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In Topic: Continuous cruising in Bristol

Today, 02:51 PM

Laurie.Booth, on 20 Sept 2014 - 3:15 PM, said:

What Mount Olives !!




In Topic: Do I need a VHF radio on the tidal Trent

Today, 07:47 AM

The debate started because the OP was only going as far down as Keadby but everyone agrees VHF is a good thing to have on board anyway.

I've got a VHF rig but need to get the licence. Anyone know somewhere I can do this in the Herts/Beds/Bucks area?


You can do it from the comfort of your own boat - online.




Do you have a licence for the boat ?

Your boat needs to be licenced for having a radio, or if its a hand-held it needs to be licenced to 'you'. (Its free & done online)



In Topic: Living aboard and work/life balance

Yesterday, 09:48 PM

one of the things I like about locks, is that they keep me busy for a while, and really takes my mind off things. 

it's quite relaxing not to have to think about the day job and all that grind. I could be living int he 18th century, life is so simple whilst i'm in the lock. no emails buzzing. 


You are getting the hang of things now !!!

In Topic: Living aboard and work/life balance

Yesterday, 09:42 PM

Just an example - a gongozeler (spelling ?) leans over to watch you boat go down - they fall in, you are controlling the paddle, you can drop the paddle to stop them getting sucked down - or


You are on your boat, you can do nothing, drowned gongozeler



Edit to add.


OK - end of Rant - enjoy your boating, live long and prosper.

In Topic: Living aboard and work/life balance

Yesterday, 09:39 PM

You need to be in control of the paddles at all times - so yes it is very poor practice to stay on the boat (singlehanded)