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  1. Good job you weren’t flying an A330, then: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-49672351 Captain had to divert to Shannon after spilling coffee on the audio control panel and smoke started coming out of it. And out of the First Officer’s...
  2. Humph. Serves you right for plaguing everyone else on the cut with your choice of “music” whilst shouting at Alexa. Hope RCR get you going again quickly 😀
  3. I can only report the experience of the owner of Felonious Mongoose, the first hybrid built by Braidbar. Using a big bank of Trojans, he reckoned to get one day’s electric cruising for every day of diesel. What he didn’t measure was how much extra diesel the engine burnt on the diesel days compared to a conventional drive. He also took every opportunity to recharge overnight in marinas.
  4. You could always use your dad’s address and offer to pay the difference in CT bills if necessary. It depends on the LA. We used our daughter’s address in Burton for some years, she told the council office but they let her still have her single occupancy discount.
  5. We cc’ed for nearly 7 years and extended cruised for as long again with pump outs, including three very cold winters and never had a problem. Toilets are entirely a matter of personal preference, you can make arguments for and against any of the systems. We did have a pump out kit which came in handy just a few times in all those years. A standby porta potti tucked away and brought out in emergency is also good.
  6. Thanks Rich, always good to know the backstory.
  7. No, cuthound was right, I was thinking of Edwin, so it was a little outpost of Motown. Brilliant place complete with secret stairway leading to the crenellated roof.
  8. Yes, you’re right of course. Comes of posting quickly first thing. I blame the drugs...
  9. That is superb, what a challenge! Nor even an internal toilet, but has power so could put an incinerator in. Don’t know what prices are like round there, high, I guess, but £150k seems a bit steep given how much you’d have to spend on it and still not have vehicle access. Havent seen a canalside property that excited me so much since Freddie Starr’s place at Polesworth.
  10. No, there’s an important difference. CRT say a range of less than 20 miles is unlikely to satisfy them, not the same thing at all.
  11. Duw! You don’t need to buy a whole new boat just because the old one won’t start!
  12. 2 for sick squids at Lakeland plus another 2 half price. They’re handy for keeping other stuff like hankies separate in the washing box. https://www.lakeland.co.uk/23172/2-White-Mesh-Net-Washing-Bags---Large
  13. Isn’t it an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act?
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