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In Topic: Curious about this boat - 1000 Pounds for each 12 feet?

Yesterday, 02:08 PM

Yes - but if only one person bidded they would have gotten a bargain, wot?

Don't,t they have reserves? Not that informed how e bay works.

In Topic: Renaming a boat

Yesterday, 02:00 PM

Inland boat or sea going, just paint on the new name and get on with your life. Listening to all the stupidity about re naming a boat just uses up valuable boating time.

In Topic: batteries . question number 12657.

22 May 2015 - 07:56 AM

But for the purposes of assessing day to day state of charge rather than being very accurate the almost no load voltage reading taken when charging has stopped and after a small to moderate load has been applied for a while will give a usable figure. Depending upon ones interpretation of "almost no load" it may under estimate the state of charge.
Solar causes a big problem in this respect because at this time of year it is present for 16 hours a day plus so being practical one needs to do the voltage check at night. I do not find it onerous to check the fridge is not running and use a torch to check the battery voltage ( have a decent voltmeter) just before I go to bed. This is probably just as reliable as using an amp hour counting meter. It does not take many night's readings to assess if you are gaining charge, loosing charge or just covering the days loads.

Exactly what I have done for the past 9 years. Doesn,t take long to get a good idea of what is normal and to also spot a problem.
Having solar is in my opinion a must for a liveaboard.

In Topic: Death of the Diesel Car 2

20 May 2015 - 12:13 PM

The problem is on cars you cant fix it on lorries and buses you can its a space thing

Still an apostrophe missing!

Correcting the post is fine and i manage to read around such mistakes and enjoy the subjects.
My gripe is what can you not fix to cars but you can to lorries. Making these things clear would be better than the corrected versions that still tell me nothing.

In Topic: Which Car Hire Company?

19 May 2015 - 09:00 PM

Plus you can take car back empty no charge for fuel.

Yes no rackets over petrol. No worries of excess. I was amazed as we drove into the rental yard a girl zapped the bar code on the windscreen never looked at the car just a "have a nice day leave the keys in the car" and away she went to the next returning car.
Surely it can be as simple in this country if the company,s wanted it to be.

I'm not sure I'd be happy with that, I'd rather take the car back with a tankfull. It is often a bit of a con job at airports when you hire cars that you get a full tank of fuel and are told to bring it back empty but they know that there will still be some fuel in the tank but the next hirer is still charged for a full tank. Even if you drain the tank down to 1/8th full it means that after 8 hires the company has charged for on additional full tank and multiplied throughout their business it becomes a good little earner.

Our airport hire was bring it back with any amount in the tank. The car you rent might have some or a lot. Luck of the draw, just drive out and fill it. No hdded charges for them filling the tank.
I like it. Hired a car for X and that is it no surprise charges.