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In Topic: Illegal fish stunning on CRT waters

Yesterday, 07:01 PM

Agency’s local enforcement contact Paul Blake and he has confirmed that the appropriate action is to ring to 0800 807060 hotline number when the incident is in progress. To take a successful prosecution they need to catch people in the act.

At least (Unlike C&RT's numbers) this is a 24 hour number.


Incident hotline
Telephone: 0800 80 70 60
24-hour service

Call the hotline to report:

  • damage or danger to the natural environment
  • pollution to water or land
  • poaching or illegal fishing
  • dead fish or fish gasping for air
  • watercourses blocked by a vehicle or fallen tree causing risk of flooding
  • flooding from main rivers or the sea
  • illegal dumping of hazardous waste or large amounts of industrial waste
  • incidents at Environment Agency-regulated waste sites
  • illegal removals from watercourses
  • unusual changes in river flow
  • collapsed or badly damaged river or canal banks

In Topic: Engine size compared to boat length and general newbie questions

Yesterday, 06:53 PM

Just so you are aware - a safety certificate has nothing at all to do with seaworthiness of the boat - the BSS (Boat Safety Scheme) checks the :

Fuel System

Electrical System

Gas System

Fires & Flues



A boat with no bottom at all, no windows, no doors no roof could pass the BSS

In Topic: Engine size compared to boat length and general newbie questions

Yesterday, 06:48 PM

Points noted. The seller says he is intending to get the work done and a new safety cert before he sells it. I am wondering If I would be better for me to get a quote and get the work done myself and get him to reflect it in the price. I will get to see a copy of the survey when I go to view.


Doing it yourself (getting it done) is where you can get bitten very badly.

Assume the surveyors report says it needs 25% overplating at an estimated cost of £4000. The seller agrees to dropping the price by £4000


You buy the boat and get it into a boatyard - they start doing the overplating and find that in fact there isn sufficient metal to weld the overplate to, and that the remaining (75%) is in need of overplating - total cost for the job now comes in at £15,000.


You have no come-back on the surveyor because :

1) You did not commission the survey

2) There will be small print saying they are not responsible if they got it wrong.


Either walk away from the boat, or, let the seller get the work done in total, and pay a surveyor to confirm that the work has been done to a satisfactory standard.

In Topic: Engine size compared to boat length and general newbie questions

Yesterday, 06:22 PM

I'd suggest that before agreeing to any purchase you wait and see what sort of overplating job has been done, and by whom it has been done.


If you feel the need for a surveyor then get one in AFTER the work has been done, and stipulate to YOUR surveyor that need a detailed report on the hull and overplating.


We obviously do not know what price the boat is, but with old boats, what can start off as "a few £100 quid" for a "bit of overplating" has been known to actually total over £10,000 for a properly done job. If the absolute minimum is done, will you have the money in 6 months, or 12 months time to get the job properly finished ?


Keep looking at over boats whilst the work is being done on this one.

In Topic: Illegal fish stunning on CRT waters

Yesterday, 05:46 PM

It is illegal to kill them ,of course with out the correct license and the correct calibre of weapon. 



The rifle serial number xxxxxxxx 308/7.62mm and the 308/7.62 ammunition shall be used for shooting deer and any other lawful quarry on land over which the holder has lawful authority to shoot.


The certificate holder may possess, purchase or acquire expanding ammunition or the missiles of such ammunition, in the calibres authorised by this certificate and use only in connection with :

1) The lawful shooting of deer

2) The shooting of vermin or, in connection with the management of any estate, other wildlife.

3) The humane killing of any animal

4) The shooting of any animal for the protection of other animals or humans.


It is illegal to just shoot a deer "anywhere" without (correctly) going thru a whole rigmarole of legislation - hopefully he was prosecuted and had his FAC withdrawn (if he had one). This sort of thing gets shooters a bad name.