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Tool for removing paint on gunnels and below.

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A friend of our uses this tool (they call the scrabbler), to remove paint - back to steel, from the gunnels and sides of the boat below the gunnels. It attaches to a metabo buffing tool, but according to metabo UK they have no clue who makes this attachment. Apparently it works wonders by scratching off all of the paint with no damage to the steel. 

Anyone have any idea where I can get one from or anyone have a tool which does a better job? 


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The one pictured is a large angle grinder with a scabbler head fitted, they are better to use on vertical surfaces. The one that most tool hire bases rent out is a specific 2 handed piece of kit which is easier to use on horizontal surfaces such as a boat roof or deck.



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I bought one on E Bay about 12 months ago from a German seller for £126 Identical to the first photo above. Whilst the cost may have been more than hiring the advantage to me was that I was not rushing to complete the job (taking non slip roof back to metal). I managed to shatter several of the wheels and had to replace them. The only ones I could track down also came from Germany and they were an eye watering £75. The seller I bought from were called Toolsdrekt (correct spelling). I 've looked on my purchase history and the buy again option is not coming up. 

Interestingly, I was cleaning the patio the other day and found a bit of an original wheel that I must have dropped when swapping them out. Although exposed to the weather for over 9 months not a speck of rust even on the cutting edge.

Just to clarify, the first photo in David Mack's post

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