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  1. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your very helpful comments, really great! Some useful info regarding the diesel stoves but maybe the boatman and a new flue maybe the way to go, will have a think. Thanks again everyone! Cheers, NB Smudger
  2. Hi Everyone, Hope you're all keeping safe & well. I've posted a few queries on here and always had a great & helpful response. I am now looking at a few winter jobs and would be grateful for some feedback. My 1989 20ft Springer has a Carabo Solid Fuel Stove which has probably been on the boat from the start. The chimney is showing wear & tear and in a couple of places requires fire cement and of course there's the lighting & cleaning etc etc.... It does chuck out a nice bit of heat and warms the boat through being only 20ft but it's showing it's age and I was thinking of replacing it but with what? A few boaters have commented about Paraffin or Oil Heaters thus doing away with the stove and chimney but I'm not sure on heat output? Would it warm the boat through the same? I have seen online the Portable Buddy Heater which uses a Propane cylinder, reviews look fairly good. Then there's the LPG stand alone heaters. Any ideas / suggestions would be great. Thanks everyone, look forward to hearing from you. NB Smudger.
  3. Hi Mango, thanks for the comment. No, the engine is a Beta 28 with 750 hours. Seems to push the boat along ok. Hoping to travel down the Ribble Link next year & I understand you have to maintain a steady 2200 revs whilst on the Ribble? So I'll be doing a few tests for that beforehand!! But yes, the power seems ok. Cheers. Nb Smudger.
  4. Hi, thanks everyone. That's really helpful. Good idea Scholar Gypsy about steering closer to the oncoming boat!! Thanks for that, & thanks Frangar - I'd forgotten about the Saucer Shape bit! Think that was in WW a few years ago. Thanks again everyone, probably be back on here again soon - planning a big trip to the Thames for next year (should be deeper water there!!), so might need a few good tips on routes etc. And then there's the Ribble Link!! OMG. Nb Smudger.
  5. Hi All, Hope you are all enjoying the Summer despite the mixed weather. Not getting far North on the Lancaster Canal at the moment, based at Garstang and can't get far past Lancaster due to the leak near the Lune Aqueduct. Anyway, a bit of advice please. I have a 40 foot JD hull self build completed in Jun 09. Since buying the boat in Aug 13 on a few occasions when passing other boats going in the opposite direction, I get this slight tipping to port. It's worse when I'm on a narrow stretch and I tend to slow down to tick over to assist. Of course not everyone coming the other way does. It's worse when you meet a large widebeam!! (there's a few trip boats on the Lancaster,) tipped about 30 degrees to port on one occasion! Again if they slow considerably, tipping is only slight. I try to keep the water tank (bow) between half & full (150 gall when full), so a bit more weight there, not sure if that helps? Fuel tank (40 gall - stern) is full most of the time. Could that be the problem, too much weight at the stern? All the correct Certificates of Conformity etc etc were issued at time of build. Chatting with other local users they reckon that other boats are "stealing" the water, especially when there isn't a lot of depth and worse still if it's a widebeam. Guess it's a case of slowing down even more!! Any ideas / comments would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Nb Smudger.
  6. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all your great & helpful comments!! Looks like we'll be modifying the seating and going for a solid fuel stove. Thanks again. Nb Smudger.
  7. Hi All, Hope everyone is well!! Our 40ft nb (self build in 08 & JD Hull) we have had almost 18 months now. Had a little more use this Winter than last but still very cold! (Cold North winds on the Lancaster Canal!) We have the Eberspacher (diesel) system which operates two low floor radiators & a towel rail in the bathroom but doesn't provide much direct heat at all. Unfortunately the self build didn't include a stove such as the Morso Squirrel or Boatman due to the L shaped seating in the lounge. If we were to modify this slightly does anyone have a rough idea of cost of this please? Presumably there is the heat protection around the stove to take into account and of course the chimney? A fellow boater who moors close by suggested a portable calor gas heater - then of course the windows are running with condensation. Does anyone know of any other options? Are there any other smaller heaters with a bit more direct heat but producing less condensation? Thanks for reading everyone! Look forward to hearing from you. Nb Smudger.
  8. Hi all, hope everyone is well. Having a bit of a problem trying to get cratch & rear covers clean. Previous nb we had, had the shiny pvc which cleaned up a treat with Pledge polish. Smudger has the cloth like material covers and we have tried scrubbing (using a green scourer) with mild washing up liquid and rinsing off. But with ALL the rain last Winter, we cannot get rid of the horrible green damp stains. Do we need something a little stonger maybe? Someone suggested Cillit Bang but this has bleach in it. Not sure of using bleach on the cloth material? Any ideas please would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone. Smudger.
  9. Thanks everyone!!! Some great comments there & very helpful. Cheers. Smudge.
  10. Hi Mate, I purchased a 40ft semi trad last Summer and used a great firm Richard Dempster & Son from Stone, Staffs. From Swanley Marina, Nantwich to Garstang (Lancaster Canal) it was only £300. I see your trip is further but I reckon they would do you a good deal. I dealt with the son who was very helpful and professional throughout. Contact no is 01785 814175 or 07836 318349. Good luck. Nb Smudger.
  11. Hi Everyone, Hope all is well. Not been on here for a while. Joined last Sept when I had some good info about polish. I have a 2008 JD nb, self build completed in Jun 09 with Beta 28 eng. Bought Aug last year. Trying to do as many jobs as possible over the Winter months and also plan for the Spring (if we get any!!) I have three domestic & 1 starter batts and I am thinking of fitting some solar panels. No idea which route to go down on this one. A couple of people have mentioned Sunshine Solar on the website & also probably better to purchase panels that work even when it's cloudy. (Think there are a few cheaper ones that work when its sunny only). Presume most of these units have auto cut off when the batteries are charged? Also with the Beta 28 engine, I only have rev counter & indicator lights (basic display panel). Is it easy to wire in voltmeter / ampmeter so I can monitor battery levels. Where is best to purchase these dials? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Nb Smudger.
  12. Hi Everyone, New member, we have just taken delivery of a 5 yr old 40ft JD narrowboat with a self build fit out. Very nice job & the paintwork is excellent, finished in a mid blue, red edge & cream roof. We would like to keep this looking good as Winter approaches & just wondered which polish is recommended please? Have read that Craftmaster Carnauba Wax is a good one, no silicone in it and doesn't leave smears, but can be a bit pricy? Any info on this would be gratefully received. Thanks. Nb Smudger.
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