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  1. BruceinSanity

    Safari browser cunundrum

    It’s not liking the security cert, I guess. Choose Show Certificate and you should be able to get to an option “Always Trust” which will stop it happening again. Safari is a bit of a law unto itself, which is why some of our internet banking has to be done with Chrome.
  2. BruceinSanity

    Pendle Narrowboats

    176 at the last count. By no means all of them have Braidbar on the side, it’s the owner’s choice.
  3. BruceinSanity

    Pendle Narrowboats

    It’s no good, just ‘cos you started the thread, doesn’t give you any control over it. You’ve rubbed the lamp and a genie, six poltergeists and a LOT of smoke have emerged. 😁
  4. BruceinSanity

    Battery wiring at fault? 12v socket reading jumping.

    This thread is CWDF at its very best, keep it up, folks. Sorry I can’t add anything except a touch of humour: Mike: you accuse Alan of being alarmist and then reckon the mortality from using a genny is 75%!
  5. BruceinSanity

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    That’s as espoused by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, I suppose. “All have won and all must have prizes.” Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published in 1865...
  6. BruceinSanity

    Has anyone tried a storage radiator onboard

    We had storage heaters at home when I were a lad, as has been said, they used cheap off peak leccy overnight to heat up a stack of concrete blocks. They were an intermediate stage between coalmfires and true central heating. The ones we had sometimes overheated and cut out. The reset button was inside the case, so you had to take it off to push the stupid button. On one occasion, the cat hopped up onto the exposed blocks, yowled and shot off again. I’m one of the few people who have actually seen a cat on hot bricks.
  7. BruceinSanity

    Boat break in(s) Shebdon

    Really sorry to hear that, Nev, not a good start on a new mooring. They had a run of this at Lichfield CC, IIRC, which is why a lot of the boats there have stickers in the window saying they are alarmed. In both your case and theirs, too close to a pub, I guess.
  8. BruceinSanity

    10 Brexit Threads

    Showing multiple copies in VNC is just barmy, a “new feature” none of us want that just takes up screen space unnecessarily. Anyone else doing this would be slung off the Forum for spamming.
  9. BruceinSanity

    Dough bag review

    Likewise, I take responsibility for my own actions and choices 😜. I’ve found a way of using it that suits me, so that’s just fine.
  10. BruceinSanity

    Dough bag review

    I wonder, are there size differences in these bags? Mine measures 30x20 cm max and feels very small with 500g of flour in it.
  11. BruceinSanity

    Dough bag review

    And then there’s the Chorleywood Baking Process, a high speed system widely used in industrial bakeries, that means the bread is scarcely actually baked at all. If you try squeezing a slice of commercial spontex, it goes back to being dough.
  12. BruceinSanity

    Please can we have our dredger back?

    Looks more like the Mungle, as featured in the Art of Coarse Sailing.
  13. BruceinSanity

    Dough bag review

    I’ve given up trying to do the initial mix in the bag, I find it impossible to either judge the amount of liquid properly (which varies with flour type) or to get it properly mixed. So now I do the initial mix in a big bowl (a nitrile glove on the right hand helps a lot) and then do the rise in the bag, takes up a lot less room and is the equivalent of Paul H’s oiled poly bag but without the hassle of oiling it.
  14. BruceinSanity

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    Boothby Graffoe, Lincs. There was a comic of the same name, taken from the village.
  15. BruceinSanity

    Mysterious 5amp drain

    Having turned them all off, it’s quicker to use the 50/50 dodge. Turn on half of them. If drain has returned, it’s in that half, so turn half of those off, and so on. If drain doesn’t return, turn off that half and turn the others on, and so on. Same tech as tracking down a dodgy app that’s freezing your computer.

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