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In Topic: Newbie thinking of a 12v freezer...

Yesterday, 07:28 PM


I think you're right DC. I reckon a little counter-top freezer for around a hundred sovs would be worth a go. When funds allow, I'm going to get solar fitted which will also help and the lolly I'll be saving by buying a 240v freezer as opposed to a 12v can go towards it!


Exactly what we did.

Freezer from Argos (£80 from memory) run from the inverter - you can get a lot of 'electric' for the £500 saved by not buying a 12v freezer.

In Topic: new mooring t&c's

Yesterday, 07:25 PM

What about the bit about dead people?

I never quite knew what "fair" meant anyway (apart from memories of bright lights lots of noise, looking at nice big generators and trying to avoid those horrible bumper cars) but if we are talking about fairness then denying the right of a spouse to continue paying for a -residential- mooring after the death of the mooring contract signature writer is unfair IMO.


I am trying to think of a close comparison but not really finding one, but :


The ownership of a car does not pass to the next of kin - you can apply to have it changed into your name, I guess as you can with the mooring


If the deceased was paying a mortgage, then the mortgage does not transfer to the next of kin


If the deceased was renting a flat then the lease will not transfer to the next of kin.


I am sure there are better examples.

In Topic: new mooring t&c's

Yesterday, 07:19 PM


The requirement to tell them when you're going away and coming back, so they can sub-let it, isn't brilliant.


"Fair enough"


However - I think every marina I have ever used (including marine marinas) reserve the right to 'sub let' your mooring when you are away.

I remember once when we called in at Rhu marina for a few days, we were directed to a certain mooring, and just as we were bedding down one night a 'hooter' went off and an "Oi - can you please move off our mooring". The mooring owner had returned after his 'holidays'. The marina office was closed for the night, but its not a problem we just moved down to the next empty space - its not a 'drama'.

In Topic: new mooring t&c's

Yesterday, 06:16 PM


Yes, but they're still bound by the "unfair contract act" or whatever the legislation is - if they introduce an unfair term into the contract which is agreed upon, if you can later prove its unfair you're not bound by it.


Is there any suggestion that saying :


You cannot use it until you have paid for it, or

If you use it before or after the contract starts / expires we will charge you &/or move your boat, or

You must not use a leisure mooring as residential, or

You must not conduct any business from your mooring


Are 'unfair conditions' ?

In Topic: bluewater boat builders

Yesterday, 02:19 PM

Chine!! chine!! Bettie Boo.   Chinned means its been on the wrong end of a fight. smile.png


Don't go mentioning Chine - FergyGuy will be salivating - he is a Lincolnshire lad you know !!!