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In Topic: The old leaky water tank

Yesterday, 08:51 PM

If you can get to it, get it clean and dry then 'metal-putty' is the way to go.


I had a leak in my digger radiator - subject to heat and pressure but did the job perfectly.


Just check that it is suitable for use with potable water and doesn't contain strychnine or other such 'nasties'

In Topic: CRT explanation of T&C's for home moorers.

Yesterday, 08:34 PM

C&RT Answer NABO's Questions :


One of the most interesting and unambiguous answers is to the question regarding Data Protection and C&RT making a requirement that you sign away your rights as a condition of obtaining a licence.


NABOs Question :


Under 7.9 and 7.10 CRT proposes:

7.9 You agree that we may confirm to third party(s) whether or not the boat is appropriately licensed and/or whether you are complying with these conditions and, if not whether we have commenced enforcement proceedings or are proposing to do so

7.10 You agree that where we believe you are failing to comply with the conditions, we may exchange information relating to you and/or the boat with third parties if we consider such action appropriate or necessary... etc.


We would like to see confirmation from the Information Commissioners Office that these clauses comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.


CRT reply to comments on Clause 7.9 and 7.10.


We are satisfied that the provisions we have included in these clauses are compliant with the Data Protection Act.  By obtaining a licence subject to the terms and conditions, the licence holder is giving their consent for CRT to deal with their personal data in this way.  This is in accordance with data protection principles and is entirely proportionate to the Trust’s need to effectively manage the use of its Waterways.



The full response to all of the NABO questions can be found here :


In Topic: leaky diesel tank

Yesterday, 08:22 PM

Thanks what would that do?


Makes sure it is clean

In Topic: CRT explanation of T&C's for home moorers.

Yesterday, 03:40 PM






This is what I want. Seems like a simple solution to me, I'd be happy to rent a section of towpath for a few months as needed.


Unfortunately C&RT do not have the powers to grant that to you (or anyone).

If  you (or anyone) stays in one location / spot for more than 28 days (in a 12 month period) then the location/spot must have planning permission granted for residential use - and - council tax paid.


If C&RT was to apply for residential planning permission for 2000 miles of Towpath - and it was granted then they could offer it.


As a side issue - the granting of Winter moorings (allowing you to stay in one location for 5 months) is against the law but I doubt any boaters will take C&RT to court over it.

In Topic: CRT explanation of T&C's for home moorers.

Yesterday, 08:08 AM

I missed the bit where Dean was asking on your behalf


It may have been this bit :-


Questions we will all need to know:


Deans situation is fairly unique, in that he has a marina mooring he doesn't want to be in, therefore he needs to know 'what he can get away with' clearly stating.

I believe that very few of us actually need to have answers to those questions.