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15 May 2016 - 10:36 AM

I wonder why tooth brushes are not called teeth brushes, most folk have more than only one tooth, don't they?

  I'm personally not a fan of electric tooth brushes, I don't like noisy buzzin gizmos and much prefer to do it in the conventional way.

  However for the gizmo fans here's how to make a powerful electric tooth-teeth brush, a tooth brush that will scrub, rub, descale and burnish your toofies up like new again transforming those yellowed and tarnished old gnashers into flashing, gleaming, brilliant white smiley gnashers that you may have once had.

  Well, those annoying little buzzing gadgets driven by a battery are no good at all, you need something much more powerful to do the job, preferable driven by mains electricity.

    Simple. A JIGSAW is the answer, If you have one, if not they are quite cheap to buy and  easily adaptable for the purpose of tooth or teeth brushing. Here's how.

  First of all we must convert an ordinary conventional non motorized tooth brush to fit into the blade attachment of the jigsaw and to do this clamp both toothbrush handle and a jigsaw blade together in a vice and file around the profile of the blade attachment bit filing away at the plastic toothbrush handle until it assumes the exact same shape. Remove from vice, chuck the blade aside and attach the toothbrush to the jigsaw and plug it in for a test run. The brush should judder back and forth rapidly like a piston.

  The next step is the real thing. Oh! I forgot, for learners of this art I recommend using a jigsaw with a variable speed control trigger so that a slow and gentle start can be made, as you become expert at it the speed can be increased until your fully proficient with it when full power can be applied. Non variable speed, immediate full speed jigsaw tooth brushes are for experts only.

  Apply your favourite tooth paste to the brush, Farecla, T-cut, carborundum valve grinding paste or even soot from the chimney are all recommended, the choice is yours.

  Hang over the sink and offer up the machine to you gob, apply finger pressure gently to the trigger for a slow start up slowly and gradually increasing the speed until the ideal brushing action and speed are found, judder!!judder!!judder!!judder!!judder!!judder!!judder!!judder!!judder!!judder!!judder!!judder!! and so on until they're done. You may be left all atremble for a short while afterwards but its worth it. Sit down and relax for a bit until it wears off.

For folk who are unfortunate to have irregular, jumbled up teeth of various shapes and sizes, like a rocky landscape or a Stepney bomb site I recommend a slightly more expensive jigsaw, the type with what I call ''the galloping blade motion'' instead of the ones where the blade just goes up and down, one of those will ensure that all the nooks and crannies have been ''got at''. To finish of your teeth-tooth cleaning a fine toothed hacksaw blade inserted to the machine and applied to the gaps between the teeth which will clean out any trapped muck which the brush may have left behind.

  That's about it folks.  I'm off to the dentist tomorrow to have a wisdom tooth put in. biggrin.png


11 May 2016 - 03:39 PM

Many different stinks, smells, pongs, aromas and stenches emit from boats, especially from live aboard boats. These can be very wide ranging and varied, from pleasant, fragrant and flowery aromas through the usual household smells of cooking and damp washing to the foul, nauseating, utterly, totally unbearably terrible retching stenches.

  To locate, sniff out and determine the origin of these stinks here is the descriptions and usually the reasons and possible cures for such stinks.


The distinkt pong of cats pee= Spilt or leaking Hypoy gear oil, or the cat has had a wee. Solution=Wipe it or lick it up.

The quite pleasant aroma of almonds= An open and forgotten bag of Amaretto biscuits, spilt bag of almonds, spilt or leaking Hi-press gear oil, almond smelling aromatic candle still alight. Solution=If you like it leave it, blow out the candle.

Sour and horrid stink= unnoticed spilt milk amongst other things. Solution= Very difficult to eradicate. Steam clean recommended.

Musty and stale smell= dried up spilt beer. Solution= If you enjoy 'the pub smell' leave it be.

Foul retching stink emitting from floor mats which pong pervades the whole boat and the entire enviroment for miles around   = Feet!! folk with foul smelling feet walking about in socks or bare feet. Solution= Chop feet off with a big cleaver. burn socks, shake 'n' vac will make no impression on the mats whatsoever, burn em, fumigation is useless, abandon ship and sell it to a chain smoker with no sense of smell.

Rotting flesh stink= Dead mouse or rat behind the fridge or in the bilge. Solution= convert it into pate and spread it on toast for supper.

 These are just a few of the stinks that may be found on boats. Notice, toilet stinks have gone unmentioned, ''unlike me I know'' but I think that that subject has already been dealt with in great nauseous depth.   closedeyes.gif



On this day.

29 April 2016 - 08:51 AM

On this day in 1938 Fred Dibnah was born in Bolton Lancashire.

A big steamy affair.

07 April 2016 - 09:36 AM

Serious power. Duchess of Southerland passing Newark on the Kings X to Attached File  423342 Duchess of Southerland passing Newark..jpg   92.36KB   3 downloadsYork, October 2015.

Steamy Affair

06 April 2016 - 03:46 PM

At Kings X station for the unveiling of a statue of Sir Nigel Gresley.Attached File  423894 N2 at Kings x.jpg   201.97KB   2 downloads