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Today, 04:16 PM


Understood but how often does that happen?


Is your car / boat / house insured ?

How often have they been stolen or burnt down ?


Do you not insure them because the risk is so small ?

In Topic: end of garden mooring fee?

Today, 11:52 AM


Can you provide a link to that thread Alan? It might help save repetition for those of us less capable of searching the site.


You were quite prolific on this thread :


http://www.canalworl...c=70203&hl= end +of +garden +moorings +court +case&page=6

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Today, 09:26 AM

You are playing with the big boys :


The boat we hired, and the 'neighbours'. (at 44 foot x 14 foot we were a 'tiddler')





In Topic: Caledonian Canal Advice

Today, 09:02 AM

........ they are dripping with fenders which I always think looks awful.( please let me know if my assumptions are wrong on that one)





Yes they are, but then so are all of the other boats so they 'fit in'.


We hired Le Boat (44 foot three-cabin) in September. Absolutely wonderful, lock landing slippery in the mornings due to the frost and ice..


Not that many places to stop, so stop at them all - half of them on the way out and the other half on the way back.


Make sure you wear your lifejackets or you get verbal from one of the lady lock keepers, if you have your life jacket on you get a 'gold star' (yes - really) stuck onto you. Childish but memorable.


Cannot fault Le-Boat on any aspect of the hire.


You pay for diesel used. Boat is brim filled when you set off, brim filled on your return and you pay for what you have used.

In Topic: new boat owner ,clear the way

Today, 08:19 AM



I don't see any inconistency.


A licence supplied under the old T&Cs can be transferred to the new owner, which is what happened with innisfree. New licences issued from May onwards cannot be transferred.


The OP is probably fine with a licence expiring end of August, as it will have been issued under the old T&Cs.


Its not a case of under which T&Cs the licence was issued but when the boat was sold.

The licence on the NB was issued October 2014 (expires Sept 2015) but was not allowed to be transferred when we sold it in July 2015