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In Topic: Rain seeping in on hatch runners

Yesterday, 11:29 PM

I have same problem.
Silicone might work I will look at that.
I was thinking of two wide strips say 4inches wide or more if needed. Lay them over the runners and attach, say with magnets to make the easily removed, them to the hatch. As hatch is opened the strips move back k and forth but when shut are covering the runners.
Rain will be kept off runners.

In Topic: Boat Delivery

Yesterday, 08:10 PM

Valrene9600... yes this is my first boat. If its needed I will get assistance in moving the boat through waters with strong currents if it solves the other problems. Is Cassio a marina? are there crane facilities there capable of lifting a 32tonne boat 70' x 12'?

I have seen many wide beams launched here.
Crane on site. You will have calm canal to handle boat plus plenty of moorings along the way in case of ice. Not sure of weight but costs nowt to ask. They might give you alternative sites if they can't lift the weight
Tuckeyz also would have the knowledge you seek
Ta Lady M you have the correct name at cassio
Ta Lady M you have the correct name at cassio

In Topic: Boat Delivery

Yesterday, 07:16 PM

Surely craning at cassio grand union avoids any Thames floods or have I missed something.
Plus apologies if I am wrong but if this is a first boat are you OK to do Thames in what could be a strong current.,

In Topic: Cooker electronic ignition ?

Yesterday, 06:55 PM

If your sure it,s 12v would it not be easier to run a cable from fuse board and perhaps at same time install an extra socket along the way.

In Topic: Someone to help move my boat.

Yesterday, 06:50 PM

I dont know what the going rate is,just hope there are no stoppages.

There are folk on the forum who move boats professionaly perhaps they might do the job and show you the ropes at same time.
Worth asking. Someone will supply names and you can PM them.