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  1. I saw these, but my small travel kettle is only 700w and is great when on the move. I know when its boiled as the engine tone changes and its quicker than the gas.
  2. Sorry only just caught up with this post again! Luca is doing ok,although we still have some issues. He will actually go past boats with theur engine on and doesn't bolt at the sight of geese! God he can motor when he wants to. Unfortunately Rosie still won't have anything to do him but pyxe the cat seems to quite like him. He had rays of his front legs done just before Xmas as I knew he wasn't sound in front but had to wait till he could cope with the anaesthetic before they were checked out. My vet's are fab and I was with him right till I had to lift him on the table. He has 3 broken teeth ,probably caused by checking the bar's and arthritis in both elbows, poor sod. So we tried him on a combination of pain killers, but the side effect were bad and no difference in the gait so have gone back to the original medication. He's a sweet chap, totally unlike Mr B, and it still seems wrong when I return to the boat and no one is outside waiting for me.
  3. So sorry to hear about your loss, they are only with us such a short time, but fill our lives with so much love x
  4. I love living on my boat, but decided I would make her as easy as possible to manage. I have to work so can't cruise as much as I would like although I have spent my time and money on improving her where I can. She's an old girl so I have had to be realistic in any additions, my ability to power everything without hook up was a big concern. As I'm outside most of the day, I want her warm when I get home, I don't want to spend my time off in the launderette and sometimes I just want a quick meal. My set up enables me to enjoy my boat with as little effort as possible. Everyone wants something different from their boat, no one is right or wrong, I love the diversity on the water.
  5. I made sure my floor was insulated when I redid my boat, much to the amusement of most people. But it has made a big difference.
  6. I am currently on my second candy washing machine in just over 13 years, both were second hand so as usual I didn't pay full price. For me they are great, I load it up every night and when full, turn it on, dimples. The water is taken straight from the calorifior, so if I have ran the engine the night before its still hot enough or I can start the engine to get it warmer. My investor is 3kw, but I have ran it off much less, as long as its a pure sine wave one. If the batteries are up, I do not need to run the engine at all. I have a large water tank, and it uses very little water. I don't have a generator so use my engine.
  7. Everyone wants different things from their boats. Most of my neighbours are highly amused to learn of the large amounts of creature comforts I have on-board, but they are happy with just the basics. If you are retired and have the time and energy to do things, then you probably won't need so many electrical gizmos. But I work outside all year round and whilst most things are 12v, tv laptop, tablet, fridge and freezer, I also have a decent battery bank, Solars and a large inverter. I have better things to do with my time than sit in a launderette for hours, for example, so throw my dirty clothes in the machine and do several loads a week, for which i need the inverter. No one way is right or wrong, just what works for you, I have invested in everything I can afford to make my life easier and for me it works.
  8. I would like to introduce my new crew member, Luca. After the sad loss of dear Barney and the huge hole his absence left, I didn't think we would find another suitable dog who needed a second chance. Poor Luca was kept in a crate for the first 5 years of his life and was completely shut down until his foster guys took him on. He comes with a huge list of issues, mainly due to the lack of leading a 'normal' life, including hip dysplasia in both hips. But he is a little sweetie, the opposite to Barney, scared of everything even the cat terrifies him, the water pump, engines ducks geese,you name it, it scares him! He's seriously underweight, but is slowly coming round and beginning to relax. We had our first cruise today, just to the water point and back, but he did it. We won't be out and about for a while until he gains my trust and gets confident, but hopefully he will love the chilled boating life. The no dogs on my bed mantra has failed miserably ☺
  9. Also a female living on my own, never felt any more vulnerable on the boat than on land to be honest. I try and take a few weeks off work and go off galavanting round the system and think nothing of it. I chat to anyone and have no trouble going anywhere on my own, I moor where I want to. But behind the bimbo facade us a complete nutter that takes no shit! We have all had our share of weirdos, you learn to trust your instincts and having 2 large hairy dogs sort of makes you invincible as well.
  10. Hang on in there, girl, it gets better, honestly! Now is the time to use those girly charms we have hidden away somewhere ! Good luck and relax, it will all seem quite trivial very soon x
  11. I run my small candy from the 3kw psw inverter no problems at all. Uses less power than the toaster, kettle or hair dryer ( heads for cover)
  12. Still happy with mine, been fitted for over 2 years, no Ariel or fuss. Had a friend use it to track me all over Birmingham, obviously with my permission, he was over 150 miles away at the time.
  13. Brilliant news that the boat has been found! Well done everyone involved for your help. If anyone is interested, I have had a tracker fitted for over 2 years and am happy to share any information, it wasn't rocket science, under 20 quid, costs very little to run, very accurate and tiny. Unfortunately according to my insurance company it doesn't change my policy amount.
  14. As Saud before it really depends on how well insulated your boat is. My guys had thick coats and even with unlimited access to the garden, it always cooler in the boat! A ceramic floor in the bathroom as well as tiles helps.
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