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One for the ladies.

Yesterday, 10:13 PM

Quite simple really. I don't know why I haven't thought of it before. Perhaps its because I'm not a lady.

Any old how ladies here we go.

 Use old out of date discarded fire extinguishers to powder your faces, they should have powder in em, powders powder init.  Just a little squirt is all that's needed, but better protect your eyes with motorcycle goggles. Just a little squirt on the nose and cheeks and rub it around a bit with something. Your face and indeed all of you if you squirt it all over will make you fire resistant, which is good and would please any BSS inspector especially chaps like Jonah Rob or the Radio mariner.

  The usual size would rest inside a largish handbag nicely. So throw away those old powder puff compacts and bring yourselves up to date with the state of the art. I Kidde you not. unsure.png

Wheeeze,. Solar cooker.

21 February 2015 - 09:15 PM

Cook your stews, casseroles, soups ect with solar power.  Plonk the ingredients into a saucepan, find a powerful magnifying glass to replace the pans lid. Then rest it in the sun upon your cabin roof and wait and wait and wait and wait (free to run slow cooker)  and hope that the sun doesn't go in. It's best to begin cooking by this technique at sunrise. The longer you wait the more you'll appreciate it. Can also afford tremendous help for those on a diet, especially in the winter or if the sun doesn't come out.

  Ps. It's obviously more advantageous to solar cook during the summer when it can quickly become a (fast cooker).  smile.png


PPS. If there are fluffy clouds drifting about that keep on blocking out the sun, then lash the solar saucepan to your car's roof and drive about dodging the clouds keeping your dinner cooking in a nice hot sun.