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I need to transport my 40ft narrow boat down south.


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It was a little over 3K to have our 57' WB road hauled from Chorley (just south of Preston) down to Braunston. It will be much cheaper for a skinny boat smile.png


ETA - if we had, had a choice, we would have hired someone to cruise her down. But it being a WB we didn't have the opition

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I have a 40ft narrow boat up near Liverpool and want to transport it by road to Hertfordshire. Does anyone know any good companies who transport narrow boats and also how much could it be?



Try either DCL Transport Services Stubbins La, Preston PR3 0QH

01995 640667


Cramseam Transport 07849 530098


Rather than hire in a crane you could take the boat to Bridge House Marina at Garstang who are very reasonable and, likewise, crane off at a marina doon sooth.

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If I was based in that part of the world, then assuming the job could be completed within a 24-hour period including crane-on and crane-off, and could be done using a standard 13.6 metre flatbed trailer, I'd be quoting around £1000 for that.

IIRC the actual cost for the haulage was well under £1K, the rest of the fees were for cranes, tax and a charge the Marina charges to let the cranes & haulage use their launch area. Again ours is a WB, so I would expect a skinny boat to be much less; if for no other reason then the tonnage would be significantly less. I could be completely wrong, but understand the price is calculated on the length, width and tonnage of the vessel (some equation used) then x by the road miles of the journey

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I'm sure there are good practical reasons why the OP wants the job done for him, but since a boat is a means of transport, and the canal is a transport route, why not run the boat southwards yourself? It can be done in 4 or 5 long weekends, if a continuous period of leave can't be had.

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Hi Mate,


I purchased a 40ft semi trad last Summer and used a great firm Richard Dempster & Son from Stone, Staffs. From Swanley Marina, Nantwich to Garstang (Lancaster Canal) it was only £300. I see your trip is further but I reckon they would do you a good deal. I dealt with the son who was very helpful and professional throughout. Contact no is 01785 814175 or 07836 318349. Good luck. Nb Smudger.

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