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  1. BruceinSanity

    Coal shovels ?

    You mean there are other kinds?
  2. BruceinSanity

    Forum Finances Summary 2018

    Hear, hear.
  3. BruceinSanity

    Mon and Brecon Canal anti vandal key

    But possible fandaliaid.
  4. BruceinSanity

    New Canaline engine problems

    Happy New Year and welcome back! 😊
  5. BruceinSanity

    singlehanded women liveaboards

    Um, you had noticed that this thread is over a month old? The OP hasn’t posted since 9 December.
  6. BruceinSanity

    Bathroom again aghhhh

    The thing I was reading was a set of mildly humorous explanations for things foreigners find puzzling about the U.K. In this case it was “why do the bathrooms have bits of string hanging from the ceilings?” According to the article, most other countries allow light switches in bathrooms. I will, of course, defer to the many more knowledgeable people on here concerning these matters.
  7. BruceinSanity

    Bathroom again aghhhh

    Indeed. I’ve no doubt it is moisture resistant, but the chances of it surviving normal boating with vibration and the shell flexing and distorting due to thermal expansion/contraction seem to me to be very low indeed. Replacing it with bathroom grade wall board fixed to marine ply would be my advice. Cross posted with Boater Sam with whom I entirely agree (this time 😊). I’d go so far as to misquote Gibbo – using plasterboard in a marine setting is insane.
  8. BruceinSanity

    Anybody Recognise This Lock?

    But it looks as if the FB OP was completely wrong. He’s relying on a hopeful ID of the woman locating the lock on the GU which is just not so.
  9. BruceinSanity

    HMRC - Really !!!!

    That’s my guess. I can well imagine the tax inspector going “humph, is that legit or not? Oh well, only one way to find out...”
  10. BruceinSanity

    HMRC - Really !!!!

    A barrister I once worked with told me he had once heard prosecuting counsel address the jury thus: “Members of the jury, the officers of that honourable body the Thames Valley Police would not have brought this case to court were they not sure that the prisoner is guilty.”
  11. BruceinSanity

    Bathroom again aghhhh

    Piece I read the other day said it’s about not using switches when naked and wet.
  12. BruceinSanity

    Connecting galvanic isolator and earth

    You know you can get a NASA BM2 with a 200A shunt?
  13. Beggars in China display a QR code to scan with your phone to donate – the Chinese have skipped the credit card stage and gone straight to their equivalent of Apple Pay.
  14. BruceinSanity

    Crick Show May 2019

    At least that’s better than the Tuesday. A preview day will attract mainly serious potential customers plus the press, rather than the plethora of fender kickers we endured on the Jubilee Tuesday. The usual pattern in my experience is serious customers on the Saturday, a mix on the Sunday and more families on a day out on the Monday. This means that on that last day, when you are losing the power of speech and possibly the will to live, you can tailor the chat to match the level of interest and knowledge of the viewer. Don‘t get me wrong, they’ve all paid good money to come in and part of the deal is looking round the boats, so fair enough, but it’s hard graft showing a procession of folk through the boat at 10 minutes intervals for six hours or so. My favourite quote from a Monday was the woman who pointed to the closed, unglazed side hatch doors and commented “what a handy place to put a cupboard”... All being well, we’ll be there on the Braidbar stand this year, so look forward to meeting some forumites 😊.
  15. BruceinSanity

    Crick Show May 2019

    Oh I do hope not. When they extended it for the Jubilee weekend, total footfall went up very little, it just spread out over the extra day, so we all did an extra day’s weary work to no great purpose.

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