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  1. There's a tool for everything! That'll be really useful, thanks
  2. WOW! That's pretty terrifying. Yeah, I really hope it's not that bad. Im struggling to visualise how a box spanner would work with this? You have box spanner which fits onto the element's nut? wouldn't that be massive? Is there any risk with getting the water really hot? I can just picture boiling hot water spewing out all over me once I crack the element off.
  3. Hi all, Thanks for the help. As far as I'm aware, there isn't an external thermostat connected to the wiring. How is see it is - Mains connection via plug --> junction box --> element (see pics). I believe there may be a temperature control / dial within the element box, however I doubt this has been changed since installation. So with the mains turned off, I should test for continuity along the wiring to check for any faults and then with the electricity on check the voltage along the wiring as well. Then if that appears to all be ok, it must be a fault with the actual element.
  4. Hi, My domestic hot water is lukewarm at best when my immersion heater turned on. I'm guessing the element is in need of changing and I think I understand how to change one (there's plenty of tutorials online which seem relatively straight forward to follow). However, I was wondering if anyone has done this themselves? Any pointers/advice? The only thing that I am unsure about is a gas canister which is connected to the system. I'm guessing this regulates the pressure to and from the hot water tank? See pic Thanks a lot, George
  5. Which softwoods are good to burn, in your opinion?
  6. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good firewood supplier that delivers in Northampton? (Seasoned hardwoods) Thank you! George
  7. Thanks for your advice on this! That makes a lot of sense.
  8. I saw where you meant. There was one space left there yesterday. I should be able to bang out the Northampton Arm and get to Northampton marina in 4-5 hours from where I am now, so I'll just wait until moving in day and just pass through. Looks a really nice stretch, I have a strange appreciation for areas that are a combination of countrysidey/wild areas and industrial areas/roads.
  9. Wow! that's incredible. I took a walk down there yesterday and it looked absolutely fine. I would never have known it had flooded that much!
  10. Hi, Traveling to Northampton Marina for the 1st December. Wanted to get past the flight of locks along the Northampton arm to the moor up for the remaining time beyond the flight. I'm going to have a walk up there today. But just wondering if anyone had any advice on good/bad places to moor up for a two week period? Cheers George
  11. Hi, Just wondering, where do people keep their battery banks on the boat? Mine are in the engine bay and I've noticed they lose their charge a lot quicker now it's cold. Does anyone keep them in the living area to keep them at a more stable temp. How does this work with the BSS regs? George
  12. I survived Blisworth Tunnel, just in case anyone wondered/cared I should have brought a brolly with me though. Any fire in there would extinguish in no time, because I got drenched!
  13. All this talk of death!... I think I'll just put the fire out! Haha, thanks
  14. Common sense tells me I shouldn't have my fire on when passing through tunnels? I'm planning on going through Blisworth tunnel today, which I know has ventilation, but still unsure as to whether there's any potential for CO poisoning. Probably a very obvious question! Just checking!
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