previous recorded faults are all F 014 suggesting it previously had a pressure differential or temp sensor fault, but the previous owner had obviously found the cause and rectified it.
What happens when i switch it on to boost is it will run for up to a minute then cut out.
The first time i ran it , it ran for a couple of minutes and although the heater body was red hot to touch the pipes were cold.
Any ideas on what i can try would be greatly appreciated as i am sure nothing has failed as it starts every time without fail, just wont keep running ... and just to help, i discovered the stove has no sealing rope around the door, so at the moment its colder on the boat than outside!

The symptoms suggest the water is not being circulated (pump failure) or there is an air lock maybe. Either way the heat from the boiler is not reaching the water that circulates it to the radiators.

In Topic: Any narrow boats with electric motors?

Yesterday, 10:00 PM

Thanks for all the extra information and links! 
The biggest open question I still have is about peak motive power.  One of the other threads says you can overload an electric motor (up to 300% nominal power) for short periods which sounds handy ... unless of course you'd expect it to be followed by the motor burning out a couple of minutes later :)  OTOH to match the peak power of a 43HP engine (if they can really deliver that much) it would take (approx) a 30KW electric motor. Does anyone know how big the motor for a 60' narrow boat should be (HP or KW) for reasonably efficient sustained use, and "peak" use for e.g. 15 minutes at a time at maximum rated power?

43hp seems a huge amount of power to use for propulsion. It's been suggested that at typical canal speeds little more than 10hp is needed on average. This is born out by my own findings with a 60ft admittedly deep draught narrowboat. If I pile on revs taking me much above 10-12hp I go slower as stern drags along the bottom.

Remember your motors power output will be used purely for propulsion unlike a conventional diesel that has to drive alternator(s) as well.

In Topic: Throttle blipping.

Yesterday, 09:08 AM

Nothing specifically to do with Listers but a function of alternator design and gearing from the engine. You initially rev the engine to get the alternator to produce enough volts to self sustain it's output via field excitation. Older designs are more susceptible to this need than newer.

In Topic: Ebay vintage engine sales

19 November 2014 - 09:48 PM

Is that really brand new? There is lots of residue and discolouration all over it. Just from age? Or is it a reconditioned head that's been put back in the box?

I would guess it is new yes, especially given the hefty box its in. Lots of ex MOD stuff around still.

In Topic: End of beer 'tie-in' for pub landlords

19 November 2014 - 09:45 PM

Got to be good for the drinker, which must reflect for landlords as well. It may influence the big breweries decision on closing tenanted pubs they own though.