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In Topic: Pump-out Near Cowroast ?

07 April 2014 - 03:57 PM

There is - it's called Picot and I have the phone number if anyone wants to PM me

Is the number top secret? I would have thought the operator would be pleased to get the number published.

In Topic: Aylesbury Basin

02 April 2014 - 06:54 PM

No I saw that. Thought I may take a look at Easter.  Havent been down for 4/5 years and would like to see all the changes.

Wait till you see the size of the Arla dairy. It`s taken a big chunk of countryside that was pleasing to the eye.

In Topic: Car parking near Buckby Top

24 March 2014 - 06:46 PM

Small car park CaRT next to lock. If just a short time and you tuck the car in the corner I can`t see a problem. It is heavily used when stoppages are on through the flight but that is not the case now so should be plenty of space.
EDIT top lock

In Topic: Three end unlimited data whilst tethering.....

22 March 2014 - 08:19 PM

These days 2 gigs is nothing. An HD film can eat that and more in one sitting. What some people don't realize is that, just opening a webpage consumes data and it soon tots up, and, if you go over your monthly data quota they hammer you.
I use TMobile. I've been with them since 2009. It might not be the fasted connection but, if you go over they don't charge for extra data. You can purchase extra or use the 250mb free booster and when that runs out you just keep clicking the Free Booster until your new monthly quota starts again.
It also has an installable data counter but, to be honest it isn't that accurate.
I believe TMobile is the only company that doesn't charge if you go over the monthly data.

Just be sure that when you renew/upgrade your contract that the fair use policy is still included.
Just had big problems over a huge bill. It seems my Fair use was not included in my new contract. It is now after my complaining about change of contract without notification.
So beware accidents happen and you might go over They charge £3 per day on top of your monthly contract cost.

In Topic: HS2 happening?

22 March 2014 - 07:54 PM

Not at the moment for longer journeys, but it will be.
George ex nb Alton retired

Nice to read different points of view.
Should we now as we go into 2 pages discuss whether the HS trains should have Cassette, pumpout or composting toilets.
Come on everyone laugh together. Life is but a short cruise.