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Today, 05:52 PM

Have I got things wrong I thought that now you couldn't transfer a licence so every change of ownership needed a new licence.


The 'old' T&Cs ( prior to End April 2015)


Selling the boat or removing it from the waterways:  refund terms 
We will transfer your licence to the new owner at no extra charge, providing the licence is fully paid and you give us the address of the new owner.  Alternatively, you can return both copies of the licence disc to us and request a refund, if applicable (see refund table).


The 'new' T&Cs ( post 1st may 2015)


In accordance with Condition 7.12, the Licence is personal to you and cannot be transferred.
The Licence is specific to the Boat and to you so it is important that you notify us if anything changes.
We can take change of home address information by telephone, but if you change the name of the Boat, if your Home Mooring changes, or if you sell or give the Boat to someone else you must let us know in writing.  You should include details of any changed names, addresses or telephone numbers. 
We will record any change to the name of the Boat, so that the next licence issued carries the new name.  We will not issue new licence discs before the current licence expires unless you specifically request this (a £20 charge applies for the replacement).
If you do not let us know the new owner’s or broker’s details, the Boat will remain registered in your name and you will be responsible for its future licensing. 
Selling the boat or removing it from the waterways: refund terms 
Six and twelve month standard pleasure boat licences only are refundable.
Refunds are made on a pro rata basis for whole months only, less a £30 administration charge.  We calculate the number of unexpired months from the day we receive your written refund request and your two licence discs.  If you are paying by instalments, we will deduct the difference between the full licence cost and the total amount you have already paid from the refund payment

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Today, 05:19 PM



Needed to get a replacement one. Just got 10 of the same bulb for £6.65 cheers.gif


Guessing that included postage as well !


Just be prepared for a longish wait.

My last two orders have both taken just over a month.

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Today, 09:23 AM

When the seller gets his money is his problem. If he is not present I will exchange the money for the keys with his agent..Deal done.

 That is why I would never use a broker to sell my boat.


But you said :


..............but if I were selling through a brokerage I would certainly want to be present during the transaction and recieve the money directly from the purchaser


That is what I was responding to.


Lets try and keep the 'story' on track, you being a 'buyer' and a 'seller' are two different things.

In Topic: Client Account.

Yesterday, 08:17 PM

..............but if I were selling through a brokerage I would certainly want to be present during the transaction and recieve the money directly from the purchaser.




I don't think you will find any brokerage anywhere in the world that operates that way.

The seller does not get 'his money' until it has been deposited into the brokers bank, has cleared and the broker has deducted his commission, mooring fees or monies due.


The seller will receive a cheque for the balance 'some days' later.

In Topic: Client Account.

Yesterday, 12:01 PM





In a sale involving brokerage it is the seller who pays the fees; if you as a potential buyer wishes to employ a Solicitor it will be you, the buyer who pays them. The proof of ownership issue has been well covered now, and again you would be rejecting many (most?) second hand narrowboats if you insist on all the documents mentioned in the BMF agreement, so what would the Solicitor be doing to earn them? I believe most Brokers who deal principally with canal craft will also arrange viewings, docking, Surveyors etc as necessary, but I can't picture a Solicitor doing this.




I have asked this twice, without answer, lets see if you have a reply.


I am starting to wonder if Sailor is just posting for the sake of it.

In the original post he states he is buying a boat and looking for advice about using Solicitors, once that has been answered, the reason for the thread is turned around to be a 'public announcement/warning' to make buyers aware of how untrustworthy brokers are.


Perhaps he just likes a moan