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  1. The finely developed swims at both ends of old boats helped them to move efficiently through the water and, in the main, handle well. Few modern builders have the equipment to reproduce these lines today, though top end ones can do a damned good replica....at a price. To this jaded old traditionalist, a pleasing shell is paramount, it’s the one aspect of the boat that can’t be readily altered afterwards, unlike paint schemes or even fit outs. Many early builders of pleasure narrowboats based their designs along the lines of older craft and had an eye for this. As time has gone on, I think, more and more craft were built by fabricators rather than boatbuilders, perhaps to plans drawn up by those with less acquaintance of how things were. There are only a few builders today who produce shells of pleasing proportions, all of whom are at the top end still. Sadly, to my eyes, many today opt for exotic fittings on an average shell. I’ll leave it to others to compile that list.
  2. Bloody awful! The more I see of many modern craft, I’m grateful to have been around before such monstrosities were built. Ah well......
  3. Years ago I was helping to crane a boat out at Norton Canes. It was high summer, shorts, T shirt and sandals. I was holding the bow rope as the boat was lifted. The owner was watching proceedings and remarked ” Ah, Dave.....I see you are wearing Nigerian safety boots!” No hard hat or high vis either.
  4. I remember it being built by the Fashams in the late 60s. It used to pootle around rallies in those days. I think it lay in someone’s garden for a long time. If it’s been resurrected, I’m delighted. They also owned Dart in those days, an ex Thomas Clayton gas boat. All 3 brothers were clever engineers, Edwin still boats with Ferrous, a very distinctive craft.
  5. I was there with Tony Phillips who owned Tay in those days. We were tied next to Joe and Rose Skinner above Stanley Locks and I well remember Joe’s cries ” Rose....put the kettle orn, Rose....” If only I’d found time to talk with them, as a teen I was distracted by a young lady who offered certain promises.... A year earlier at Leicester, I recall watching someone add a distinctly poor landscape to Friendshp’s cabin sides. Little did I know then the path into boat painting I was to follow......
  6. Thanks for the heads up Ray. As has been said, every job is individually priced. Bear in mind that if the name is changed, then the old name , if signwritten, will need to be removed. This usually involves repainting the panel it sits in, any attempt to simply paint over existing work will result in it showing through under the new paint. I’ve had this conversation so many times over the years with new owners.
  7. I think that the tank on the bulkhead is merely the header tank. Matt would probably remember building the cooling tank or tanks, either below the engine or on the swim sides. Dave
  8. There seem to be rather more sinkings these days than I remember from years ago. Perhaps it’s increased use, or the prevalence of social media. I don’t know.
  9. To the best of my knowledge, Omega was built at Watertravel, I’ve a memory of visiting with Alf Langford while it was under construction.
  10. Mike, the EBay boat is the one in question. I’ve been to Norton Canes today, along with the interested party and started the K2 with him. Runs beautifully one I remembered to close the injector drains before switching over. It’s a long time since I’ve done a petrol start.....
  11. Which yard? Canal Transport Services on the Cannock Extension, or perhaps next door, the old Norton Canes site. I may be able to help with more information. PM me.
  12. And as you progress further, the Anchor at Caunsall, just a short walk from the canal, is a brilliant real ale and cider pub, famed for its delicious cobs with salad. Another gem.
  13. As others have said. If you stop at Kinver, a short walk into the village will get you to excellent butchers and bakery, both in the High Street. Highly recommended.
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