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  1. I hadn’t spotted that, what’s the problem with it?
  2. That’s very interesting in view of our experiences recorded in the Insurance thread with regard to insuring contents away from the boat. I wonder if GJW are feeling the draught financially and have pulled in their horns, or have they had a change of management in the actuarial department?
  3. When searching for it on Amazon, don’t mention the 8800A, just look for Amgaze gas sniffer.
  4. So why are you hiding under a white sheet? Are you auditioning for a part as the villain in the next Scooby Doo?
  5. The drill is: spend a couple of weeks chucking out all the stuff you don’t need to take with you. Move. Then spend a couple of years saying “why the he## did we bring this junk” and throwing it away.
  6. Full explanation of the principles of insurance at the end of this:
  7. Just hope they’ve locked Wychnor as well...
  8. Thanks for that, confirms our understanding and reassures us that we’re not going mad. Basically, they now want another £200 for the in transit cover and it’s beginning to look like we’ll have to pay it. Most other companies don’t offer it at all and Towergate Mardon quoted me £750 for an equivalent policy with Navigators and General. What’s also worrying is that the routine renewal documents didn’t point this out and it was only because we were tweaking the exceptional items declaration that we found out. Moral: if you insure with GJW, watch out at renewal time!
  9. That’s not what gross tonnage means, it refers to the cargo capacity, the volume under the deck. As Alan says, for canal boats, HMRC choose to define the deck as the gunwale, not the cabin roof. ETA, crossed with Alan de E.
  10. Interesting point. It has been suggested to me (by MC staff) that each exposure to a reducing gas such as CO or H2 makes the detector less sensitive, so a serious alarm with a high reading would imply that you should replace the unit. No idea how true this is or whether it applies to all types of CO alarm.
  11. Thanks for the input, folk. Apparently a lot of the cheaper house contents policies also only cover the property hilt in the house. Looks like a load a research needed tomorrow, including separate insurance for the hearing aids, which are the main worry, over three grand for the pair and obviously more vulnerable off the boat than on. Now on my second glass of Barossa Shiraz, yum, so signing off for the night 😜.
  12. Just to revive this thread. We’ve been with GJW for the past year. We’re liveaboards with some expensive gear, so the renewal quote for combined boat+contents policy was £321 this month. We needed to tweak the policy on account of my fancy new hearing aids but when the quote came back, the covering email pointed out that the contents element only applied whilst on the boat and that we would need the Worldwide version for cover off the boat. Obviously, there’s not much point insuring stuff like a laptop or hearing aids if it doesn’t cover you the moment you go visiting family or even just get off to work a lock, so we asked for a quote for the Worldwide version. It was £547. Looks like we’ll be changing insurer this year.
  13. Better news, fingers crossed: Update on 14/03/2019: Our contractors have managed to dredge a narrow route through the slippage that will allow boats to pass through under supervision. Further works to stabilise the embankment will be undertaken by Severn Trent & Worcestershire County Council in the near future. Although the canal is closed between Wolverley and Debdale Locks. Starting on the 14th of March at 3.00pm the closed section will be opened for boats to pass through the slip on the following times each day, to include weekends – 9.00am to 10.00am and 2.00pm to 3.00pm. The open times will be reviewed weekly. Please note: If any further slips occur the canal maybe temporarily closed again until further investigations have taken place.
  14. And another: Update on 13/03/2019: Our contractors started to excavate this morning having reviewed the condition of the slope the previous day. WCC attended site with the Trust and provided us with ongoing advice whilst we carefully removed material form the canal. Our joint observations confirmed that we could continue to cautiously remove material and were able to create a small channel by late morning and start to supervise the passage boats. A total of 80T of material was removed from the canal, which given the nature of the work, is a great achievement. This afternoon five boats had been moved past the slip. Two unoccupied boats are awaiting passage with our supervision as soon as the owners are contacted. The canal remains closed whilst we assess the stability of the slope following our operations. We remain concerned about the unsupported material at the top of the slope which includes the road itself. Progress to fully reinstate the cutting and support to the road will be investigated by WCC.
  15. Update on 13/03/2019: During the course of yesterday and today our contractor has been mobilising plant to site. Despite some very unfavourable conditions they have been able to receive all plant to site using the Lock Inn as an access point. They are now ready to start to carefully remove material which they will begin, weather permitting, tomorrow. We have experienced heavy rain today, saturating and potentially weakening the exposed slope. We are unsure how the slope will react to our excavation, but we want to give it the best chance. So we plan to commence works with a full day ahead of us tomorrow. This will be a critical time in the programme, and so we will update at the end of tomorrows operations hopefully with a better understanding of how successful we think we might be and how long it will take
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