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In Topic: Dispute at Pillings

Today, 08:56 AM

**My** point was to question whether having aninterest in a business does not necessarily mean that iwll be run any better. After all, CaRT has not yet gone bankrupt!


If C&RT had an 'interest' they would enforce the laws and increase their income.


If C&RT spent what they needed to spend on maintenance they would be bankrupt.


Its like spending nothing on your boat and saying boat living is cheap - one day it will come and bite you in the bum.

In Topic: Gunthorpe to Lincoln in a sailing dingy

Today, 08:48 AM


The new Nicholson - published February 2014 - marks all the Kilometer posts along the tidal Trent which is an accurate way of knowing exactly where you are if you're unfamiliar with the river.


Has anyone actually checked if the positions shown on the new 'chart' are correct ?


The 'Old' Nicholson also had the Kilometre posts marked - unfortunately they actually positioned them 1 mile apart (and not 1 Km apart) - hence you were looking for one (say) on a particular bend in the river and found it was in fact about 500 yards before the bend, and as you progressed the differences compounded.


Example - Actual sign showing 38km was in fact no 24 in Nicholsons.


I'll be intersting to see if they have corrected this in the 2014 edition

In Topic: Room for one more

Yesterday, 09:22 PM

Stoke-On-Trent  (AKA The Potteries)

The biggest plate (and other crockery) manufacturing area in the UK

In Topic: Boat never taken out of the water - Should I be worried?

Yesterday, 09:15 PM

It ca be very difficult to walk away from a 'bargain' - particularly if it is your first boat, and / or you are on a tight budget.


Unless you are a compulsive DIYer or project manager buy the best boat you can afford, if you cannot find one you can afford save up a bit longer.


You'r first boat should give you pleasure - not grief - if you need to spend £1000's (and if it need an engine and replating - maybe £10,000) then what enjoyment are you going to get from it - you will sicken of it, it will sit there like a huge Albatross around your neck and you will rue the day you set eyes on it.


Buy a 'good-un' - jump on and sail away into the sunset with a glass of wine and a jar of picked eggs - happiness !!!

In Topic: hull re-sheeting

Yesterday, 03:49 PM

A 100 year old boat could have a 'better' (less corroded) bottom / sides than a 10 year old boat.


Depends how the boat has been maintained, quality of steel used, type of water ued in, area where kept, in a marina with stray electrical currents, regularly blacked etc.