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Today, 12:01 AM

English would be good. smile.png

The bank is five 110 aph batteries. What are you saying are the implications of this.?

There is a rule that covers the maximum charge current (10% of battery capacity in amp hours or C/10) that can be supplied to a battery bank such that there is no surface charge build up, i.e. the charge is absorbed into the depth of the plates as its received at their surface, thus creating minimum stress. Unfortunately this is an impractical rule to follow for most boaters as it can lead to ridiculously long charge times if using engine or generator as a charge source.

Max charge currents up to one third of capacity C/3 are therefore used which provide an acceptable charge time v battery longevity for most.

In Topic: Generator question.

Yesterday, 11:50 PM

Can I recommend a Kipor IG2600 suitcase generator - 2300 watts continuous, 2600 watts peak.

It provides pure sine wave output via inverter/generator technology, so won't upset the Mastervolt Combi although you will need to turn its charger output down to 100 amps max, which is no bad thing for a 550 Ah battery bank. It will also comfortably power your Zanussi compact washing machine, although you would need to wait until batteries are near fully charged so the combined power draw remains within the generators limit, if operating both.

This genny is also available with LPG conversion. Although this does knock the power output it will still perform adequately as above.

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Yesterday, 05:10 PM

We are becoming lazy boaters. We only like locks with men to work them for us nowadays laugh.png


You may be disappointed at Denver Sluice then - there was a lady operating wink.png

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Yesterday, 08:51 AM

Its possible to register a new boat with C&RT before completion, to allow signwriter to paint on number for example. This also throws the consecutive numbering system.

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30 October 2014 - 07:27 PM

I'm sure the links are required as part of architecture as I've used a multimeter just now to test all live and neutral switch positions including common live/neut and It all works ok. .... unless i remove links then it fails to work according to the switch diagram you drew out for me.

So can't argue they aren't needed. Disappointed though as it seems a poor solution.

The four pole three way switch I had built by K & N (basically two of your switches in one) didn't require any straps.