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  1. I recently bought one from Refina tools, www.refina.co.uk. great tool eats through paint and rust.
  2. Cheers for that Bod, it seems like a good product, waterproof, chemical and scratch resistant and acoustic damping, but with the preparation and curing seems like a retrofit is going to be PITA.
  3. Thanks I’ll look into the Jotamastic
  4. Yes, I do. It’s a project boat that I’m busy renovating. I’ll definitely be addressing the rust issue first.
  5. Thanks for the welcome, no I’m not connected in anyway, was just enquiring if anyone has used it.
  6. Hi all, has anyone used raptor truck and bed liner on their boats, I need to clean up my engine bay and bilge and was thinking of giving this a go. Raptor bed liner Cheers Dave.
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