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Today, 09:32 AM


I agree. I've been forecasting rampant inflation once the politicians in power are too young to personally remember the grief and chaos it caused last time around.


And all the signs are present.


There are still opportunities to get reasonable returns, but, you have to consider that the higher the return the higher the likely risk.


You can get 4-5% with peer-to-peer loans, and offshore banks can give better returns.


I have had some cash in banks in Asia which is currently getting almost 10% interest. The 'risk' is that the government is potentially 'unstable' and anything can change at any time.


Like anything - don't invest what you cannot afford to lose.

In Topic: powering a washing machine ?

Today, 08:03 AM

Without wishing to sound critical , i just don t get this . I have a cheap twin tub . its performance is way beyond what one might initially think when looking at it .
If u have a " proper" washing machine that you fill with water yourself then its the same as my cheapy except i actually can and fo use the drier . Even if i handwash something it still goes thru the dryer as it performs so well .
It seems to me that folk want " a built in washing machine "'so its like at home and this need is driven by aeshetics .
I don t get it all . My twin tub cost virtually bugger all . No hassles , sits in the engine room when not used so not wasting otherwise usable space , sits on the front deck when used ( or shower tray ) so no power used to drain it .
Theyre just completely pukka and i expect folk dont like them cos they look cheap ..... which they are !
This isn t a criticism of other peoples opinions but with so much else that has the potential to cause strife on a boat why have anything more complicated ?


Can only agree - we are very impressed with the performance of ours.

In Topic: Licence Costs

Today, 07:54 AM

I don't mind their 2.5% increase, but I wish I could get that rate on our savings too.




It won't be long now.

In Topic: Living with 12 volts only?

Today, 06:38 AM

Are you talking of using only a 12v supply to power an appliance or do you mean plugging say a small inverter into the 12v supply and powering a mains gadget that way.


The original question :


"I was wondering how it is practical to use purely 12 volt appliances"


I think almost every answer has agreed that one could 'survive', solely on 12v, but in order to maintain"..most of the creature comforts we are used to.."

then it would be advantages to have an inverter available for the 'luxuries in life' (Hoover, washing machine etc)

In Topic: Licence Costs

Today, 06:31 AM

The problem is not that CaRT have a 'fix on fail' policy but rather a policy of deliberately under-spending on maintenance and repair.


As such, they have no plan to reduce the growing maintenance backlog but rather target a few 'high priority' defects each year. However, they fail to fix all these 'high priority' defects because  more defects arise during the year some of which take precedence.


The following shows the rise in the number of recorded defects on CaRT's waterways in the last three years -


1 April 2013 - 42,802 defects

1 April 2016 - 62,379 defects

I can't go back further because of changes made in the way information is recorded (in short, the figures given are low because multiple defects recorded against one asset are now shown as just one defect).


And, as one of our recently departed forum members pointed out, in the transition from BW to C&RT, the obligation for maintenance was conveniently left out of the requirements.


There may be an 'expectation', but it is difficult to criticise someone for not doing what there is no requirement for them to do.