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In Topic: Suppliers of solid fuel stoves in Yorkshire

Today, 11:27 AM

At the recent Hudson open weekend the owner of the latest trad boat showed off their reconditioned 60's Epping back cabin stove. I asked why the need for such as Steve normally fits new ones, and was told they have ceased production.


I was surprised given their popularity, but wonder if there are any plans to re-start production.

In Topic: C&RT Hoops !

Today, 08:48 AM

Think of all the pen pushers and jobsworth's it keeps in work though rolleyes.gif

In Topic: 'Blacking' again!!

Today, 08:40 AM

Sorry to bring this subject up yet again folks, but it seems wherever I inquire about the service I'm being told the same 'sorry cant stay aboard whilst this is being done' frusty.gif  owing to an accident that happened somewhere and were fined and now their insurers wont cover for this!!! 


So my question is this... what about live aboards, whereby this is their only abode and they 'cant afford' to stay somewhere else and pay for accommodation plus the bill for their boat as well?? This surely will affect a lot of docks if this is how it has got to be now....(H&S no doubt again)

So I'm running out of boatyards now who will do my hull blacking and let us (and 5 little doggies) stay aboard during the process... in past years was fine.... So why now?? Why cant one just sign a disclaimer to let them off the hook as it were, like they do in hospitals prior to an operation ... daft argue.gif


Spent a night on board whilst in dry dock in Glascote Basin out of necessity, although I'm sure I could have stayed for the whole week.


Dark and dingy with the added hassle of trying (and failing) to catch an errant duckling who had fallen into mud at the bottom. Following morning woken by the whole family of ducklings who had joined their sibling in the mud, with irate mother wandering around the edge. All sorted eventually. 

In Topic: Unusual or Comical Boat Names - The Best and Worst

Today, 08:32 AM

Always surprised there is no boat called 'Canine Cojones'...






Probably because it would be spelt Canine Cogliones or i coglioni del cane in full Italian.


Better sticking to Mutt's Nuts wink.png 

In Topic: Kitchen taps

Today, 08:17 AM

Bought this one from German company through eBay




Very pleased with it given price. Had to swap flexy pipes over from old one as the couplings supplied were smaller, and make guess as to which was hot inlet. Other than that no issues.