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  1. I thank all of you for your comments they are things that I will take into account as I put the system together. I guess there are many ways to skin the cat as they say. But again thanks to this forum there are people out there happy to help and share the knowledge they have gained.
  2. Thanks for your quick response I will look at your points. just to clarify the master shunt is the mastervolt master shunt 500 battery monitor system again many thanks.
  3. Hi all I am in the process of fitting out a 60ft Narrowboat as a live aboard. As in all these cases asking a question gets many answers that don’t always agree so making the correct and safe choice can be difficult so comments on my proposed lay out switch / cable and fuse sizes and placements would be appreciated. I know there looks to be a lot of rcd in this but they are all as recommended in the insulation manuals. I have looked at many articles here and elsewhere but just want reassurance that iv got things safe and correctly rated.
  4. I think he has safety in mind as I see a fire extinguisher not sure if it will be big enough.
  5. the family name we are looking for is Walley. my info would point to them being on the boat around 1918 and into the 1920s The family connection is the wife's aunt as far as we know was a child on Imperator and passably born aboard. I will look at my paper work on it when I get home tonight and post any relevant stuff. again many thanks for the help received.
  6. Thank you for the info it will help me to put together a mental picture of their life again many thanks.
  7. Hi to you all I am working on a family history and found that a family member ran this boat but this is all that i could get about the boat Imperator 766 No 40, cabined wooden horseboat, BCN gauging No 766, 21/11/1923. Can any one tell me any other history for this boat or were to look I have searched the net but this is all I could get thanks
  8. Nigel B

    Nigel B

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