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  1. In addition, crime numbers are force specific, aren’t they? We need photos and more details of location, preferably set out in a way that’s easier to follow. I’m not trying to be awkward, either, honest, but a solid block of unpunctuated text is really hard to read. And what’s the topic doing in the Develop members area anyway, thought that was restricted access Mods, can it be moved to a better area like GB?
  2. Was that the harness whose diameter was a touch oversize, so the assembly guys were in the habit of bracing both feet against the passenger side of the engine compartment bulkhead and throwing their whole weight on the loom to drag it through the aperture?
  3. That chap in the video on the other thread seemed to be balancing them by trimming bits of lead off with a pair of tin snips. Would that work with lithiums, d’you think?
  4. Does our society still claim to be Christian? I guess it does despite low numbers of folk actually attending any act of worship. My favourite quote on the golden rule is the Dalai Lama: “if it doesn’t tell you to be nice to each other, it’s probably not a religion”.
  5. Oops, my bad! Thanks for the correction and apologies to Mr G. Look forward to River Rats, another reason to hang on as long as I can 😝.
  6. I’m in the middle of reading The Canal Pushers (excellent book, btw). Looks like Alan might have a plot idea for his next one!
  7. Hear, hear. One of the reasons I gave up working in the NHS was being given targets that required me to a ) make full use of the budget, b ) minimise staff turn over and c ) achieve a 5% cost saving (in a department where 75% of the budget was staff salaries for staff on an incremental pay scheme).
  8. Exactly. And thank you for the update, all too often we’re left in the dark after this sort of discussion.
  9. No, that’s gas detectors which alarm to any alkane gas including the methane in your (or your dog’s) farts.
  10. Don’t know about your marina, but in ours the curtain twitching would be to see if you needed any help. But then we do have a first aid/first responder team here covering 24/7 and carrying an emergency phone which is texted by ambulance control whenever an ambulance or paramedic is tasked to the marina. Since I became ill, we’ve been overwhelmed with offers of support, lifts to and from hospital/GP surgery/pharmacy/shops/whatever. Anyway, glad it’s all’s well that ends well for you.
  11. Ta muchly. Only thing is, it’s now in both fora...
  12. They’re rolling these out at Mercia, though without the helpful label reminding you how to use it. Makes life much easier for us residentials when we boat shuffle every six months, before we had to settle up the difference in balances every time. Only slight downside is that the meter displays the credit as kWh rather than money. The next thing we’ve got to look forward to is fibre broadband to the bollards and lodges. I kid you not, should be in by Xmas.
  13. Tony doesn’t say he did, so I’ve reported the OP and suggested moving it to BB & M.
  14. Don’t be silly – it is Piers Morgan!
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