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Today, 09:17 PM

It wasn't any statement of capacity just an update on status of equipment.


I do find some of your posts more than a little confusing, why is this in the middle of a discussion about your batteries, and what does it mean ?


"...The input from solar was 0.24 kwh, the victron said 10.8 ah used, the smart gauge at 93%. Something to make me smile cratch cover and stern cover to be made..."


Are some words or punctuation missing ?

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Today, 09:09 PM

I was thinking that if as said in the OP the boat is to be craned out and worked on and the BSSC is only to get it as far as needed for craning out then it was less work.   Work that could then be done at leisure and possibly under easier working conditions.


The boat does not need a BSSC to be taken for repair.

Simply ask C&RT (who "cannot withhold their approval") and "jobs a good 'un"


British Waterways Act 1995 Section 17 (11a & 11b)


(a )The refusal or withdrawal by the Board of a relevant consent in respect of any vessel on the grounds that the vessel does not comply with the standards applicable to that vessel shall not preclude the movement or use of the vessel with the consent of the Board (which shall not be unreasonably withheld) and subject to such reasonable conditions (if any) as they may determine.

(b )Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (a) above, the Board shall not withhold their consent under this subsection to the movement or use of a vessel for the purpose of taking it to a place where it may be repaired or modified so as to comply with the standards applicable to it, or for the purpose of taking the vessel to be destroyed, unless such movement or use would give rise to the risk of obstruction or danger to navigation or to persons or property.


(The 'standards applicable' in this case is the BSSC)

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Today, 08:54 PM

7% usage is way too small a sample to judge capacity by. Leon will need to go down to <75% before he can begin to judge. 50% or even lower will be better.


I know that, You know that, many others know that but 'Leon' seems extremely reluctant to do anything that is suggested he does, therefore we can only work 'with what we have'.

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Today, 08:21 PM

 the victron said 10.8 ah used, the smart gauge at 93%. .


If I am understanding your post, then your 100% capacity (as of today) is around 150Ah

You do not appear to be getting anywhere near recovering your 475Ah original capacity.


(7% = 10.8Ah, therefore 1% = 1.5Ah, therefore 100% = 150Ah)

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Today, 06:52 PM

Don't forget you will need to have made at least 5 posts before anyone can PM you, or for you to PM anyone.


".....Private message me for more information regarding prices or to book a service through my webpage.... "