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  1. Do I get one for my cleavage? Ive already had a complaint from a Thunderboater for swearing. I confuse. Ive got the serious I wants for this book now, its missing from my collection, meaning my mother (gawd bless 'er) hasnt yet spotted one in a charity shop.
  2. I can't see any evidence of sanitising anything in recent weeks. I've never sat here in an ankle length skirt running searches for naughty words and asking people to be 'nice'. On the other hand what is wrong with wanting to be kind? Not enough kindness in the world. And the amount of dishonest, toxic, energy sapping uneccesary drama, relentless bitching, rumour spreading, singling out and cross examining, bullshit about a bloody Facebook convo that I didn't know existed, bullshit about a supposed blacklist, bullshit about us supposedly being in bed with CRT, all of that, people lying to their mates who then believe them, which then makes the site staff look like dicks. Enough. I'm not participating in this pointless bollocks anymore. I'm off. There's better things to do in my spare time than waste it monitoring keyboard drama. It's getting really boring. Not only that, people are getting hurt by this and this is no good at all. Im not necessarily referring to the site crew when I say that. It is that toxic. To Dan, I care about you and wish you every success with the site, to those who are going to take the baton and sort this out. You are awesome also. But I know it's time for me to go. So. Bye x
  3. I'm not discussing individuals. But some pms we have received from members (now ex members) were so abusive they broke the law, so why on earth would we not ban someone in that instance. Does it somehow not matter when they are in private? Any fule kno that that the worst of abuse will go on in private.
  4. I don't mind. It was a reasonable question to ask.
  5. If you judge a situation purely on what someone tells you or what you've seen in public, you might not be getting the whole story.
  6. Well, you'd think so wouldn't you, but that's not what happens in some cases. If they continue to disrupt the site -eg, they get a mate to c+p the same sort of disruptive posts on here. If they continue to waste our time by creating sock puppet accounts. If we think they are using a mates account to continue to post. We've banned people and then they've gone on to harass us (and disrupt our lives and families) in different ways, offline /away from forums and social media/ it breaks the law, we report it where it happens/to the cops. In that case they won't be permitted to come back. If we need a break to sort something out we might suspend someone, we will be honest with them as to why. We have suspended people by mutual agreement before. Maybe some of you who like us have experience of moderating sites would have some more examples of why one would do this.
  7. Well, not quite, we admit it was over used when the team were stretched, I can remember back in the day, I used it once, I was alone, we had a disruptive member and I needed some sleep. They were on modqueue overnight until I'd discussed it with the team. I personally think this may be the only reason to use this function. We don't want to use it anymore, it's time consuming for all of us, its frustrating for someone who just wants to have a discussion.
  8. Zip Superstarter firelighters, they're pricey, but I always keep some in because sometimes I don't manage to get chance to get kindling. They're massive and burn for about 30 minutes, the way I use them is put one in the bottom of the burner and build a loose 'pyramid'' ontop, making sure you leave some air gaps.
  9. If I could give you a greenie for this, I would. You are spot on.
  10. I think it should only ever be done in certain situations, for instance, to remove swearing or personal details. Especially if the member has gone offline. (Waits for someone to point out a situation where I edited it for other reasons).
  11. and the boat broker who didn't know how to export the ads from their website so they could promote them on social media, cue relentless postings of his computer monitor photographed with his mobile phone as this was the only way he knew how to get the photos on Facebook.
  12. I've never read as much since I started getting digital books.
  13. On the other hand the internet can be amazing. I've never met two of my main clients, but we chat every day. It has given me freedom.
  14. I'll start really worrying when they decide to convert the basement!
  15. that and its in the new forum guidelines.
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