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In Topic: Unreserved Apology To GoodGurl

24 October 2016 - 10:12 PM

No idea what this is about but I must say it takes a decent person to offer such an apology on a public forum liked this.
Well done Alan, you have my respect.

In Topic: Living with 12 volts only?

23 October 2016 - 06:45 AM

The original question :
"I was wondering how it is practical to use purely 12 volt appliances"
I think almost every answer has agreed that one could 'survive', solely on 12v, but in order to maintain"..most of the creature comforts we are used to.."
then it would be advantages to have an inverter available for the 'luxuries in life' (Hoover, washing machine etc)

Just trying to be quite sure of the question asked. Perhaps some folk are happy to live without the creature comforts in fact I know some that do including candles, no fridge etc. Ott for me but to everyone freedom to live as they wish.

In Topic: Living with 12 volts only?

23 October 2016 - 06:39 AM

Well cost of wiring your boat with 12v vs 240v will be much more money because of thicker wires Inverters are quite efficient now so I don't see the need for only living with 12v.

Sometimes it's not cost but the fact people just like very basic. I can understand that, even though I prefer a little comfort, each to their own.

In Topic: Living with 12 volts only?

23 October 2016 - 06:36 AM

The trouble with the stabilised voltage thingies is they don't always work off a battery running at normal voltage levels, I think they are designed to work with a charging battery,

Mine just allows 12v to pass into the tv. Even when charging and batteries are reading 14.8 or briefly 15.0 nothing in 11 years has happened to the tv.
Some folk say chopping off the power pack and plugging the cable directly into the boats 12v system will do no harm but for a few quid why not use a stabilised supply cheaper than a new tv.

In Topic: Living with 12 volts only?

23 October 2016 - 06:29 AM

Hi all,
I have been looking into various options for living aboard for a while now, and ideally we would like to live with as little energy usage as possible,whilst still having most of the creature comforts we are used to. I guess this is a compromise that most people make.
We don't watch a great deal of TV, internet is more our thing. I know I can set up a pc to run off 12 volts and that you can get washing machines and fridges that do the same, so I think most gadgets are covered.
I was wondering how it is practical to use purely 12 volt appliances, compared with the convenience of a 240v set up.
I would be installing some sort of solar array and charge controller, don't know quite what yet as I am just at the planning stage.
Is using purely 12 volts a viable option?
Has anyone got experience of living just using 12 volts?
Many Thanks

Are you talking of using only a 12v supply to power an appliance or do you mean plugging say a small inverter into the 12v supply and powering a mains gadget that way.
If you don't want any mains voltages on the boat you will as has been said have no success with say a washing machine powered by 12v.
Living a basic 12v life afloat is possible but you will have to use mains facilities on shore. So a trip to the laundry will use mains but it won't be on the boat.
All depends on the sort of lifestyle you prefer.
Good luck and happy boating be it 12 or 230volts.