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  1. Tomorrow we'll head back from the Great Ouse to the Middle Earth Levels, prob stop overnight in Outwell or Upwell, any recommendations Athy for good mooring spots? Thought maybe by the pub or the shop.
  2. If Scholar Gypsy and Moomin Papa are wanting to follow us, the E.A. won't be sorting this until next week. We just cruised up the Little Ouse, very shallow under the railway bridge, the a few hundred yards downstream from Brandon lock there is a tree down, we managed to slide over the branches close to the bank, so risking grounding. Very shallow at Brandon lock 48 hour moorings, we had difficulty winding.
  3. Diolch yn fawr iawn! Thank you very much! Great photo! Just struggled to reach Brandon Lock, had to go over a fallen tree, only just made it, struggled to wind at the E.A. 48 hour moorings. Fingers crossed that we are as lucky on our way back out!
  4. Love it! Tidy job! Did the photo you took of our boat come out OK?
  5. Love the Black Country flag, our neighbour flies one!
  6. Hi Athy, Probably not, we only have our motor, left the butty at the marina. And as we crossed to Denver Sluice on a Spring tide, I was thankful that we never brought it! We'll be back through Upwell around the 21st. We're probably the only narrowboat on the Great Ouse that's flying a Welsh dragon!
  7. You were probably in front of us then, as you say we weren't bothered by the weed, as we went back to skin cooled when we fitted the Sabb. We lost a day and a half due a funeral and another day and a half to bad weather, so we winded at Great Barford, shared St. Neots lock with a steam launch, then got several sightings of the seal at Brownshill staunch. Got to moor right outside the Red Herring restaurant in Ely, highly recommend eating there, the fish platter starter was enough without the mains we'd already ordered! The finished the evening off with a visit to the excellent Drayman's Son micropub.
  8. The day before yesterday, it was nice to see Scholar Gypsy going upstream on the very weedy Old West River, we were cruising back towards Ely. Today we battled through torrential rain and strong winds to get to Jude's Ferry (end of navigation on the river Lark). Probably do the Little Ouse tomorrow and the river Wissey the day after. Nice one month trip out from the Nene to Bedford and back.
  9. Make sure that your injector pump is bled, slacken the pipe union on the top of the injector pump, and manually pump vigorously the lift pump. Sabbs can be a bugger to start if there's any air in the injector pump. +1 check that there is/was no water in the bottom of your tank, preferably, change your fuel filter before you start bleeding it. Good luck!
  10. Thanks Steve, finally got one coming from Lee the caster. Great to hear that you have a steady supply now. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-100mm-Cast-Iron-Flue-Pipe-Damper-Wood-Burner-Burning-Stoves-Fire-Heat-Control-/180869092639 These people do several different sizes of cast iron dampers including a 4" version that should fit these smokeboxes.
  11. Thanks Frangar, I've been trying to get hold of Lee that has cast the Nipper smokebox in the past, trying his mobile and through his eBay shop but no luck so far.I would prefer one that allows me to fit the brass plate on the front, failing that, I'll get an Epping smokebox and try getting the front plate cast in brass or bronze.
  12. No cage = fox's delight! ? ? ?
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