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In Topic: Winter moorings update

Yesterday, 07:19 PM

I'm interested to know why this contribution to the discussion has been ignored?


Maybe because it is "inconvenient".


Last time it was posted I was accused of being anti-boater and (particularly) anti-CCer when I pointed out that C&RT were illegally offering liveaboard moorings and taking 'protection money' to allow you to stay in one place for the Winter.

In Topic: Tethering on Three

Yesterday, 04:34 PM

My one-plan (AYCE including tethering) at £15 per month ended almost 2 years ago - its still going strong.
Today my Son has purchased a 3 PAYG Sim and package which is 500 minutes calls, AYCE texts and AYCE Data (including hot-spot/tethering) for £20 per month.

I asked the 'girl' if she was sure about the AYCE Tethering and she said "Yes", I asked her to check, she asked the Store Manager, he said Yes. I said the 3 Website said AYCE data but tethering was limited to 4GB, she phoned 3 who confirmed that yes - AYCE includes tethering.


Worst case (if they were all wrong) is that having paid £20 + £1 for the SIM he is cut off after 1 month - he then gets another and start again.


Just keep using it until you hear otherwise.

In Topic: Whats Wrong With This ?

Yesterday, 03:55 PM

Pretty much comments as expected.


Its for my Son's Blue-Water catamaran, space / weight not an issue but noise is.


May still go with the 2.0 kw petrol suitcase generator as that has shown it will power the 16000 Btu Air-Con.


BSS not an issue (although safety is) cruising in the South China Sea (which is where she will be when we get her 'home' - currently in Plymouth)

In Topic: Tethering on Three

Yesterday, 03:48 PM

Go Into 'Settings'

Click 'Mobile Data'



You can then see a graph showing how much data you have used - 'slide' the lines apart to show what period (day / week / month) you want to look at.


Then - scroll down and it will show usage by application - For example in the last week I have used

2.43 gb in hotspots/tethering

45.32mb on google maps

10.57mb in google play store

9.46mb android OS

4.55mb Google Play service

4.39mb internet

1.35mb Navigation

1.11mb Google search


and so on, and so on.

In Topic: Mad idea but hey.

Yesterday, 08:11 AM

We looked at a Pedro (steel cruiser) that had a tube / sleeve built into the transom ( on the 'corner') that had sliding legs. Leg dropped and stopped in place by tightening a wing nut on the collar / sleeve.