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How to make.

30 November 2015 - 02:08 PM

A photo of my simple splendidAttached File  007 - Copy.JPG   105.84KB   0 downloads baccy tin ceiling light, as rekwested by someone on ere a while ago.


27 November 2015 - 06:00 PM

I'm not certain if I've ever done this one before. They are tremendous fun, much more fun than a ready made drone, plus lots of added danger which makes for excitement on a grand scale.

 To begin with, you will need some very large sheets of crepe paper, as big as you can get. We made three balloons of about 6ft tall.

  The balloon needs to be sort of pear shaped with an open bell mouth at the bottom.

 You cut six segments of the crepe paper into a sort of fat teardrop shapes. Then you stick them altogether with cellotape. You should end up with a pear shaped shape, open at the bottom.

  Around the periphery of the open bell mouth bottom secure again with cellotape a ring of lightweight wire.  Also made of the wire and attached to the wire ring and hanging down from it by about 2ft  make a sort of screwy loop in it, this is to hold the flaming propellant. The propellant is a big wadge of cotton wool soaked with methylated spirit.

  To launch your hot air balloon its best to pre-heat the envelope to form its shape, before lighting the Meths, this is best done by three or four people holding the envelope open over a small bonfire. We held ours over the stove chimney of a Dutch barge to fill it with hot air and to billow them out. 

  Have someone standing by with the matches. Once the balloon has opened out it is ready for launch, wait for a lull in the wind. Whilst the balloon is still held by the people a lighted match is applied to the wadge of Meth soaked cotton wool.  Your balloon will quickly start straining at the leash and anxious to become airborne, when this happen the folk holding it will feel light on their feet, this is the moment to let go, all exactly at the same time is important, and watch with great gleefulness as it soars up into the heavens and away never to be seen by you ever again, unless its so calm it just hovers above you and plummets onto you when the flame dies down. Obviously this form of hot air ballooning is best performed at night for the best and most dramatic spectacle and fiery experience.  They are terrific fun.  Keep some burns ointment handy. wacko.png


Top Tip of the day.

25 November 2015 - 12:28 PM

For those who smoke rollies and roll in those little filter tips made by Swan, amongst others. The cellophane sleeves that the tips come in make excellent heat shrink insulation for small wire joints.  closedeyes.gif

How to make.

21 October 2015 - 07:43 PM

For those blessed with a nervous disposition and go about in a permanent state of apprehension, worry and anxiety about getting set upon by hooligans and footpads, so this ' the catapult' is the ideal weapon of self defense, just for you.

  The catapult depicted is quite ordinary and made of tree wood, tree wood being the best material for boaters as tree wood should float if dropped into the drink. Various sizes of catapults can be made from the normal handheld size of my own manufactured one to enormous ones that are too big to operate in the hand and that the handle part of the Y crutch has to be held in a big vice or stuck firmly into the ground and using strong bungee cord as the propellant.  Although not particularly easy to transport these monstrous ones are ideal for bombardment of an enemy boat, for example, since they are capable of firing quite big projectiles like rocks and large nuts and bolts, all depending on the operator's strength to pull on the bungee cord of course.  My example uses elastic shock cord from and old hammock that I picked to bits. The leather for the projectile holder can be cut from your leather jacket, wallet or handbaAttached File  003.JPG   117.25KB   1 downloadsg. The method of construction being quite self explanatory.

How to make

20 October 2015 - 08:13 PM

Easy to make as depicted. Cut a couple of strips of ply about 3'' wide by the depth of your window. Tack em together and measure out for the sloping upwards sharks teeth and cut them out as per picture, the slots in these need to be as wide as a length of 1/2''sq wooden stick.

For the blind, I cut it from an old shower curtain, but anything will do, towels for example. Fix to either side of your window the two bits of ply. If you glue 1/4''sg bits of stick to the inside edges of the sharks teeth panels these can be used to screw them to the wall on either side of the window. Now cut your blind to size, the width being that of just inside,  between the two S/T panels. Just below the window trap the bottom edge of the blind to the wall with a strip of flat strip by drilling and screwing at regular intervals. The top of the blind can now be attached to the length of 1/2''sq stick by folding double for extra strength and fixed with drawing pins at 1'' intervals. Now cut each end of this 1/2''sq stick to length, about 1'' wider than the two side S/T panels. To finish off attach a nice wooden knob to either end of this stick by drilling right through the knobs centres for long, thin panel pins, a touch of glue and tap em onto the ends of the stick knobs fixed. Varnish or paint the affair to your personal desire.

 It's obvious how the blind works, by just rolling the blind around the stick with the knobs and lodging the stick in the desired sharks tooth slots.

  That's it folks.  smile.png Attached File  SAM_0642.JPG   119.13KB   1 downloadsAttached File  SAM_0643.JPG   83.57KB   1 downloadsAttached File  SAM_0644.JPG   97.89KB   1 downloadsAttached File  SAM_0645.JPG   159.61KB   1 downloads