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  1. Except for drunks at 2 in the morning, which is where we came in...
  2. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    No, that's what's odd, it was the medic who attended to Yulia and put her into the recovery position and yet was unaffected, seemingly. The copper may well have gone into the car, he certainly entered their house. If it was administered as a fine powder through the car's vents, it would be all over their clothes of course, which would explain all the concerns about the pub and Zizzi being contaminated.
  3. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    If the bridge nearest the breach has stop plank grooves, presumably refloating the boats between there and Wardle lock should be reasonably straightforward.
  4. Bread making

    I always enjoy giving the dough a good punching when I knock it back, hugely satisfying. I've taken to raising the dough in the fridge overnight, much improved texture and allows the yeastiness to spread through the dough. But you need a good size fridge, of course.
  5. PayPal scam

    When our daughter bought her last house, she got an email from her solicitor telling her to log in to their website using the URL she already had and collect payment details from there. Then she transferred a small amount to the bank account given and only when that had arrived did she transfer the bulk of the cash using what were now saved details on her bank account.
  6. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    That all sounds more hopeful than my first reaction, but it still ain't going to be a quickie job. Looks like it's right next to the aqueduct, too, so presumably there's a question of whether the abutment has been undermined by the flood.
  7. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Why? As we keep saying, CRT is neither a housing authority nor a social service organisation. Mind you, the LA response is likely to be giving them a cardboard box each. Anyone whose boat is caught would be well advised to ring their insurer, who need to be told anyway if we're looking at craning out, as there may just be consequential damage as a result of the grounding which would lead to a subsequent claim. Many liveaboard policies include provision of alternate accommodation for a few days – our GJW one does. Not a chance, I'd have thought. It looks a lot like the Dutton breach and that took 18 months, IIRC. Can't tell until the engineers have assessed it though, and there'll be a lot of pressure on to get the Four Counties open again.
  8. Moving on red flags

    My family has on occasions used Gloria Swanson's criticism of Ronald Reagan about me: "Ask him the time and he'll tell you how the watch was made."
  9. Moving on red flags

    Not so far out. The Egyptians divided the day into twelve hours of daylight and twelve of night, so that the length of an hour depended on the time of year. Twelve because your four fingers on one hand have three joints each, so counting to twelve on your fingers is easy. Do it repeatedly, raising one digit on the other hand for each repetition and you're counting to 60, the number of minutes in an hour. The Babylonian's counting system was to base 60 and they had a set of cuneiform symbols for the purpose.
  10. Boat Dating

    We had a guy here in Mercia for a couple of years who used one of the dating sites for mature people (don't know which one) with a lot of success. Mind you, he had a few adventures as a result... Best of luck with it, hope it turns out well for you.
  11. Stolen Boat

    There's probably a PhD topic in Human Computer Interfacing somewhere in there! To get back on topic, I hope that between us and the FB groups we can track this one down.
  12. Shady Oak pub, near Chester

    If you stop at Christleton, you'll do even better to walk up the hill to the Ring O' Bells, excellent food and ale. We too ate at the Shady last summer and it was very good, but that pub changes so often I'd not count on it without checking it out again this year.
  13. Stolen Boat

    Just seen the other thread. I'll report my own post and suggest that the threads be merged.
  14. Stolen Boat

    Has this been reported to the police, is there a crime number? Unless the answer is yes to both, I'm afraid people will be chary of helping. All too often these reports turn out to be ownership disputes rather than theft.
  15. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    They got Anna Chapman back in return. He'd been given a pardon and seemingly didn't feel under threat as there'd been no attempt to give him a new identity. It's all a bit odd – these spy swaps normally play by the rules because you never know when you might want to do it again, just like honouring safe conducts and so forth. Trouble is, once the spooks start playing their Le Carré type games, us hoi polloi have no chance of ever hearing the true story. Any of the suggestions made so far could be true.