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  1. BruceinSanity

    Now the Caldon canal is closed

    At least CRT can't be blamed for a vehicle strike. (Holds breath and starts counting...)
  2. BruceinSanity


    True, o King. Time will tell!
  3. BruceinSanity

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    I was thinking about this reservoir argument whilst steering today when the penny dropped. The typical marina is only a few feet deep. Even a socking great big and deep one like Mercia has very little impact on the pound between Dallow Lane and Stenson, where balancing is a problem because of the discrepancy between the two locks. What is not trivial is the extra loss through evaporation at this time of year, so CRT are still providing water to the marina. But all this argument is pointless. It's like the Brexit debate, the issues are not the rational ones about economics or business practice, they are emotional.
  4. BruceinSanity


    And of course more metal would increase the weight. The fixed eye is intended for winding down, so shouldn't normally experience major stresses. Being a very short throw, it makes dropping the paddle very quick, too. My main concern is the ratchet itself, but time will tell. IME, cheap socket set ratchets are prone to jam after a while, presumably as a result of wear of the pawl.
  5. BruceinSanity

    Stern gland packing

    Oooh, you are naughty! But I like you!!!
  6. BruceinSanity


    Canal Boat.
  7. BruceinSanity


    The GoWindlass is much lighter than the other thing but deffo heavier than a typical short throw. It's chrome plated carbon steel. It's throw is greater than a standard windlass but a bit less than our long throw. We use an extra belt on the outside to carry our windlasses and haven't noticed much difference. Dave on Anon does some great belts.
  8. BruceinSanity

    Canal Club - who on earth picks the names?!

    Canaltime boats have always had weird names chosen by the guy who ran it, and since the Balkanisation of that operation they eeem to have continued the tradition. Tradition is important on the cut
  9. BruceinSanity

    Wi Fi in marina

    One of these: https://www.solwise.co.uk/wireless-usb-patriot-usb.html and one of these in the boat: https://www.solwise.co.uk/wireless-usb-usbwifirpt-3000a will sort you. We're very pleased with ours but the Mercia WiFi is very good which is a big help. Less than £100 all told.
  10. BruceinSanity

    Slow Down!! "I Can't!!"

    From a previous thread a long time ago, I thought the ones the Army use are square with a hole at each corner to take a big pin and a loop in the centre to attach the winch to.
  11. BruceinSanity

    Leak at Bollington

    So what part of didn't you read?
  12. BruceinSanity

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    Baddesley, home of Barry Hawkins when trading. Whatever an ilk is, I want to be one too, so's I'm like the rest of you.
  13. BruceinSanity

    Leak at Bollington

    This just in: Notice Alert Macclesfield Canal Starts At: Bridge 26, Sugar Lane Bridge Ends At: Bridge 27, Kerridge Road Bridge Sunday 15 July 2018 12:45 until further notice Type: Navigation Restriction Reason: Structure failure Update on 16/07/2018: Our Engineers have now completed their investigations. We are in the process of starting to carry out repairs needed to re-open the canal. As part of these repairs, we need to completely de-water the canal and carry out a fish rescue which will take place tomorrow. Our contractor will then start an emergency repair to allow the canal to re-opened. While the canal is dewatered our engineers will take the opportunity to plan a permanent solution to be carried out at a later date. We will provide a further update on Thursday 19th July.
  14. BruceinSanity

    Mooring in Marina unlicenced

    Hawne Basin/Combeswood Canal Trust.
  15. BruceinSanity

    Slow Down!! "I Can't!!"

    Very true. In addition, the apparent speed of the passing boat is greater the nearer it is, especially when seen through a porthole.

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