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  1. Yes, quite icy here at Sovereign Wharf in Banbury. One of our moorers turned a 70' butty around this morning with a lot of ice breaking with a pole! Rather them than me! Just seen a boat go past, so it is clear through Banbury now.
  2. It's funny how model railways and boats seem to go together well. I've spoken to several boaters this year and discovered a shared interest in model railways. Without wishing to de-rail the thread, I help organise a model railway exhibition in Oxford every January. This year we had Pete Boyce's 8mm broad gauge layout attend, which has a 'work in progress' dock. I'd love to have another layout with a bit of canal in it for next year. I can be reached via http://www.scoutrail.org.uk/if anybody might be interested in exhibiting.
  3. Might be worth trying Chris at Oxon Boat Painting, he was toying with the idea.
  4. We've got a dishwasher. It doesn't hold that much water in the base. Ecover make dishwasher tablets that are eco friendly. We both hate washing up, so although a bit extravagant, we wouldn't be without it now. It does use a fair bit of water and electricity, but we're on a serviced mooring, so no problem for us and when cruising we normally fill up every few days. Biggest issues is the noise as its only about 6' from the sofa.
  5. We refurbed ours. The fixed panes didn't leak, but they leaked around the frame/cabin joint and through the hopper. The hopper seals can be replaced with closed cell neoprene draught excluder. We then cleaned all the old silicone off of ours and seated them on new window tape from Midland Chandlers. We had new wooded frames inside too, so could get a good purchase to pull them in with new stainless screws. Biggest problem was ensuring the frames were flat as they had all been damaged over the years being levered in and out, but patience resolved this. It was massively cheaper than new Windows!
  6. Bags on back deck, fold the top over once it's open. That's worked for the last 10 years. A standard scuttle lasts us 24hrs. It doesn't get any damper than it does on Dusty the fuel boat when it's being delivered. Easy!
  7. Websters did ours on the 21st December, we were inside a building, but had no heating. Steel was dry but cold. We didn't have any issues, foam adhered and expanded, but I did worry before hand!
  8. I believe Brinklow have just fitted a lifting into a semitrad. Pics on their FB page last week.
  9. Thinners worked for us. Admittedly on a cruiser stern with all the boards up, but it was the only thing to shift 30+ years of grease. Wouldn't want to be a confined space with it.....
  10. From a boat yard perspective. Not intentional advertising: We've often got space at Sovereign Wharf in Banbury over the summer months while our long term moorers are out cruising. But our winter moorings are normally booked before the previous winter is over! We charge £10/night including electric. That seemed fair for our area after a little research. We will sometimes do a deal on periods of more than a few weeks. I shouldn't think you'll struggle during the summer. I know lost marinas on the Oxford are glad of short term summer moorings. Winter moorings are always in short supply. We get enquires all year for the winter, even more so as October approaches - I wouldn't leave it that late!
  11. We've always found Collies good on boats. The in-laws Collie used to enjoy boating, especially sitting by the stove, although he did misjudge a jump once and took an unexpected swim! We've just taken on a Border Collie X Springer Spaniel, who loves living on the boat, doesn't take up too much room, but does leave a bit of hair for the Hoover. She's not keen on locks, unless she's getting off to run to the next one!
  12. Had a meal in the Red Lion the Wednesday after Cropredy Festival. They were still tidying up and obviously not settled in, but the beer was good and the food was perfectly acceptable for a pub. No posh pretences! I'm looking forward to trying it again when the new landlord or landlady is settled.
  13. Athy, I know exactly which boat you mean!
  14. It was one of the busiest years for a while for boats. We had a very enjoyable time, so muh so we're now enjoying a trip to Fenny before heading home. Damian Wilson is a lovely bloke off stage, had a chat with him at Cropredy lock yesterday. Great to see musicians arriving by boat now!
  15. Exactly as Top Cat says. We have a walk through. Extractor in the mushroom. Two living aboard with occasional guests. Located between main bedroom and spare bedroom. Never causes an issue for access and is much more spacious while taking up less length. I can see the pro's and con's each way, but I like our walk through.
  16. Keep the FTO. I'm not a French fan!
  17. I think all of the good pubs have had a mentioned. Here's my tuppence worth: The Wharf at Fenny - nice pub, friendly, food ok and good value. Great to do laundry while eating! Brasenose at Cropredy - top pub. Can't recommend this one enough for drink and food. Red Lion at Cropredy - soon to reopen. Was nice years ago (I got engaged here!) and has the potential to do well with a new landlady. Banbury. Horse & Jockey, Reindeer, White Horse. All equally good really. Beer is better at Reindeer and White Horse. Great Western at Anyho - Pricey, but nice food and beer. It's a 'special ocassion' only pub for us. The Boat at Thrupp - Great food, well kept beer. Jolly Boatman - haven't been in for about a year, but normally acceptable food and beer here. Enjoy your trip down the South Oxford and do wave at Water Snail when you pass Sovereign Wharf.
  18. I know it as a scrabbler. A wonderful machine that strips paint off of flat surfaces. Then a needle gun to get into the corners. Downside, you'll end up with no fillings left, no sensation in your hands or arms and probably the start of tinnitus if you don't wear good hearing protection. If you can pay someone to do it for you - that's the best way! Grit blasting may be a better option.
  19. Is it the black plastic eye that Screws on to the end of the throttle cable? With a little sliding metal clip? If so, difficult to find, but they are available if you look on ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/ulk/itm/271447760386
  20. 200w of solar and a 220ah bank covers our needs from late April to September. We have a 12v shoreline fridge, LED lights, pumps , mobile phones and use the TV from a cheap MSW inverter. Fitting a Victron MPPT controller instead of the Chinese PWM made a huge difference!
  21. Cleese regulators. Supplied by Midlands amongst many others. The recall document is easily found online, mine isn't to hand at present.
  22. The old Dusty, Mark, has retired from boats, I don't know the full reasons, but I suspect that humping coal around is not a job you can do forever. I know he misses the canal. He's certainly a character and has turned his hand to all sorts over the years. Last I heard, he is now making very high quality moulds for chocolatiers!
  23. The new Dustys (he & she) now go as far as Fenny Compton. The old Dusty (he) only went as far as Claydon bottom. They do make regular trips, but I suspect contacting them without a mobile isn't going to be easy.
  24. The section below Nell Bridge has been on a navigation restriction notice since December, but they lifted that this week. I can only assume it is navigable at present, there are Heyford boats in arriving in town today. According to the graphs I viewed it recovered quickly from the last down pour, so I'd guess you should be alright Bill.
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