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In Topic: The Vine Prog Today, Friday

Yesterday, 02:01 PM

Not sure about your first sentence (and anyway, CART is not a company)


This may come as a shock to you :


From Companies House - The Canal & River Trust is a


Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital


Being limited by guarantee allows the directors to ..........................................

In Topic: Solar panel upgrade.

Yesterday, 10:18 AM

Maybe I am not understanding something.


100w panel would (with 100% efficiency) give a tad over 8 amps (at 12v). I generally work on 5 amps per 100w, allowing for Northern Latitudes, clouds etc.


I regularly achieved 5 amps from a 100w panel.


With that in mind a 300w panel should easily produce 15amps, yet you are saying that they only produce 9 amps.


What am I doing wrong ?

In Topic: The Vine Prog Today, Friday

Yesterday, 10:10 AM

Next time a C&RT employee is asked the question possibly they could use the following as a reply.




Excellent - it should be included as a 'sticky' and every time the question is asked the questioner should be referred to it.


Maybe it should be pasted on the KandA website as well.

In Topic: Pumping out in an Elsan point

Yesterday, 10:05 AM


1/ not sure how you arrive at that conclusion- it could be argued if one is, all are


2/ approx. 75 litres - 25 minutes (140 ltr tank never much more than half full when the light comes on bottom 20mm never get emptied = 75 litres approx


2a/ to silly to merit an  answer


My PO tank is 75 litres - its not worth having. Needs emptying every week with just 2 of us aboard.

No wonder you use self-pumpout, at £15 a time it would soon equal the price of a licence.


We use the 2nd toilet (porta-potti) with spare cassettes, no need to hunt for a PO machine, marina etc, no need to pay £15.

We must pass at least one Elsan point every day, top up the water, empty the 'pot' and away.


When not on the canals, we switch the toilet to 'sea-toilet' mode and it pumps straight overboard.

In Topic: Pumping out in an Elsan point

Yesterday, 08:48 AM


Now here's a thing.


First some elsans have a sign saying "suitable for self pumpout"




So - the vast majority, that do not have such a sign, are NOT SUITABLE for self pumpout.


At 1-3 litres per minute, it must take you 2-3 hours to empty your tank - no wonder other users get frustrated.

I thought one of the main advantages cited by the PO brigade was that you never saw it again - having to stand by watching it for 3 hours sort of defecates that objective.