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In Topic: Inverter Terminology

Today, 07:53 PM

Who makes quality inverters? I will be needing one soon. Have gooled but who do you believe lol.


There have been numerous discussions and videos of 'cheap' inverters and the problems they pose. I realise that 'marine' in the name gives opportunity of paying 'rip-off' prices, but, there is an element of get what you pay for.

Cheap & Cheerful from China - no come back when your boat catches fire.



Quality brand (in my opinion) = Victron

Example :


In Topic: Inverter Terminology

Today, 07:11 PM

Thanks everyone.


Its on a boat we are looking at, and I'm costing out what needs to be replaced / updated / removed etc etc.


It is fitted with a microwave, 1kw immersion heater (& other stuff) but the boat has virtually only ever been used on shorepower.


Built in 2002 it has only 96 hours on one engine and 94 hours on the other.


It has a Victron 50 amp battery charger, but I reckon I need to budget for a 'quality' inverter.

In Topic: a positive idea about CC'ing.

Today, 07:23 AM

There are many marinas who do not pay a NAA for various (mainly historic reasons)


We bought our boat from a Marina on he T&M in which boats did not need to be licenced.

We currently keep our boat in a Marina which requires the boat to have a BSS, Insurance and a licence.

The nearby Marina (3 miles away) requires only Insurance and a BSS.

The Marina (20 miles away) requires only insurance and BSS


If you are not happy paying the NAA, then moor in non-NAA marina or moor-on-line (where the 'access' charge will no doubt be incorporated into your fee) 


If you need to be in location 'Erm' for what ever reason then you have to pay the going rate (just like Londoners have to pay a higher mooring price than Northerners)


You have a choice.

In Topic: Big hole in crank casing-new engine needed or repair?

Yesterday, 08:01 PM

There are better people than I to answer your question - but - did you know about the hole when you bought it ? Did the price reflect the £5000 needed for another engine ?

In Topic: Gas Vs Electric

19 April 2015 - 09:27 AM

If I may make a summary :-


An all electric boat designed to be permanently connected via Landline (main electric) will NOT be suitable for cruising.

You will need to spend £1000s in modifications / alterations / additions.


A boat designed for cruising can be used permanently 'hooked up' but not vice-versa.