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Yesterday, 08:21 PM

Just some unconnected ramblings for consideration.


£20,000 is not a huge budget and, in that price bracket, you will be lucky to find a boat that needs nothing spending on it.

You need to budget for Suveys and lift outs (as you have found) and each time reduces your budget by £500/£800

You will almost certainlyneed to budget for Blacking (£400)

You may well need to budget for the Licence £700+

You may well need to budget, in the near future, for the BSS

You will need to save (say) £2000 for unexpected repairs in the first few months.


This basically means that you should be looking at boats around £16k-£17k with the hope you can get them for £15k


The further down the price scale you go, the more it will cost you in the future.

EG -plating costs that were identified as £3-£4k actually turned out to be above £10k once the work started.


A 2008 boat at under £20k - there is something wrong with it.


This all comes across as negative (and I suppose it is) but it is actually intended to help you - I reckon for every £1000 you can increase your budget you will save much more than that in running/maintenance/breakdown costs.


We all know that "want it now" feeling, but try and save up for another 6 months, or 12 months - there are a lot of good boats out there at £25k


Spend every penny on a good (well known makers) hull and solid reliable engine. You can live with the insides (as long as its dry and warm) and do a bit of decorating etc as the money comes in.


Good hunting, and good luck.

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Yesterday, 08:04 PM

My bad not replating; I meant overplated. 


Yes I managed to either do the work for me or drop the price by £4000


Does that mean that the going rate for an 86 Springer is more than £4000 ?

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Yesterday, 08:01 PM

Fatal Error - probably 50 times in the last 30-40 minutes


Worst I've known it

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Yesterday, 05:06 PM

An ST2 c/w gearbox with a "free" (needs work) ST3

£850 the pair



In Topic: Does anyone think this email is suspicious ?

Yesterday, 04:36 PM

I have emailed the 'sender' of the mail (my boat buyer) and suggested his email has been compromised.