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  1. CanalPlan is your friend https://canalplan.org.uk
  2. Another point to make your life easier... try to get batteries with the connections in the same position as those you already have - if you are happy with the way they are setup that is.
  3. Whatever you buy just make sure they'll fit in your battery box presuming you have one.
  4. Just over 3 years ago my wife and myself were looking for a boat, we live not far from Aintree Boats and made an unannounced visit as we were just passing, I have to say I was impressed with their workshop, it was tidy and well organised and the boats looked as they say "fab", okay maybe a bit caravanny, they are perhaps not as flexible in redesigning interiors as some but that's reflected in their prices I think. As it turned out they had a 18 month waiting list (it was just after the Crick Show) and we wanted a boat soonish. As others have said depreciation of a new boat is something to consider unless your flush with cash. As with cars a nearly new boat can save you thousands if not tens of thousands. Many folks buys new only to realise it's not for them and sell after a year or two. Having said that I've spoken to a few Aintree Boat owners on the cut and they all seem pleased with them.
  5. bill brown

    Vinyl ?

    I've used https://www.funkymonkeyboatnames.co.uk/ in the past for stencils but they also do vinyl.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Maybe make sure it's BSS compliant https://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/boat-examination-and-certification/non-private-boats/part-8-appliances,-flueing-ventilation/flame-supervision-device-(fsd)/
  8. I also have the similar Tern D7i albeit with 7 speed hub gears and built in dynamo, my preferred bike for commuting but 3 to 4 times the cost of the Uno.
  9. Yes the Dahon is a good bike. I have the Espresso which is similar to the Jack, also easily converted to electric.
  10. Have a Brompton but when I travel I have a Tern Uno padlocked on my cruiser stern. 20 inch wheels feel safer on the towpath, still folds quite small though obviously not as elegant as the Brompton. Single gear and a back pedal brake that takes getting use to but is a skill easily acquired, low maintenance and sturdy. Can usually pick them up on Ebay for around £200.
  11. I've had one too. My advice would be not to click on any link within the email as such things tend to report back to confirm you exist and then you can expect more of the same. The email address I use is unique to my Canalworld account which indicates their (Canalworld) address book has been hacked.
  12. bill brown

    Wi fit on board

    PAYG unlimited is now £18.75 per month.
  13. bill brown

    Wi fit on board

    If you have an unlocked router you could try Smarty (google it) It's part of Three and offers a unlimited* pay as you go sim for £25 per month, just a few quid more than a 12/24 month contract. The sim works in phones and mobile routers and its easy to cancel if you find its not for you. * They say unlimited but it's actually a maximum of 1000GB per month. No throttling though and the speed is fine for the likes of Netflix etc. with a decent signal.
  14. I use a waterproof Tracer that sits in the engine bay, seems very efficient and built like a tank. Available from Bimble: https://www.bimblesolar.com/offgrid/mppt/Waterproof-Tracer7810BP
  15. My previous flexi panel was stuck down with Sikaflex which was a bugger to remove when I need to do some roof maintenance. My new panel is held on with magnets which have enough force to hold it down securely whilst still allowing easy removal and in addition leaving a small air gap to help prevent overheating which is one of the drawbacks of stuck down panels.
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