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In Topic: Recommended SIMPLE washing machine

Yesterday, 06:06 PM

I have a slime line Candy that is 2 & 1/2 years old, works just fine for me.  'im at the back insists that the engine is running when I do a load of washing, but it works just fine like I say, and will do up to a 7kilo load so all is good when it comes to washing his heavy work cloths and or the bedding.

Yes engine running it runs via pure sine wave inverter but with the frame genny on the inverter by pass kicks in and the w/ machine gets the modified wave or whatever comes from a cheap frame genny.

In Topic: Recommended SIMPLE washing machine

Yesterday, 01:15 PM

If your after a small one the Candy has good reviews here.

Our candy aqua 1000t will not run on our frame genny. That is with cold wash so no heater and it just stops and starts. Sometimes just sits idle for a long time.

In Topic: Phishing scam

Yesterday, 09:16 AM

If a difference in part of address I wonder how it came through. Usually it would bounce back to sender if address is wrong.

In Topic: Leaking roof - wooden cabin

28 June 2016 - 10:54 AM

A few years back met a guy using blacking on his wooden roof. Seems it leaked once a lot so a few years back after a long dry spell dried things out he blacked the roof twice. Has given it a coat every year since. I guess it depends if you don't mind a blacking roof.

In Topic: Braunston mooring restrictions

27 June 2016 - 11:36 PM

The two weeks is not excessive if you view it from another angle junior.
A lot of boats arrive and depart as stated above on a as and when work commitments allow. All it needs is the signage to read no mooring the week before the show and including the last day.
Then spaces will appear as show boats leave sometimes the last day late or early next morning. The stupidity of the signs is the extended no mooring a week after. Once a boat leaves it becomes a normal use mooring.
Organisers know the show boats so none will be classed as overstaying. For a week after the show there will be less moorings, so keep away.
In this day and age it's not rocket science to know when a show is on and avoid the area or moor away from the centre and walk.
I avoided and stayed on summit as not wanting to get in large crowds.
I support this and other events 100% .