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Today, 12:26 PM

You have almost as much chance of seeing a Gruffalo as a live badger. I reckon I must have seen about a thousand badgers in my lifetime and 998 of them were dead.



When we had the farm (before we sold up) we had a Badger Sett on our land, it was interesting to put nuts out for them, and then watch them under a 'red' spotlight (they cannot see  colour red)

It was a very active Sett and we would, most nights, have 20+


Don't get me started on the 'Tree-Huggers' / Badger protection league who would break down our fences and 'trespass en-masse' virtually every week to ensure that we were not 'digging them'.

Foxes actually used to 'share' some of the older parts of the sett - I shot 12 of them over the course of a couple of months.


To bring it back on topic :


Our land incorporated the old 'Ffrwd canal' and the sett was in the old mine spoil heap.

In Topic: Canal Wildlife

Today, 11:37 AM

Last Summer, (on the FossDyke) we passed :


7 Deer

3 Badgers

2 Hares

Numerous unidentified 'animals'


All were deceased and floating / bloated.

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Today, 11:25 AM



I guess "fully loaded" must be an American term! It means it has all the bells and whistles like adaptive cruise control, lane assist, emergency braking, factory tinted windows, top of the line gps/stereo, heated seats etc. Otherwise it's empty...



That could be dangerous - not only will the steering wheel be on the 'wrong side' the car will automatically try to put you on the 'wrong side' of the road.

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Yesterday, 05:03 PM

Is there a Boatmistress section?

...something between a Master and his Mattress ?

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Yesterday, 02:32 PM

..and, of course, you can fly it on "Neap" tides!




But don't let it get 'tatty'