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The culvert to the left is interesting. 


Is this somewhere near Braunston? Railways and canals and rivers always interesting. 

ETA I see google lens finds it. Its a lovely bit of work. 

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Yes somebody knows the Shropshire Union Canal, it is the three-level aqueduct, road, and river bridges over the Gowy in Cheshire. The name I have is Brookholes Aqueduct, but guides refer to it as Mill Farm, so it would be of interest to know the reasons for the name I have been given.


The aqueduct carried the Chester Canal over the road, spanned the river. A rare combination of infrastructure features. 

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On 24/07/2023 at 08:53, Pluto said:

There were other shops for boating families on the L&LC. In the first photo of Roland on drydock at Burscough, I was told that the terraced house on the left had bread ovens in the cellar, and they used to sell to passing boaters. The second photo shows a house with 'Grocers' over the front door, but where is it?



This was the lock house at the bottom of Johnsons Hillock Locks. It was probably built circa 1880 when the L&LC was developing its carrying trade, with at least one lock keeper being on duty at any time day or night.

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The 1880c canal survey by the L&NWR showing Garstang, based on the 1800c canal survey, which I don't think has survived. There is a direct copy for the southern section, dated 1864 when the L&LC took over.

1880c Garstang.jpg

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Er no, 


But I am surprised that those who have published modern developments of this waterway have not made any comments.


Especially as to regards the second photo which is quite unusual, but then maybe the quality is an issue.


Associated with this town was an engineer who died of nephritis, and is still regarded as a remarkable engineer responsible for transport works in the1830s 1840s & 1850s. Some call him a genius, others regard him as a lone spirit. His father was also a talented engineer who contributed to another canal improvement scheme that started in 1829.


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Well I cannot say BOING as nobody has got it yet


This is an engraving of the station for this town.





This town became also a canal junction point in 1819.

Steve Courtry said it was his local canal also!


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