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  1. That’s my immediate thought. If on shoreline, there’s no more reason not to leave a properly set up immersion on on a boat than in a house.
  2. BruceinSanity

    1" of water in my cabin bilge - what to do !

    I thought binge water was what you passed after drinking all the Lambrusco... Just to show I can be serious, I agree that baseplate looks just fine and what is needed now is ventilation, gentle warmth and loads of patience.
  3. Which can be a real problem as gynecomastic tissue is prone to carcinoma. It’s not uncommon to have to have the breasts surgically removed to control the risk.
  4. BruceinSanity

    1" of water in my cabin bilge - what to do !

    Yes, the motto for you is “just suck it up” – the beer, the Lambrusco, the water in your bilge...
  5. This ^^^^ To be fair, the OP originally just asked for suggestions about which shell builder to victimise patronise. Since he’s an architect, presumably he’s an ARIBA (Always Remember I’m the Bloody Architect).
  6. BruceinSanity

    Should Magnet Fishermen be licensed

    AIUI, the concern is the risk of dredging up unexploded ordnance. If CRT say don’t do it and you go ahead anyway and haul a present from the Luftwaffe out onto the towpath, they can’t be blamed for sanctioning your behaviour or your subsequent distribution around the scenery, unlikely as that may be.
  7. BruceinSanity


    That I can understand, though why people engage in coarse fishing in the first place is a mystery to me. The offside is frequently shaded and has a shallower depth gradient, making it more attractive to the fish than the towpath side.
  8. BruceinSanity

    Gas bottle size

    Or spare anodes waiting for the next docking. Mike Carter to me at my first BSS: “It’s a good job you haven’t got any big lumps of magnesium in here, isn’t it, Bruce?”
  9. I think this is his only option as any builder who has his attention drawn to this thread would not touch the OP with a barge pole, given his attitude and abusive reactions. What’s he going to be like when it gets into the nitty gritty of production? He’s now insulted several people I’m proud to call friends, so I’ll desist from offering him any further advice.
  10. Do please come back and tell us how you get on. I mean that. You clearly have no experience of the narrowboat building world but are supremely confident that you know what you are doing. Over the years we’ve seen many folk with your attitude. It’s not turned out well, Whitefield being just one classic example. The reason most boatbuilders have not updated their methodology is that they are run off their feet with orders and see no need to change how they do things. The next build slot at Braidbar, for example, is to start in the Autumn of 2020.
  11. And of course they aren’t there any more. That shell was by Tim Tyler, but he’s going to ask a lot more than £12k for a one off. And he’s very busy.
  12. Can you elaborate? I think the OP is going to struggle to find a builder that either he approves of or that will tolerate him.
  13. BruceinSanity

    Charging laptop question

    On SA, the first job for the crew when underway in the morning is making sure that everything that needs charging is hooked up, so as to take advantage of the power from the running engine. We have one 12V socket with which an iPad or iPhone can be charged via a USB car charger. All else is plugged into mains sockets via their ordinary 230V chargers.
  14. BruceinSanity

    ABC Leisure buys Pridewater Estates marinas

    Edited that for you .
  15. BruceinSanity

    Victron Invertor

    This^^^. I’m a well qualified and experienced Chartered Psychologist but wouldn’t dream of believing I know more about boat electrics than the experts on here. I’ve reported the OP’s opening post for breach of guidelines.

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