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  1. If the boat doesn't have a bubble tester is it best to get a surveyor who is GasSafe registered to do the BSS?
  2. No mention of BSC date, has it lapsed? Evidently not blacked since launch Possible signs of damage toward the bow so not really 'like new' Not negative comments merely observations
  3. Fettlers Wharf & St. Mary’s, both one or two minutes from Rufford station.
  4. If they are a limited company check their accounts and directors at Companies House https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk
  5. I believe if you transfer data from the internal memory in a Android phone to the phones SD card it will be encrypted so you can't just take the card out of the phone and then have it read by a computer.
  6. Linda at Cheshire Cat Training was very good at showing us the ropes, so to speak, when we were starting out.
  7. And make the mods should remove the details from that first post ? Sorry I meant maybe not make
  8. You also contact him via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stuart-wood-137578140/
  9. You may already know this but in case you don't, the outer lock at the river entrance to Brunswick Dock is currently under repair. It should be fixed by mid May. I have an old email address for Stuart which might still be current. It is manchestermarineatbtinternet.com (remove the man and replace the at with @)
  10. Just over an hour ago I looked at the manual Excellence on Amazon and it was £104 just looked again and it's now showing at £139 ?. I can only assume that's something to do with their pricing algorithm.
  11. Yes have kept it for spares. Both types are available on Amazon.
  12. Looks like Thetford have discontinued the C200. The cost of 1 electric Excellence and 1 manual (the cassettes are interchangeable) works out cheaper than the cost of the C200.
  13. We have the Thetford Excellence with electric flush which has proved reliable over 3 years we've had it. Only problem is we had to buy 2 to get a spare cassette as Thetford doesn't sell them separately.
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