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In Topic: Best marina youve stayed on on the system?

Today, 09:33 AM


£250 non returnable registration fee!!!  they must be havin' a laugh


No not having a laugh - they didn't require that a couple of years ago. Are you sure its not just used as a deposit against monthly/annual payment?

In Topic: Best marina youve stayed on on the system?

Today, 08:35 AM

Reedley marina just north of Burnley on L&L. Stunning scenery to boot

In Topic: fuel consumption

Yesterday, 10:03 PM

I have seen several boats fitted with old Gardner bus engines


6LXB = Gardner 180 - hmm!


yebbut, yebbut, yebbut, its not in a boat.



fishing vessel or thames tugboat yes., absolutely.


In Topic: fuel consumption

Yesterday, 09:57 PM

No - the alternators go too slowly to do anything useful!


Great so that restores the economy icecream.gif

In Topic: Another generator question

Yesterday, 09:51 PM

I am thinking about getting a suitcase 2kw kipor generator as I have been told just running my engine in neutral will cause glazing!
I have an inverter with a 120 amp charger built in can anyone explain to me how plugging a generator into my shore power socket will work?
Will the generator have to be left running for hours?
Is it safe to have a generator on a bracket off the back as the manual says it should use an earth rod?


The Kipor IG2600 is rated at 2300 watts continuous/2600 watts peak. Theoretically it will run a 120 amp charger. Problem is the start-up current which may kill/stall/overload it. Even starting with near fully charged batteries will make no difference since by default the charger part of the Victron will drop into bulk mode where it will be obliged (battery bank size permitting) to dump the full 120 amps or so into batteries for several seconds at least.


Answer would be to wind down the input current limit on the Victron, initially at least. Other than that just plug it in as you would shore power. Note that there is no earth/neutral strap on this model though.