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  1. @Tony Brooks I have had a quick read of the info on tb training it looks like it will be really helpful im going to have a proper look through before I do it. Struggling to understand what amps would be drawn from each item and going from 1 item to another. Going off what you say on your website and what @Jen-in-Wellies oversized cables is better especially as I want to tie them together so they look neat would 4mm be acceptable for everything except the larger items and just use 25mm for them. Also @Jen-in-Wellies talks about fuses i have seen on your website about t
  2. Hi all I have a bmc 1800 engine in my narrowboat and the wiring is a mess i keep having problems like connector blocks corroding anand looking to rewire it. I have found the wiring diagram that came with the boat i was hoping that somebody could help with the wire sizing and should any cables be a certain size?
  3. Hi I have just had some artwork done inon my boat im now looking for the name to be painted on in fancy writing. Can anybody recommend a signwriter. I'm based in manchester. Thanks
  4. Hi all I am isolating on my boat at the min and trying to get a few jobs done. I have a vetus waste water tank with a vetus waste12b gauge. I have looked online and the connections are not the same as the mine. Mine has: Earth S + Can anyone help with this please. There is 2 wires coming out of the float on the tank. Thanks
  5. thanks for the help. anybody know how much undercoat and topcoat will i need approx for 57 ft boat?
  6. hi all sorry to keep asking things that might already be on here but just need a little help my paint is looking a bit faded and could do with a lick of paint. a good friend owns a painting and decorating company (never painted a boat though) and offered to help paint it with me he has looked into a few paints that will do the job can anyone recommend any paint? what are the best makes? thanks
  7. Thanks for this it's starting to make sense. (Sorry for the drawings but just find it easier tk get my head around) Have I got your explanation right? From the drain tap it will have to go up to the stove is this correct? Thanks dean
  8. Hi thanks for the help the rads and fire are already in place all on 1 side of the boat. Any ideas how I would achieve the gravity fed system. Thanks dean
  9. Struggling to find anything that suits my system I require. Would this work? I'm going to keep the morco 61b for hot water in shower and sinks. (There is 2 on the boat) So this is only for the radiators I dont know how to get around the pump I dont think it is possible to gravity fed where everything is. Thanks for all your help it is very appreciated. I wouldn't have a clue with out this forum.
  10. Hi all so I think im getting my head around this now. I already have a morso squirel multi fuel burner. (Stove) So if I get rid of boiler that was used for central heating and get a backboiler for stove. Is the picture the right theory. Would it work I will just carry on using the 1 boiler for hot water Thanks
  11. Hi the boat is 57ft it will be only weekend use at first but would fit it out for live aboard just in case. I can't really see any other position than the position that it can go other than the boiler that is already in place. If possible it would be ideal if I could get rid of the other boiler also that does the hot water and combine central heating and hot water to a single boiler. That would fit in the same space the morco does. In regards to price. I dont want the cheapest that will break in 6 months but on the other hand I'm not a millionaire haha but some thing
  12. Hi all am taking your advice that the way this has been done is dangerous. what are my options for central heating then can any body reccomend a new boiler?
  13. This this comment is a bit harsh. I'm quite new to this and trying to get a bit of help of people who know what they are talking about. If it's not right I will change it and make it right ( I didn't know it wasn't right) So I WONT be happy if my family die Think I have have got my head around everything in the boat now. This has defo been used for the central heating before there is another exact same that does the hot water for the shower and sinks Thanks dean
  14. hi all, just in need of some recomendatios if possible currently there is a boiler for central heating only (see pic) with a pump like (see pic). the stat only links to the pump not the boiler. if anybody can confirm that changing the temp on the stat will change temp heating (how would this work?) the pump no longer works anyway so im looking for GOOD QUALITY pump that can pump the hot water around the system and change temp via stat (if even possible) the one that is already in says it only has a life span of approx 450 hours.
  15. Hi I have got to small boilers on my boat 1 for CH and 1 for hot water. Never been used since ingot the boat can anybody recommend somebody to gas check/safe certify In the Manchester area Thanks
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