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In Topic: Laundry.

Today, 08:44 AM


They're fine for washing 'smalls' and perhaps one pair of jeans. But not more.

So bedding and towels - no.

Folks expect more nowadays


If you clicked the ebay link you would see that infact the capacity is 3.5kgs (about half of a normal domestic auto washing machine). It will not 'do' quilts but we have had no problem with bedding or a combination of clothing.


Yesterday did 7 days worth of washing produced by 5 people (4 adults + a 9 year old) It did take 8 loads but it would have taken 3 or 4 loads at home in the full size 'auto'.


They are not 'toys'

In Topic: Best thing since sliced bread - any suggestions?

Today, 08:36 AM

Yeah, I was getting quite frustrated for you myself! About 5% of posts answered what you asked whilst about 95% answered what they thought you might have asked. RTFQ silly billies! wink.pngbiggrin.png


The question as written :-


"Give our fascination with the latest technology these days what do you reckon would have been the old boatman or woman's "latest app" - something that would make them step back and think "that's clever" when it first came about"


If suggestions such as 'the internet' or 'mooring aids' fall within the 95% misunderstanding of latest technology then either I am totally misunderstanding the question or, the question was badly written.


The old saying : "What you thought you said, what I thought you said and what you actually said may be three different things"

In Topic: Will a generator power a shower?

Today, 08:09 AM



You would need around a 10KVa generator to power that 8.5kw shower.


It is generally considered not efficient/economical to use your own generated electricity to heat water.

Use the engine, gas, coal or diesel heaters.


Edit to add - if you already had a 9 or 10Kw generator installed (as many sea going boats do) then yes it is practical as you would just be using diesel, albeit not in the most efficient manner.

In Topic: Laundry.

Today, 07:56 AM

Same with us : Twin tub from camping / motorhome shops - about £85, similar price on ebay (inc delivery)

Example : http://www.ebay.co.u...oYAAOSwc0FUqW7O


Ours uses 260w on wash and a cycle is 15 minutes & 110w on dry with a 10 minute (or less) cycle.



In Topic: Solar or genny ?

Yesterday, 07:47 PM





I have been looking at amphr and amps and watts, i can get my had around and do most things but electrics i just cant. i need it in 4 year old talk lol.


Watts = Amps x Volts

Amps = Watts / Volts


So a 20 amp battery charger :-

(Call it 14 volts)


Watts = 20 x 14

Watts = 280


So a 20 amp battery charger needs 280w supply.


However most / many battery chargers have a power factor (in effect an efficiency) of about 60%-65%. Some very expensive ones can have a power factor of '1' (ie 100%) with the addition of electronic wizardry.


If our 20 amp charger has a pf of 0.65 (65%) then it actually needs a supply of 430 watts.

Hence the maximum that the 450 watt generator will run is the 20a charger.


Speak to the manufacturer of your proposed charger and ask them what the power-factor is. Most do not publish the figures because they generally are so bad, but seem to work on the principle that if you know enough to ask then you know the figures are 'not good'