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  1. Thanks for your replies it's very much appreciated, and really valuable to a person without any experience!
  2. Could I ask for some advice please from some members, I have seen a 30 foot boat that I am interested in but it only has a five mil thickness of steel on the hull, it has lost 0.3 mil in the past 30 years, should I be concerned or should I avoid this boat and continue looking, I'm also looking for somebody that can point me in the right direction to a person that can install side hatches in place of the windows, I remember some time ago there was a discussion here that mentioned a boat engineers name, can anybody help Many thanks
  3. Hello all, could anyone point me the the direction of a narrowboat interior designer, I'm going to have A boat built and would like an expert to do the, calculations and placement of the items I need in the boat. I have a rough idea but would like a plan to submit to the builder. Many thanks
  4. Thank you, great advice, I'm only wanting a small weekend one person boat, 30ft for weekends and a run around, we allready have A 65 ft hand crafted boat, and I'm not confident to take out by myself in case I cause any damage.
  5. Hello All, could somebody please point me in the right direction as to where I can look for some Boaters that have has experience with Aintree boatbuilders, i'm trying to find out other peoples experience, of having a boat built. Many thanks your help is much appreciated !
  6. Hello all, I'm trying to find somebody that's had experience with Aintree boats, I'm considering having a boat built by them,and would love to hear from any bodies experience that have dealt with them in the past, many thanks
  7. Some great replies, and one picture with the dog definitely needs to go on a diet !!! That sweet pug looks like he's eaten the boat !
  8. Hello, I have a strange question, what type of dog breed, do members think are more suitable for living on a narrowboat ?? The other day I saw two very large Alsatian's is living on a 40 foot boat with a lovely couple, it did make me wonder where everybody sleeps ??
  9. Hello all, Has anybody had any experience with sherwood or Aintree boat builders ? I'm thinking about having a small boat built, and any comments would be much appreciated Sorry that should be sherwood
  10. Hello all, could I please ask for peoples comments what size boat, they think a single-handed inexperienced user should consider
  11. The builder said anything more than 8mm would be to heavy for a 30ft boat
  12. Dose anybody know anything about ABC and sherwood boat fitters
  13. Would anybody please forward any reputable boat builders that have had experience with, I'm looking for a 30 foot boat to be built many thanks
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