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PAL - Prolongs Active Life



In Topic: Ethnic background of CWDF members

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Southern Star, on 31 Jul 2014 - 10:50 PM, said:

I'm sorry, that's the second time you've used the term "cis" and apart from "Commonwealth of Independent States, Construction Industry Scheme, Christians in Science, Cattle information Scheme, Centre for Immigration Studies" and various similar, I can't find a reference to it so I think you'll have to enlighten me as to what this means.


Its one of these fancy new groupings - you are a 'CIS male' if you are born a male, into a male body,

If following surgery, you become a male in a male body (ie were born a male in a female body) you become a "Trans male"


& of course you have 'Trans Female' etc


Dont know whats wrong with just Male and Female ?


I think I remember a recent programme on Radio 4 were they explained there are now something like 14 genders.


Edit to add Wiki link



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Yesterday, 09:02 PM


Dave got confirmation they had recieved it from them


Maybe they learnt after last year.

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Yesterday, 08:50 PM

bag 'o' bones, on 31 Jul 2014 - 1:48 PM, said:

So what happens if you ignore the e-mail?

What happens if the spam filter eats it?

What happens if the e-mail drops off the end of your list?

What happens if you don't have e-mail access all of the time?

What happens if your e-mail provider 'loses' emails?  As were yahoo not so long ago?


All a bit heavy handed in my opinion.



I was selected at random last year - I sent a reply, by email with a pdf copy of my policy attached, within about 2 minutes of receipt of the 'request'.


About a week, or so, later I received an email 'reminder' that I had not replied and they were still awaiting a copy of my certificate.


I replied giving them the date & time they had received the mail and the date & time the mail was read - I never heard anything from them again (not that I expected an apology - it is C&RT we are talking about)

In Topic: BBC - Oxford's College Cruisers battle on despite land loss

Yesterday, 05:06 PM

I wonder what the notice period was for College Cruisers? No, I can't be arsed looking it up either.


The lease was for 18 years - so they knew 18 years ago that their lease would be terminated last Saturday. They have already overstayed their agreed lease period - why would you take bookings for dates after you would no longer be trading ?