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Tonic required. Send in your photos of what is nice on the waterways now.


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3 hours ago, Victor Vectis said:

Amen to the above.


I've enjoyed playing 'spot the location' before scrolling down to see if I'm correct.


Thank you Peter!


Agreed, with thanks to DandV for starting it all, to Peter for all those marvellous photos, indeed to all who have contributed so cheerfully, to keep the lockdown blues at bay.


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9 hours ago, Nightwatch said:

Moored with the gongoozlers for about eight years



Likewise, though for only three or four years.

It's Gregg Klaes' place, variously known as Forge farm and Clattercote Wharf.

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The Liason Dunkerque-Valenciennes is a large-scale waterway across northern France, upon which work started in 1959 when the existing peniche-sized routes were so crammed with traffic that a major enlargement was vital (The contrast with England is embarrassing to consider). Various reminders of earlier times survived for some time, including the barge lift near St-Omer and such as the lock-keeper's steel and glass hut, near Bethune.



1960s 3.jpeg

1960s 4.jpeg

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 14.56.25.png

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39 minutes ago, ditchcrawler said:

CWDF is being a bit picky and wants above to say "https://..." hmmm. In distant days when people paid me to work for them, we had spent a dozen-or-so million quid on a system that was testing pretty-well and on the morning of going-live the developers changed all the http:// to https:// "because it's more secure" and the whole thing slowed down by a factor of ten (maybe more) - sufficiently that nobody could wait to see any evidence of it all working. A bit of blind panic seemed to revert it to a working state. Hmmmm.



Aha, I can do one of those - Hermitage Lock Great Ouse. Mine's from 2018 and the other direction, locking UP into the tidal Great Ouse. And looking into the junction with the Hundred Foot.




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2 minutes ago, David Mack said:

The height of that bridge suggests that the river beyond is (or once was) navigable. Anybody tried it?


No!  I suspect the height is just a feature of the design - ie it is arch shaped and so the height of the crown is determined by the width of the river.  


Equally, I have not done more than 70 feet of the section downstream of Shipston Weir, though it does look a tempting anchorage. There is a weir not far away, I think.

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