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Cool handles.

14 July 2015 - 10:08 PM

Having just read the thread about stoves and MTB'S comment about the Boatman stove door handle getting too hot I have a solution to make any hot handle cool to handle whether it be a stove door handle, kettle handle, poker handle, even steam or hot water gate valve hand wheels.

  All you need is glue and a ball of ordinary thin white string.

  Paint the handle to be transformed into a cool handle by first painting it with slow drying glue, epoxy is best and then similar to whipping a rope's end, but no need to use the same technique as glue will hold the string in place much better on irregular and weird shaped handles. So, wind on a few turns of string and to hold them in place a turn or two of sticky tape, then carry on winding the string tightly and closely around and around the handle until it's covered completely and finish off the end with a bit more sticky tape to hold the string in place until the glue cures. Remove sticky tapes and voila a cool handle and no more burnt fingers.  closedeyes.gif

Cant View New Type Images. Split From : Real-World Use Of Marine Vhf Radio

24 June 2015 - 01:01 PM


It's not even a bit of paper, it's just a paragraph on a bit of paper -para XII below, is all there is attachicon.gif image.jpg

Anyway, thanks all, I think I've got the picture now.


Sorry, you don't have permission for that!, says that jpg image when I click on it. ''Over''.


10 June 2015 - 04:33 PM

Satchidanander, my cat thinks he's a dodgem car at the fair. His tail's permanently erect, the tip bent over like the electrical collection pantograph of a Dodgem, Trolley bus or Tramcar. He makes this clear as he runs along my fence with his tail rubbing along my washing line which just above it. I haven't seen any sparks yet, or blue lights. When his tail looses contact he definitely slows down to a crawl until tail contact is reestablished.  mellow.png

Thats it folks, I'm off.

23 May 2015 - 11:09 PM

   To bed. smile.png

Catherine wheels.

21 April 2015 - 09:41 AM

A superb mobile quadruple Catherine wheel can be made with a petrol engined car. Simply by fitting a hose adapter into a spark plug hole after removing a spark plug. And then let all yer tyres down by jambing the tyre valves open with matchsticks. Remove matchsticks.  Connect the hose to all four tyre valves with Tee pieces, start your engine up to blow all the tyres up again,'nice and hard' using the engines cylinder compression. This will fill the tyres up with a lovely combustible petroleum gas mixture. Now get ready and work quickly. Remove hoses from tyre valves and engine and store in the boot.  Jamb all four tyre valves open again. Strike a match and run around sharpish, lighting the petrol fumes emitting from the valves. Nice steady whooshing flames should come bursting into life, like blow lamps. Jump in the car and drive about at high speed for the full beautiful Catherine wheel effect until the tyres go flat. Reconnect the inflation hoses again to reinflate your tyres to get you home.

   For the ultimate dramatic effect this little bit of fun is best performed at night whilst driving up and down outside your local police station.

  Funnily enough, the engine to tyre valve inflation hose and adapters was a fairly common kit and was supplied with some ancient vintage cars. closedeyes.gif