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In Topic: BMC 1.5 stalls under load

Today, 12:27 PM

Just a wild guess - or something to think aout.


A boat pulled into our marina, engine stalling, started up moved a few yards, engine stalling, started up moved a few yards and eventually, it died totally and we pulled it onto the the 'pump-out / Fuel pontoon.


Went thru everything 'simple' fuel pump working, fuel filter ok etc etc - owner said not a problem with fuel levels as he had dipped it and there was about 8 or 9 inches of fuel.


Long story short - seems that there was enough fuel getting pumped thru' to run on tickover for a few seconds, but as soon as put into gear and any throttle appled it died, when the boat moved the fuel sloshed-about and pumped just enough to start it again.


Fuel pump was "Out of Order", so gave him 20 litrs out of my Jerrycans, engine started, did a few laps of the marina under power and was a happy-chappy.


Moral of the story - check your fuel level is actually higher than the pick-up-pipe.

In Topic: another unlicenced boat

Today, 11:37 AM

Damage caused when towing a caravan, to a third party or their property is normally covered by the insurance policy of the towing vehicle, so additional third party cover is not usually needed.


I have 'towed' for aout 40 years and I think (probably without exception) the car policy only covers a trailer/caravan if you notify your insurers that you will be towing.


There was one policy that even when they were informed, the caravan was only insured whilst attached, if it became detached during towing ( ie towbar / hitch failure) then it was not being towed and therefore there was no cover

In Topic: RCD

Today, 08:50 AM

In a nutshell -


In 1998 "Europe" made us adopt a standard for boat building (small craft) called the Recreational Craft Directive.


What it means is that the boat is built to an acceptable commo standard and that you get a manual showing all the wiring, plumbing, engine manuals etc etc.


Boats built prior to 1998 do not need an RCD.


Home built boats that have not been subject to an RCD cannot be sold until they are 5 years old - this suggests that if they have not fallen apart or caught fire in 5 years they are safe to use.


So - for example - a year 2000 boat that was 'home built' and was not subject to the RCD checks can be sold in 2005 as RCD exempt - however the seller must (should) provide an exemption certificate with the boat.

From the legislation :


Boats Built For Own Use in EU

Home-Built Boats (built for one's own use) do not need to comply with RCD but the boat may not be change ownership until the boat is 5 years old i.e. 5 years after completion. Before the 5 years have passed, the boat is not exempt from the RCD. Exemption certificates may not be issued to home built-boats until they are 5 years old.

Cost of Exemption Certificates

Exemption Certificates for all boats are issued for a one-off fee of £275
(+20% VAT = £330 where applicable. EU clients must supply a VAT number to be exempt from VAT.)

In Topic: another unlicenced boat

Today, 08:31 AM

Bee, on 26 Jul 2014 - 09:22 AM, said:

Look, I don`t want to be rude but its a lovely day and there must be things to enjoy apart from someone elses schadenfreude and what CRT get up to. I am going shopping in the car in a few minutes and I will probably not buy a parking ticket, I would hope nobody would take it upon themselves to inform the authorities  I will almost certainly break a speed limit or two on the way just to get a little relief from the suffocating weight of Do As You Are Told we live under now - its childish but it makes me feel good.


Is your car taxed, MOT'd and insured ?


I wonder if you would feel the same way if this boat moored up along side you, the gas cylinder exploded showering your boat in flames and setting fire to 'your pride and joy', your lifelong collection of xxxx is destroyed, you suffer 3rd degree burns, etc etc.


You then find there was no BSS & no insurance cover ?



If someone cannot afford £100 per year for insurance and £30 per year for the BSS ..............................................

In Topic: What is a Roving mooring?

Today, 08:23 AM

BWML do the same - If you have a mooring at (say) Newark, you can get a couple of weeks 'free' in London Limehouse or Poplar or Hull, or Whixhall or in fact. any of their 20 marinas.

So can a private person not own a roving mooring service?


I suppose they could - if they owned (say) 1000 moorings around the country they could allow you to pay a fee and then use any one of the ones they owned (as long as someone else was not already on it)