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In Topic: Newt Relocation Licence Refused - Montgomery Canal

Today, 09:39 PM

Some years ago, when we lived in Wales, some local 'tree-huggers' decided they wanted to stop a planning application so they got hold of a 'footprint' of an otter, there was a stream running alongside the land subject to the planning applcation and they thought a few "otter prints" would stop the application.


They got away with it for some time until :


Someone pointed out that not only did the Otter have a 3 foot stride but it had 4 front feet and all of them were the front right foot.




We had a Badger sett on the farm and somehow the 'news' got out - we had an almost non-stop stream ,of trespassers breaking down the fences, we subsequently had horses get out and run free on the road because of it. After complainng to the Police it turned out that the local 'badger watch' had carte-blanche Government permission to access any land which was known to have Badgers on it - they visited the Sett every week to make sure we had not killed or dug the Badgers - they were the worst lot for breaking down the fences.


I respect the countryside, but it is better managed by the likes of Gamekeepers than it is by Tree-Huggers

In Topic: Replating the bottom

Today, 09:14 PM

That could be positive then didn't realise that that much rust would create such a thin layer of actual steel, not going to start prodding though until it's out of the water!!


.......... that that much rust would be created by so little steel loss...............

In Topic: Where can I aquire an anti-vandal/handcuff key from in Reading?

Today, 09:11 PM

, I'll need the BW key NOT a facilities key/ant-vandal key?




The BW key IS the same as the facilities key (like a 'yale' key) the Anti-vandal key is a tube with a square hole in the end and is used for unlocking the locks* on some of the lock operating mechanisms


* Lock as in 'locking it so it cannot be used' as opposed to a lock with lock gates


Too many 'locks'

In Topic: Replating the bottom

Today, 07:41 PM

A different rule of thumb that I have been told a couple of times is about one inch of scale to one millimetre of steel - which would be a ratio of more like 25:1.


No actual reference for that one either.




Do you have a reference for that by any chance please?


My impression is the ratio is actually a good deal higher than 10:1 - but last time I googled for an answer, I found nothing to support any particular ratio.





Canadian Institute Of Steel Structures


Assess coating failures carefully. The volume of rust forming on structural (carbon) steel is approximately sixteen times the volume of the steel sacrificed, i.e., 1 mm of steel produces a 16 mm layer of rust. Therefore assess the thickness of steel remaining not the amount of rust removed.


See more at: http://quebec.cisc-i...h.3k4Mm03W.dpuf

In Topic: Council Tax ?

Today, 03:27 PM

Some bedsits have council tax included in the price, just send them a letter, no smugness although tempting!
Also bear in mind that to moor in some marinas especially whixhall they want proof that you are paying council tax elsewhere before they let you in


That is actually a BWML requirement.

BWML used to have many categories of moorings which were rationalised down to two last year.


Residential - you can liveaboard and pay council tax.

Leisure - you can liveaboard* but dont pay council tax as long as you can prove you pay council tax on a property somewhere.


* From memory the T*Cs say that BWML expect heavy usage with no limit to the amount of nights sent aboard,


I dont think you are asked to prove the payment of council tax elsewhere "before you are let in", I think you would be asked for it if it became apparent that you were on board continuously for many months and trying to 'get away' with living on a leisure mooring.


We used to be in Whixhall - very nice marina.