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  1. Similarly the Rolls Royce Silver Mist didn’t sell too well in Germany.
  2. That sounds more like a phishing attempt, but we do need @RichM to comment.
  3. I can see it fine in Safari on an iPad running iOS 12.1.4.
  4. OTOH, adder venom can be lethal to dogs, even quite large ones. If your dog goes to sniff something in the heather or whatever then jumps back on all four legs at once, it may well have been bitten on the nose and you need to get it to a vet pronto. On the way, keep the hound still and the bitten part as high as possible to reduce diffusion into the rest of the body. (Info from a dog first aid course number one daughter went on.)
  5. If the answer is “75% involve an elk”, what is the question? ”What is unusual about Norwegian RTAs?”
  6. Looks like a muntjac from the shot of it in traffic, size of a big dog.
  7. Thanks, Dr B! Regards to the duck and Mrs B.
  8. All the roll flat hoses we’ve used have eventually split a side seam. We use one of the kinky ones now, excellent. As long as the valve at the downstream end is open when you turn the water on it’s fine. Let it fill with water then turn the valve off to expand the hose to length you need and away you go. Much easier to deploy and collapse than the roll flats. As for the potable water bit, ISTR last time we discussed that here we had an authoritative debunking of the issue from a professional chemist – can’t remember who it was, might have a quick hunt for the thread after I’ve posted this.
  9. There’s also The Sign of the Four and the last one, The Valley of Fear, mostly set in the Pennsylvania mining community, with not a lot of actual Holmes.
  10. The other thing to remember is that the company we deal with is usually buying the cover from a Lloyd’s syndicate, not necessarily the same one every time, so the minutiae of the policy can vary from year to year.
  11. This is a statement of general validity. No matter what you or indeed CRT do, someone will bitch about it. It’s called being human.
  12. The problem is the lack of an apex predator to control the deer population. Reintroducing the wolf would deal with that. Contrary to their popular image, wolves are afraid of humans and prefer to avoid them.
  13. 1976 we hired Weasel, a Barney Boat from Braunston bottom. Barney had I think three hire boats, all around 35’ and powered by a Sabb one pot fishing boat engine. Constellation cruisers still technically exists, it’s the hire boat bit of Braidbar but not currently active.
  14. And some were certainly built by Blue Haven at Hillmorton, because we had them on our shortlist for our first boat in the early noughties for that reason.
  15. The SureCal warranty is conditional on an expansion vessel being fitted, presumably for the reasons discussed.
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