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In Topic: Recommended SIMPLE washing machine

Today, 07:02 PM

I don't think OP has been back yet.  It was Swift 1894 who said, "nope".


You are 'right' !!!


Strange that two people have both looking to replace their Candy at the same time - someone with two forum names ??

In Topic: Recommended SIMPLE washing machine

Today, 06:26 PM

This is as simple as they get and can be stored in the shower. Wash or rinse takes a max of 15 minutes and spin is 5 minutes.  Fill with warm water from sink using bucket.  Cheap at £94.  see reviews on Amazon.  Works very well and spin is very good.  It#s very low power.




I have met other boaters who rate these very highly.



Suggested in post No 3 and poo-pood by the OP


Certainly find our very useful - would certainly 'highly rate' it

In Topic: Electric current through Hull

Today, 01:33 PM


Apparently the people we purchased it off never used shore power they only used to run the engine for their needs to this is good re hull right?



Unfortunately - not necessarily.


If the boat has been in a marina or moored near boats 'hooked-up' to a land-line then the electricity could 'leak' from anywhere and cause pits on any boat, pontoon or metallic structure in the vicinity.

In Topic: Recommended SIMPLE washing machine

Today, 11:35 AM

Nothing (except a dolly tub & ponch) is much simpler than a twin-tub, which also has the benefit of using a fraction of both the water and electricity used by an 'automatic'.


Worthy of consideration ?

In Topic: Diesel theft

Today, 08:19 AM

Just  a thought :


How much did you put in at Middlewich

It take approximately 30 hours from Middlewich to Llangollen

It takes approximately 23 hours from Llangollen to Hurleston bottom lock


At 1.5 litres per hour you used about 80 litres - do you think you could have just 'run out' of diesel ?