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Pan lid Coolie hat.

29 August 2015 - 11:38 PM

Decent size old saucepan lids, curved ones, especially stainless steel ones can be adapted to make splendid chimney coolie hats. All you need is= The pan lid, a length of 13mm copper tube, 6 pop rivets and pop rivet gun or wee nuts and bolts.

 First of all cut 3  10'' lengths of the copper tube and flatten their whole lengths into strips in a vice or by hammer on a block. In the vice bend in the appropriate places a crank in each strip that will sit on the chimney rim. Bend a little an inch at one end of each strip to the profile of the underside of the pan lid and mark their positions thereon equidistant apart and drill an offset hole right through each and through the pan lid. Pop rivet or bolt up all three strips. Twiddle the legs to get them all facing the centre and drill another three holes next to the first ones and rivet or bolt up for good. Offer up onto your chimney and gently bend the legs until the cranks sit snug and square on the chimney rim. Retain the pan lids handle or knob for artistic effect.

Fast current.

26 August 2015 - 01:53 PM

Due to very heavy rain the river Stort is now running high with quite a strong current. So anyone on the move watch for the low bridges.

Fish bone trap and food extruder-mincer device.

03 August 2015 - 08:17 PM

It's quite distressing getting fish bones stuck in yer throat. It happened once to the Queens mum at Balmoral, I bet the chef got slapped around the face with a wet Herring, tortured on the rack and sacked for not filleting the Royal fish properly, I think it was Halibut.

   So lets get on with the homemade Fishbone trap and food mincer specially intended to trap bony fish bones like Kipper bones.

      Procure an old tea strainer of the gauze mesh type, not the pressed metal type with holes punched in. Cut the handle off. With a pointed tool, poke bigger holes in the mesh, about 1mm in size. Now squeeze it about in your hands to make it nice and supple. The next step is to open yer gob and insert the device between your teeth ''if you've got any'' and tonsils, or where your tonsils were until you had em out. Insert the device in there cup side outwards. All quite simple.

  To test the device fry up a fresh Herring or Kipper or even boil in the bag Kippers which still have nasty little bones in, and pop a morsel into your mouth, bones and all, no need to chew it or spit bones out, but just suck it all up into the tea strainer, then close your mouth tight, put a peg on your nose and adopt a sort of sucking in, gulping-swallowing and heaving performance. This will suck the fishes flesh through the tea strainer to pop out extruded through the other side, ready chewed and ready to swallow leaving all those nasty bones trapped in the strainer. Your teeth won't wear out with knashing anymore either as the food is extruded and minced by passing through the strainer.  As the title also implies,''Ideal for toothless people''.

   So after your bony fish meal ''or any meal really'' remove the peg from nose, remove the special strainer from your throat, empty the bones in the bin and wash it ready for next time.

  Bon appyteeth.



Next time I shall explain how to eat Cream Crackers without them shattering into fragments all over floor, for those folk with only one or two staggered teeth left or a jumbled uneven array of teeth that resemble a Stepney bomb site.

Cool handles.

14 July 2015 - 10:08 PM

Having just read the thread about stoves and MTB'S comment about the Boatman stove door handle getting too hot I have a solution to make any hot handle cool to handle whether it be a stove door handle, kettle handle, poker handle, even steam or hot water gate valve hand wheels.

  All you need is glue and a ball of ordinary thin white string.

  Paint the handle to be transformed into a cool handle by first painting it with slow drying glue, epoxy is best and then similar to whipping a rope's end, but no need to use the same technique as glue will hold the string in place much better on irregular and weird shaped handles. So, wind on a few turns of string and to hold them in place a turn or two of sticky tape, then carry on winding the string tightly and closely around and around the handle until it's covered completely and finish off the end with a bit more sticky tape to hold the string in place until the glue cures. Remove sticky tapes and voila a cool handle and no more burnt fingers.  closedeyes.gif

Cant View New Type Images. Split From : Real-World Use Of Marine Vhf Radio

24 June 2015 - 01:01 PM


It's not even a bit of paper, it's just a paragraph on a bit of paper -para XII below, is all there is attachicon.gif image.jpg

Anyway, thanks all, I think I've got the picture now.


Sorry, you don't have permission for that!, says that jpg image when I click on it. ''Over''.