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Yesterday, 11:20 PM

My American bank debit card has no chip.
I can put into an ATM and using my pin get cash.
So the pin or some other info that checks my pin must be in the strip.

In Topic: 240v supply for gas cooker

19 July 2014 - 09:12 PM

Many thanks

In Topic: 240v supply for gas cooker

19 July 2014 - 06:31 PM

No the Cannon Connemara is NOT a fan assisted oven. It's all to do with the temperature; Cannon did tell us that it doesn't matter except that the control knobs might melt!


The fan is quite a low wattage; I reckon that the fan and oven light on ours together take about 25 watts, and I think our oven light is 15 watts so a very small inverter will suffice.


Sorry not to reply sooner to you all but have been busy chopping the worktop about and fitting stove.


Just to clarify are you running the Connermara? Can I assume a 150w should run the fan although as someone said the wave might not be ok with the cooker but worth a try as I have a 150w inverter on the boat.

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18 July 2014 - 04:09 PM

I would love to see their log of where we have been.......


You can request a list of where you have been spotted.



In Topic: 240v supply for gas cooker

18 July 2014 - 02:01 PM

Be careful the oven isn't fan assisted as well, we don't have a clock, but the oven fan is 240v and the clicker. We'll have an inverter working full time anyway so no bother to us. Oven could well overheat though if fan doesn't engage. My brother test ran his without 240 and the control knobs started to melt and the whole thing smoked. 


I am installing a Canon connemara C50LCIW/1. It has 240 ignition and a cooling fan that I assume draws excess heat up through vents at the rear of the hob top. NOT a fan oven.


My problem is I do not want to run a 3000w inverter to service the fans needs. I can quite easily use a small inverter for the ignition and switch it on/off as needed or use a match and as for the digital clock I have no need to be controlled in any way by time so that can remain off/wrong.


So main problem is what size inverter will cope with the fan when it does click in. I have phoned Canon that answers to Hotpoint servicing but they can`t tell me the watts of the fan.


Any suggestions fellow members?