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In Topic: What outboard shaft length ?

01 July 2015 - 07:25 PM

If you are making the transom, then make it suitable for a long shaft - two reasons


1) there are many more 2nd hand outboards with longshafts so the prices are lower.

2) if you are going on the lumpy stuff and get a following sea you want your transom as high as possible to avoid filling the boat as the waves break.

In Topic: wonky hull ?

01 July 2015 - 07:21 PM

It is possibly a 'sandwich' construction - this does dent relatively easily, particularly if the foam/Balsa has started to go soft.


There may be some crazing of the gel-coat which will give an indication if it is impact damage

In Topic: wonky hull ?

01 July 2015 - 06:58 PM

If a GRP boat hits something with a good thump it takes up a 'dent' (as per yours).

If it hit something with a little more 'thump' then it splits - hence the term 'splitter' as applied to GRP boats.


(I have had GRP boats of one sort or another for 30 years so I am not having a 'pop' at GRP)

In Topic: Keeping Pets Cool....

01 July 2015 - 02:34 PM

Ice cubes in the drinking water.


We did that until we were told that if they swallow them they can kill them (dogs that is)


Last night "Dudley" our Pug had a cold shower,then he just stood in the bath with water up to his belly.

Today when it was 32o at 11.30am he is just lying on the floor with a small desk fan (25 watts 220 volt - 2 amps at 12v) blowing on him.

No doubt it will be a cold shower again tonight.


Edit to add - just done a google search and a vet states :


The article claims a dog almost died after his owner gave him ice water, claiming the cold water caused the dog to bloat.

Dr. Randall Carpenter says bloat is a life-threatening situation for dogs because it actually flips their stomach while enlarging it.

“If the dog is overheated and dehydrated, and desperate for fluids and they consume huge, huge amounts of ice cubes or water all at one time, it could create a situation where the dog could bloat,” said Dr. Carpenter.

In Topic: CC'ing on Rivers

01 July 2015 - 11:43 AM

Yes of course, taking your post pedantically mooring outside the main navigable channel doesn't need the licence. But if the whole river bank-bank was found to be the main navigable channel, then that leaves the possible boat position as "beached" - hardly practical!


The river banks are (generally) privately owned, you cannot just turn up and knock a couple of pins in - how would you feel if someone rolled up with a camper van and stuck it on your front lawn ?

With the owners permission you can obviously moor up.


The point is that you do not need a licence to 'cruise' outside the main navigable channel (but not use the locks) and you do not need a licence to use a river side marina (unless they have made it one of their T&Cs)


Maybe the most pertinent questions are why does the OPs friend want to CC ?


Is it purely to stay in one area without having the cost of a mooring. or is it to 'properly' CC in accordance with the legislation.

Can he be based anywhere ?