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K2 Looking for a new home


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Hi folks, I just bought a narrow boat with a K2, unfortunately the K2 is totally unsuitable for the boat so it will be removed next month.

It's a 1942. Engine No21082. In working order but the carburetor is missing, so running on diesel only. Two bolts securing the rocker cover need replacing.

Due to be removed mid March and can be loaded on to a flat-bed truck or trailer.



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7 minutes ago, Boater Sam said:

Is this the same boat or is it deja vu? K2s seem out of favour.

It seems from most available evidence that K2s either need a boat built with them specifically in mind, or at the very least if to be introiduced into an existing boat a lot of reengineering is really required, to provide an adequate foundation/.


Whilst lovely engines they really are on the too powerful side for most narrowboats.


Not that that stops people having K3s, of course!

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4 minutes ago, Boater Sam said:

Is it possible to mount the gearbox on the flywheel end or does it have to be a remote box?

Nice pulley for the alternator,  2 belts too.

Seems so.  This is a picture nicked from the Kelvin Engine FB page.




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24 minutes ago, alan_fincher said:

Is it just me, or does that look a ridiculously small gearbox for such a monster engine?

Is it just a ridiculously small boat for such a monster engine? To drive a prop shaft of at best 2" diameter and dump at best 20HP into the water?

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2 hours ago, Babushka said:

It's a crackin boat which was built around the K2. I bought her from Whilton marina and now taking her to the Macclesfield canal for a refit. The K2 had not run for a few years, now running fine after a lot of aggravation, but just has to go unfortunately.



Piper? Lovely boat, whoever built it.



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3 minutes ago, Babushka said:

Sorry, I should have said the auction starts thusday at 12:00


How strange, why not Tuesday at 04:00??


I generally time my auctions to end when a lot of potential buyers are sitting at their screens. Like a Friday evening


After a beer or two



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