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Yesterday, 07:21 PM

My memory of High Lane was the large diy store up the hill that stocked and cut veneered sheet material and delivered it for silly money. Very convenient steps coming down from a street just off the main road onto the towpath. Couple of nights there, all quiet.

In Topic: No Change then at Gifford Park????

23 August 2016 - 04:18 AM

If that was directed at me; what makes you think that isn't exactly what happened? 
I wasn't moaning about the occasion, simply making a statement to confirm there was a crt vol checker working in the area a couple of weeks ago.
BTW - we do enjoy our boating ^_^

Certainly not directed at you in any untoward way at all Betty. Just used your description of your experience as to what this individual was doing.
Yes I suppose on reflection mostly we all do enjoy our boating life and incidents like these are just discussion points.

In Topic: No Change then at Gifford Park????

22 August 2016 - 08:25 PM

The man is vandalising towpaths. This is a criminal offence. The man has previously been warned about damaging the towpaths.
If CRT stood back and allowed every homeowner to do the same outside their houses on the towpaths, many more moorings would be lost.

I agree with what you say. What puzzles me is why and this is not the first thread on Gifford is evdryone getting uptight, let crt sort it and just enjoy boating. It's just a small piece of towpath.
Just what crt are doing about it is not clear but surely they are the only ones with authority to put an end to this man as you say causing criminal damage, although I would be more bothered if he was interfering with say a bridge rather than digging over come grass edging.

In Topic: No Change then at Gifford Park????

22 August 2016 - 06:26 PM

I thought CRT only used the index number which you should be displaying, so why would they need to ask you the name of the boat? If you are displaying a licence then the number & name would be on that anyway.

Exactly so no need to get into any conversation with anyone be they crt or a pretend volunteer or anything else.

If it hadn't been for CRT spotting a boat had no number or licence a stolen boat might never have been recovered.

In this instance the boat had a plate number.

In Topic: No Change then at Gifford Park????

22 August 2016 - 05:54 PM

I'm having trouble understanding the fuss about Gifford park.
A guy digs the grass which I assume is about a boat length. So moor further along to avoid any confrontation and just let the landlord (crt) deal with it.

A guy appears to be checking boat numbers and takes down a plate number and knocks to check name of boat. Politely tell him the name or tell him the plate number will give the name when checked by crt.

Why all this about something trivial when everyone should be enjoying their boating.

OR am I missing something, please tell.