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In Topic: UKIP and Eurosceptics please note

Today, 08:49 AM

Just the other day I found my 'Petrol Ration Book' issued in the 70's, but fortunately never used.


It was a very long few years,


Rubbish piling up

Bakers on strike

Hospitals picketed or closed

Cooking on an open fire

Candles and hurricane lamps

Grave diggers on strike

Miners on strike

No coal

Electricity rationing


I seem to remember, at the worst, there were 16 strikes on at the same time.


Then the biggest "rip-off" - going decimal on the 15th Feb 1971


Phil., on 24 Oct 2014 - 09:44 AM, said:

1.7 Billion to the EU. That's just gifted the Rochester by election to UKIP. Let's hope the EU come up with something like that just before the General Election too.


They already have to some extent as they have increased next years payment by £800ish million

In Topic: Farage as PM

Today, 07:38 AM

From December they are checking all persons entering and I would presume leaving the UK to see if they are a criminal or wanted for crime or so they said on the news yesterday morning this is not racism it is common sense.




That might be what THEY say, but in reality how are they going to check those arriving in/under trucks, dropped off by boat on a South Coast beach, or light aircraft landing on small airfields in Norfolk


Naughty people are unlikely to fly into Heathrow and say "here I am come & check me"

In Topic: UKIP and Eurosceptics please note

Yesterday, 09:03 PM

You really couldn't make it up :-


EU demands more payments from the UK, and gives France refund.


David Cameron is fighting to stop Britain being forced to pay an extra £1.7billion to the European Union due to the success of the British economy.


The Prime Minister was ambushed with a demand from the European Commission for the extra cash because Britain’s economy has performed better than other economies in Europe since 1995.

The bill is due on 1 December and Mr Cameron is particularly enraged because Brussels accountants are also preparing to give France back £790million as its economy performed less well than Britain’s.


Tories have been stunned by the news which comes just weeks before the critical by-election in Kent next month, which they will fight against UKIP, and as the European Parliament seeks additional increases to next year’s EU budget, at a extra cost to British taxpayers of £680million.


The payment, described by officials as a “surcharge” follows a change to the way the EU calculates gross national income to include previous hidden service industries, including such prostitution and illegal drugs


Thats got to be a vote winner for someone !!!



In Topic: Farage as PM

Yesterday, 08:54 PM

There are currently 4,200 foreign criminals living within UK communities, with thousands of offenders setting up home in the country instead of being deported.


The National Audit Office reported the number of foreign prisoners has risen by 4 per cent since 2006 and the number of deportations has fallen. It currently takes 3,319 days to deport an overseas criminal


Convicted foreign criminals are costing the British taxpayers £850 million, according to a new report.

In Topic: Farage as PM

Yesterday, 06:11 PM

Milliband makes an announcement :


Mr Miliband promised that an immigration reform bill would be included in his first Queen’s Speech if his party wins power next May. It would crack down on illegal immigration by ensuring that everyone is recorded when they arrive in or departed from Britain through electronic checks


No sure how he intends to record every illegal immigrant entering the country