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  1. A nice picture of empty motor towing a butty with Dave at the tiller taken in early 60,s but I don't know the name of either boat dave at work.pdf
  2. thanks to everyone for the useful info. I will pass it on to my nephew. The brokerage who sold him the boat advertised it as a Watercraft Boat built in 1976. I did manage to contact David Harris who worked at Watercraft in the 70,s and he had no recollection of it or of them building a boat with a 5LW. I recently accompanied him from the Anchor Inn at Cross Green down to the Bratch. The boat swims nicely and the Gardner runs cleanly once warmed up. Typical of all 5 cylinder engines it runs very smoothly (no need for a magnet to hold your tin mug on the cabin roof) The gear box is a little noisy and neutral not easy to find so I will be helping him strip it down shortly.
  3. Hi Dave I am new here and apologise for the fact I know not how to message you directly. If possible please contact me. Regards Adrian Hogg (Dave Hogg's youngest brother)
  4. My nephew has just purchased an interesting project and I wonder if anyone has any info on the boat. It rather unusually has a Gardner 5LW installed which looks original fit as there is insufficient room to extract it without a flame axe.
  5. Good Evening Mt name is Adrian Hogg, younger brother of the late Dave Hogg who worked on various boats in the 1960s I would like to make contact with anyone who may remember him and even have photos etc as we have very few images of his time on the cut.
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