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In Topic: new rule - hot off the press.

Today, 08:42 PM

It would be interesting to know both the wording and who this notice came from.
Notices put on boats I mean.

In Topic: new rule - hot off the press.

Today, 08:09 PM

Volunteer having a control melt down. A bit stupid but perhaps he thought the wife would beleive him.

In Topic: new rule - hot off the press.

Today, 07:47 PM

Mmmmm. I came down flight late Thursday. Having been told notices banned mooring till Saturday, show, and the pound below Admiral Nelson was very low with boats at angle we Moore in the Lowe pound above bottom lock.

Friday a volunteer locky said I had to move. Having a rack of clothes out he said he would allow two hours for them to dry. No I'm not kidding. I said if I being dead centre between locks not hindering the lock moorings would be no problem for two hours then there would be no problem for 6 or 8hrs. He said he would have to report to his boss. I said I will pop down to thetoll house and check things out.

While I was gone he came back to the wife and said if we went down we could moor against any boat as they can't stop you accessing the towpath it's your legal right your licence gives you access.

Anyway the enforcement officer at toll house said we can moor there and the other pound for 14 days as there are no restrictions.
We moved down Saturday evening.

In Topic: Diesel Prices

Today, 05:11 PM

I did - I even used the correct boat index number and a 60/40 split
The 'man' said that he regularly gets 100% domestic declarations and that 'some people (sometimes) even use their proper name and address'.
The declaration is the responsibility of the purchaser of the fuel, not the seller. If the purchaser commits fraud by making a false declaration then it is of no matter to the seller - he has done 'his bit' and got a signed declaration.

I use all correct details whatever I declare. The tax man has better things to do than chase after boaters. Any marina insisting on 60/40 won't get my business.As you say it,s the customers choice of declaration.

In Topic: Minimum distance? The enforcement officers have it in black and white.

Today, 02:08 PM

I have been in Braunston since Wednesday. I have moored in 3 different locations, all of which are 48 hour moorings. Will be interesting to see if anyone comments or takes action.

Yes seen your boat.
Boats moored on the flight, just below the Admiral Nelson and lower down are 14 day. So what happens when a boat leaves there and moors by the Boat pub which is 48hrs. Are these two places. Could a boat be in 14 days and move to the 48 giving 16 days
in Braunston area.