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  1. Thank you for your suggestions . Our narrowboat has a trad stern and my skipper has to squeeze himself down into the weedhatch it so that only his head is poking out. It's getting more difficult the older he gets . I have offered to do it but apparently my stern is too large !
  2. Hi there . Anyone have one off these and can you recommend ? Please And thank youn
  3. Right. So we have been done . My skipper says not to let it ruin our summer. I guess we will have to have some lessons on how to put these mistakes right . When we get back to our winter mooring we will get painter to come and have a look and wait for his response. Thank you all for your input . I know for certain now that it has been hurried ( he phoned us in a panic at one point as he was more interested in getting the boatyards day boat painted ) . Once again thank you. From sad lady
  4. 60 foot. Grit blasting and then the 2 plus 2 plus 1 ....allegedly.
  5. Am I being too concerned. The handrail is chipping as I look at it.
  6. I am trying to get some pics on here . We paid £8,500.plus a bit more for this job. I know they had to get their day boat painted for the boat show, which is why I am becoming convinced that he has taken shortcuts . There are chips along the handrail as well . I suppose we have been taken for mugs then ?
  7. Hello. We are trying not to be too precious about our newly painted boat (September 2017). However I know that the painter was in a bit of a rush and I am starting to think that he hasn't put the correct amount of coats on . We have so many chips appearing ...down to the grey. I am so sad to see this happening as the boat is our home . Is there any way we can test for the amount of layers .? There should have been 2primers,2undercoat and 1 gloss. Thank you in advance for any response .
  8. Thank you all for your responce. I am, however, getting rid of the old Washer /Dryer as its had its day, its too big, and the dryer side is useless.
  9. Hello, We have changed our boat for a liveaboard boat. It came with a huge old Servis washer/dryer( a monster). We have a 3.0kw Inverter. When cruising it knocks the inverter out, and I believe this is when the heater element comes on. We have tried both cold wash settings. These are ok, but they do not wash, as such, as they are for delicates and wool. No good for our dusty boaty duds. The clothes just soak, without any tumbling about. So, a new washing machine is needed. We have room for a full size machine. Please can anyone tell me what to look for on the spec ?. e.g. do I look firstly at the Kw. power it uses and the water usage ? So that the inverter does not get knocked out, do I look for a cold wash programme per se ? Thanking you , in advance, if you are able to give advice. I am not sure that the Man from Curry's would be familiar with power conserving on a narrowboat ! Jenny
  10. This is great news that they have their boat back in their possession. It also reminds me that, in future, to not disclose so much information to innocent or not so innocent bystanders about your future plans with regard to being away from your boat , intimate details of your mooring etc.
  11. having read the replies to this, firstly congrats to these folk if it is their boat, and well done one and all for keeping such a look out. Did I read that Chris and Graham gave a gongoozler at Fradley all the details of when they would be away from their boat, where it was moored and the one thing that I really cannot understand is why did they give this person the name of the pontoon it was mooed on. ? anyway, Apologies if I have mis read this.
  12. Hello, How long does it take to repaint a boat totally ? We are on the Ashby, going down towards the basin. Yesterday around the Stoke Golding area, we saw a boat of what looked to be the same design. It looked brand new, and had the most wonderful paint job very shiny. and it was also named. It may be absolutely innocent so I am not sure that I should name the boat, however, it could possibly be around the Nuneaton, or Hawkesbury junction area by now.
  13. trundler

    solar panels

    Thank you all for your info.
  14. trundler

    solar panels

    Hello , We have moved up from a 45ft nb to a 60ft nb. We have a winter mooring with electric hook up, so we are looking at solar panels for the summer months. We are looking at 2 x 165w panels with mppt regulator. Do the more experienced folks think this will give us enough power to NOT have to keep running the engine, please. I run the washing machine when we are cruising, so typically, when moored up, we have TV, Laptop,radio. Lights are all led. We also inherited an old 12v fridge, which is still just about working. We charge up2 phones and 2 kindles. Thanking you in advance for any info. Jenny.
  15. trundler


    thank you so much for your quick reply. we were starting to think that there was something wrong with it. just something wrong with the Cap'n, so hopefully he will get used to it also. thanks again.
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