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  1. BruceinSanity

    Crick Boat Show

    If the thought of a thunder shower puts you off visiting a show with large amounts of undercover displays, I don't recommend boating in England for you 😃.
  2. BruceinSanity

    Crick Boat Show

    Braidbar usually have a free hour at the end of the day, just turn up and queue, and you can talk to the folk in the marquee at any time. I agree that Monday will almost certainly have slots left if you ring tomorrow, as most of the serious prospects do Saturday then come back on Sunday if they are thinking of putting the builder on the shortlist. I imagine most of the other quality builders/fitters have the same experience. Have fun, anyway!
  3. BruceinSanity

    Classic PR fail

    No, not the logo! A German confectionary company has had to delete a FB post of one of their products, the Schokokuss, a chocolate marshmallow. They'd dressed it in a wedding dress and posted it last Saturday. After a storm of accusations of racism, they've issued a grovelling apology. The company's name? Super Dickmann.
  4. BruceinSanity

    Fray Bentos Hash, and a Q

    The fact that water is the first ingredient says it all, really. Most of the rest of the ingredients probably account for another 5% by weight, so what you are buying is around 45% water.
  5. BruceinSanity

    Parking in Willington

    That layby for nearby moorers to access the services, wouldn't like to park there. Yes, it'll be the one Google calls the station car park, no charges there, but as MJG says, dark at night. Don't block the gate at the fare end, that's a Network Rail lineside access. Yes he is, still going strong.
  6. BruceinSanity

    Parking in Willington

    Yes they are. There's the public car park canalside beyond the Dragon which should be as safe as any public space. If you want to be really secure, then a call to Mercia would probably get permission in exchange for giving some custom to one of the outlets or for a small(ish) sum.
  7. BruceinSanity

    Don't you just hate it when .......

    No, he's thinking "I hope I don't get blamed for this lot..."
  8. BruceinSanity

    Unexpected Expenditure

    This thread title would make an ideal name for a boat
  9. BruceinSanity

    What a depressing read!

    Another obvious mistake there, too.
  10. BruceinSanity

    Bargee bill prop cleaner

    I have a pair of over-the-elbow rubber gloves, bought from a garden centre with an ornamental pool section. Heavy enough to protect your hands from most nasties like fish hooks and thick enough to keep your hands warm. I've also invested in a pair of short handled bolt cutters after advice on this forum.
  11. BruceinSanity


    Q = queer (no, me neither) I = intersex, that is neither male nor female (and yes, that happens).
  12. BruceinSanity

    District enforcement mooring fine Reading

    When BW put extra visitor moorings totems up in Alrewas, we were told they needed PP for them. In that case, DE. Must have needed PP for those ugly great things.
  13. BruceinSanity

    North Oxford blocked by oak tree

    I have a photo somewhere of a BW guy standing on the bough of a tree that's flat across the cut, using a chainsaw to cut the bit beyond him with the saw half in the water and spraying merrily over him.
  14. BruceinSanity


    But he was a politician: "I grew so rich that I was sent By a pocket borough into Parliament, I always voted at my party's call I never thought of thinking for myself at all. I thought so little, they rewarded me By making me the ruler of the Queen's Navee." Plus ça change, eh?
  15. BruceinSanity

    Self pump out kit

    We've used both the LeeSan manual and electric kits. They are quite effective but make sure you have good cables to the electric one and keep the engine running or shoreline charger on whilst using it to get the best voltage at the pump.

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