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  1. I was wondering if many folk have experience of cruising the mon brec canal. I am looking to move to the area and wonder if my 'standard' 57ft narrowboat would fair on the rather shallow canal - 3ft draft i believe. As I understand things boats there tend to have a v shaped hull to make mooring easier and the bridges are quite low. any comments? thanks carl
  2. Maybe he wants to start a round of seemingly endless speculation on this forum? yes indeed!!
  3. paul c a bws padlock is the lock you key fits, crt key? british waterways ginjer have done so - cheers
  4. I bought an inland waterways map to give me a better perspective. moving my boat from aldermaston seems logical to go to Bristol then over to Newport. no I would not attempt this by myself, as I said about a pilot. otherwise it looks like a round trip to Coventry then Gloucester but then again as nikvah posted it may make sense to lift the boat at Bristol then over the bridge
  5. Where can I get a bws padlock from? Glad I checked the auto spell as it said bed padlock ha ha!
  6. ot sure if this should be a separate topic but moving my boat from k&a cross the severn to newport then crane into the Mon n need. Anyone done this? Know you Need a pilot
  7. Thanks for the input I for sure will do a few trial runsNice one Carl
  8. yes, if the job works out i'll get it moved by road mines 57ft, have you cruised this one? i'd need a residential mooring in a marina so will have to do my homework
  9. have you cruised this stretch? there are secure marinas I guess
  10. cheers JP, just had a look on the map and Monmouthshire through the Brecon looks doable maybe?
  11. Hi all, looking at taking a job on in madley and was wondering what the nearest canal is and what is the area like Cheers Carl
  12. what coming out of the lock?
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