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  1. A simple £4 digital volt meter wired in will tell you all you need to know about state of battery charge. But will take a little while to learn it.
  2. Ford modified the old e93a s/v 1172 engine for the 100e range by modifying the block for a water pump in the normal position, the reason was for the much lower, modern, body profile of the 100e. The valves were altered to adjustabe with lock nuts where as the old e93a had fixed clearance. but basically the same engine. Heaters were again optional. Three speed box on all the s/v engined cars.
  3. Just stretch the 8mm rope a bit by pulling a little when applying and it will be about 6mm. Use the rope glue.
  4. It's Saturday, so probably busy doing his football Pools.
  5. That was the general term for them because they all the sit up and beg Fords shared the same or similar chassis and mechanics. But all the sit up and beg range of Fords had their own Ford identifying number too. 103E= Pops from 1953 to 1959. E83W 10cwt vans. 7W 8hp anglia. And later 100E which still used the 1172 s/v engine although modified. Lots more but I can't remember them all at the mo. usea
  6. Usually caused by feeding wet or damp smokeless fuel in the stove.
  7. If the Morso stove has no back boiler tank but a half moon shaped throat plate instead, remove it, two nuts. These plates are only for use in houses with much taller flue's. Left in will leave loads of crud on top of it and in the flue pipe.
  8. Those cars used the pre-war Morris 8 s/v engine with thermo syphon cooling,''no water pump'' In order for a heater to work a water pump was needed. This was a pump mounted on the engine by the fan belt, pivoted and spring loaded to keep it's big alloy driving wheel in contact with the outside surface of the fan belt which drove it and supplied hot water to the Smiths recerculary heater. Many old cars with thermo syphon cooling systems could have one fitted as an extra. I fitted a few to old Ford 103E Pops ect years ago.
  9. A strange phenominon with my electric slippers. I misslaid one of them yesterday, ''the left foot one'', so just wore the right foot one. After a while strangely enough both feet were as as warm as each other although my left foot only had an old non heated slipper on it. Both feet had socks on. I checked the electric slipper on my right foot, working fine, element removed and nice and warm from the 5v USB socket. Now why was my left foot just as warm in an ordinary non heated slipper. I think this abnormality is due to the body's artery and vein circuits. which seem to be similar to the London underground map. The bloody circuit might go to the right leg and foot first and get heated by the electric slipper and as the blood in that hoof warms up it sort of instead of wasting warmth dispatches some of it via the blood circuit to the left leg and hoof to keep that one warm too, perhaps directly across via the old wedding tackle. Later I shall experment the opposite way round with an electric slipper on the left hoof and an ordinary non heated slipper on the right hoof, and then with no socks on. 🦶.
  10. dash dash dot dash dash dash dash dash dash dash dash dot dot dash dot dot dot dot dash dot dot dot dot
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Quite often if a boats marine engine has not used and run for a long time oil seals tend to get a bit stiff a let oil past. By running and warming up the seal can rejuvanate them. I had this when I fitted a s/h Lister ST2 and LH150 box and reduction box. At first oil was transfering from the gearbox into the reduction box. After a while it stopped doing it and has never done it since. That was about 15 years ago.
  13. She might have a beard.
  14. It's not so much as the reducing of size in the waste pipe, it's not to have any blunt edged fittings screwed into each other facing uphill to the sink on which crap will quickly accumulate. Sir Nigel Gresley found this out when building his A4 class engines, compared to his older A3 class. All the steam ways he smoothed with gentle bends with no blunt ended fittings facing the regulator, it added more power and about 20mph higher speed.
  15. Tape a patch of the green Scotch scouring pad over the drain hole in the tray, jolly good filters, or cut and roll up a length and poke it into the drain if the flange is deep enough. Will trap all the pubic hair too.
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